Charity Refuses Money From Jack Russell Gig

artist: Great White date: 01/18/2013 category: wtf?
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Charity Refuses Money From Jack Russell Gig
Former Great White singer Jack Russell had announced on Wednesday that he was donating all proceeds from a February 7th acoustic gig to the Station Fire Memorial Foundation. However, as a statement released yesterday reveals, this is no longer the case: "This morning my manager received an email from the Vice President of the Station Fire Memorial Foundation, stating that they will refuse any donations from me to the foundation." The Station Fire Memorial Foundation has also issued a statement: "We do not want our name associated with ANYTHING Jack Russell or his band does. We do not want any donations or proceeds from anything he does." 10 years ago, pyrotechnics at a Great White show started a fire that resulted in the death of 100 people including guitarist Ty Longley. It was the fourth largest fire in US history.
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