Charity Refuses Money From Jack Russell Gig

Station Fire Memorial Foundation won't take funds from singer.

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Former Great White singer Jack Russell had announced on Wednesday that he was donating all proceeds from a February 7th acoustic gig to the Station Fire Memorial Foundation.

However, as a statement released yesterday reveals, this is no longer the case:

"This morning my manager received an email from the Vice President of the Station Fire Memorial Foundation, stating that they will refuse any donations from me to the foundation."

The Station Fire Memorial Foundation has also issued a statement:

"We do not want our name associated with ANYTHING Jack Russell or his band does. We do not want any donations or proceeds from anything he does."

10 years ago, pyrotechnics at a Great White show started a fire that resulted in the death of 100 people including guitarist Ty Longley. It was the fourth largest fire in US history.

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    Seriously? He's trying to give back to the community and they're being stuck up snobs. Jack didn't even start that fire and they're refusing what is a very generous act of kindness. Generosity is the entire motif for charities; if charities picked who their donors were, they wouldn't be as successful.
    He didn't start the fire? It was his band's fireworks that started the fire. Who the hell lights up fireworks indoors? The guy bears some responsibility for what happened. If I'd lost someone I cared about in that fire, I'd be pissed at this guy too.
    I don't know if charities should deny any donations, even if it would be some form of "dirty" money they could use it for good purposes.
    This is not "dirty money" The band did not intend to cause harm, what they did was dangerous and led to tragedy but it was not intentional. This poor guy has suffered too. No he did not die or lose a family member that is obviously so much worse but he has had to carry the guilt and terror of the fire and will do for the whole of his life. All he is doing it trying to help. If he had not acknowledged the date he would have been called callous and uncaring. Poor sod, damned if he does damned if he doesn't.
    This is crazy. The guy feels a sincere regret and sadness for what happened, and this charity is rubbing his nose in it. Class act fellas.
    Call me an a-hole, but they refused my donation after I did a charity event, I wouldn't even feel that bad and keep the money for myself. at least I would know I TRIED to do something and if they don't accept that, then they can go **** themselfs.
    I read "Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story" by chuck klosterman a few years ago and it dealt with the deaths of famous rock stars; he went to a lot of the locations they had died and this fire was one of the spots. He talked to some locals and it seemed like for some reason they all blamed this guy for not making sure eveyone got out or something?? it was a while ago but i always thought it seemed dumb for them to think it was his responsibility, really the bar was not up to fire code at all and over-filled with people... so yeah this charity is being dumb... dumb as hell
    A charity, refusing donations? That just doesn't make any sense! You create such a thing where people give you money towards a cause for absolutely nothing in return, why would you start refusing that just because you don't like the person donating?
    are you stupid or what, this guy is one of the people responsible for the death of a hundred people, it's like accepting child care donatiosn from a pedophile
    Majin Gaara
    You're a dumbass. It was the venue's management at the time that gave the band the okay to let them play with their pyrotechnics and even then they KNOW that their venue isn't fire proof. I don't know how irresponsible and stupid as **** you can get then that. So what do they do? They cram the venue and look what happens. It's pretty evident whose fault it was.
    It was pretty clear it was the organizers not the band at fault, who also lost a member. Bands are always fighting with venues to have everything up to safety standards - the origin of the brown m&m rider.
    I say fine. Donate the proceeds to another charity. Surely the company that were providing and setting off the pyros should be held accountable. There is no way this band would have wished any harm to anyone. A shame, this money could be put to good use. It's not dirty money
    songs great white should not cover=fire -jimi hendrix.snoke on the water-deep purple.hotter than hell-kiss,etc