Church Accidentally Uses Lamb of God Logo to Advertise Religious Easter Play

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A group of churches in Salem, Virginia recently organized a religious Easter play titled "Lamb of God." Despite the piece sharing its name with one of today's biggest metal acts, it would all have been fine and dandy without one little detail - they actually used the band's logo on the ticket.

As Loudwire reports, the picture that found its way onto the ticket pops up among the first results when typing "lamb of god logo" on Google, so the scenario of someone just slapping the given logo and sending it for printing without doing any research doesn't seem so unlikely these days.

After receiving several complaints regarding the logo, the Salem Community Easter Drama Facebook page issued the following statement:

"We understand there have been some unfriendly comments online because of a graphic we used on one of our invitation tickets that had not been properly vetted. That graphic is on those tickets only and is not the 'official' logo for the drama. We apologize for our mistake and for any confusion we may have caused. Now, back to our true purpose, and that is lifting the name of Jesus Christ!"

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    This is a mother****ing invitation, the only one that could ever mislead!
    The logo seems a lot less ominous when placed over the soothing blue background.
    I could image a Lamb of God fan just standing there- "I thought this was going to be a concert..."
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    I prefer to imagine Lamb of God fans going in, ready for a concert, dressed in their LoG shirts and long hair... ...Only to appear 2 hours later in a suit and a nice 'normal' haircut, ready to spread the word of the holy farther.
    There is even more irony in this in that LOG are from Virginia, and this is a church in Virginia!
    The irony is that of all places in the world you would have expected to have heard about Lamb of God, it would be Virginia! There is irony here!
    Exactly! Irony is when something UNexpected happens. What Izzy-Sweet said is true because LOG are the last band you would expect to find putting on an Easter play. However, there is no link between the band being from Virginia and this Church being in Virginia, that is coincidental.
    A national hero who actually hates his country and culture, is ironic. If anything, considering the name of the band, this is borderline predictable.
    It's dramatic irony - they used the logo, unaware of the anti-religious themes of the band, and thus when people who knew who the band was saw the logo, they would be turned away from the church (if they were not a fan I guess?), and they might even be getting a few Lamb of God fans coming in thinking that it was a concert. The unexpected part is not on the part of us necessarily, but definitely on the part of the people who used the logo. We could see it coming from a mile away and that would still count as irony.
    Velcro Man
    You're missing the point, everyone knows a metal band's logo on a christian ticket is ironic, what's NOT ironic is that they're just from the same state.
    I Rock 4 God
    ...Unless, of course, it was a Christian metal band concert ticket. That isn't exactly that rare...
    Breaking News: Hundreds of metal fans riot as LoG was a no show.
    MaxLees666 · Apr 23, 2014 11:11 AM
    Hey man Jesus is cool and you know who else is cool? Fonzie, Hyde, and Ozzy Osbourne
    Jesus no Jesus we Jesus don't Jesus Did Jesus I Jesus Mention Jesus Jesus?
    We'll if your life is so affected by it then just slip in Satan at the end of your sentences. Then you can go to bed at night feeling a sense of accomplishment.
    The first thought I had when reading this was "please don't let the record company be dicks about this. Then I got here and completely questioned whether my wish for mercy was justified. I feel so sorry for you having to be exposed to these christian beliefs while reading an article about Christians. However I commend the taste of the spirit that's obviously possessed you and forced you to read and think about this news article as this story is just delightful and the exact kind of misunderstanding I hope to create with my music career for kicks. Thank Jesus for this blessing of minimal jerkwaddery. Besides he was a pretty cool dude, when he got pissed at the bankers he didn't just rally till they got annoyed and called the Romans he kicked over the tables and showed them who's boss. Also I hear he's the best at party's for providing drinks and snacks.
    Accidently stamping something non or anti-religious as religious might be rather ironic. For those who don't understand irony - think of it like this. Irony is funny and/or accidental hypocrisy!
    There's three kinds of irony, verbal irony, dramatic irony, and situational irony. Verbal irony is when you say something that is different from what you mean, and that can be the result of sarcasm, poor word comprehension, or downright deception. Dramatic irony is when someone is unaware of something that other people are well aware of. Situational irony is when something happens that is unexpected and causes an unintended outcome. There you go, a lesson in irony... on a UG comment section... how... not ironic at all.
    F***ing hypocritical church. Considering that they googled up a random image to use on their tickets, I wonder what their Jeebus would say about copyright infringement?
    Jeebus would probably be ignored as he is a crazy homeless man. I'm sure Jesus would probably be like "I already got your sins covered on both sides of this argument, ya'll get along now."
    He got pissed over money lenders because he thought making money from money was a sin. God knows what he'd do to anyone willing to sue teenagers or a congregation that is presumably not pulling in the big bucks.
    The band should sue them. Shows how ignorant people are of copyright violation, just taking pictures from the internet and pasting it onto their billboards.
    Nickleback-Rockstar "I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame I'd even cut my hair and change my name" Really, you'd even cut your hair? How drastic
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    I'm guessing you just thought of that wonderful little joke but couldn't find a recent Nickleback article, so you just pasted it on any irrelevant thing you could find?
    never understood that song, its meant to be about rockstar stereotypes and the generic rockstar has long hair
    This reminds me of that time someone sent a message to sub-pop trying to get nirvana to perform at their high school, anyone have a link to that?
    is the problem the fact that the d is kind of an upturned cross
    Unless you have a serious problem with John the Baptist then I don't get what your talking about.
    It looks like it's an extension of the underscore. A bigger problem is that the word "God", when referring to the Christian deity, should always be capitalized. It's probably intentional.
    oh right, i suppose that and the fact that lamb of god arent exactly a christian band so its rather inappropriate
    Just when I thought that Lamb of God was creating their own religious orientation...or maybe playing live at the church!
    Something about the words "easter drama" by their logog just make it look a bit mroe... churchy and less metal.