Chris Cornell: 'I Started Coming Up With Ideas for New Soundgarden Album'

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Chris Cornell: 'I Started Coming Up With Ideas for New Soundgarden Album'
Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell gave a fresh update regarding the band's new studio material, confirming he has started to compile ideas for new songs.

"Literally, in the last couple days, I started coming up with ideas for songs for a new album," he told Rolling Stone. "I can't describe the direction it's taking, though.

"There's no album we've ever made where I would have been able to describe a direction it was taking while making it. Like 'Superunknown,' I understood what it was near the end. 'King Animal' was that way, too. I really didn't understand the personality of the record until it was almost finished. Then I thought, 'Oh, it's this. Awesome,'" Chris added.

Sharing a few more tasty tidbits, Cornell noted that the group is open to performing their landmark effort "Superunknown" in full once again during the upcoming summer tour.

"Well, we're still considering it," he said. "There are a couple more shows where we will play the whole thing. Really, we could choose to do that at any one of these Nine Inch Nails dates at any time - or the whole thing. You never know [laughs]."

As you might know, we'll conduct an interview with Chris and guitarist Kim Thayl soon and we're giving UG community a chance to come up with a list of questions we'll be asking them. More info here.
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