Classical Musician Smashes Instruments On Stage

A classical musician landed on his a-- when he copied the rock world and smashed up a violin and cello in protest this week. Watch a clip of it here.

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A classical musician took inspiration from the rock world when he smashed up a violin and cello this week.

You can see his hilarious protest against the merger between two local orchestras in the video below.

Johannes Kreidler was furious that the Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra were to merge, and made the visual statement at the end of a long speech. He tied a violin and cello together, perhaps as a metaphor for the joining of the two orchestras.

Many in the German classical music world are against the merger, which is being done to cut costs.

As he jumps on the instruments with his rear end - a move not employed by bands like The Who or The Clash - other protesters threw leaflets from the balconies which read: "Johannes Kreidler on behalf of the Society For New Music".

See the classical protest here:

YouTube preview picture

Can you think of similar outbursts from outside the rock world? Share other funny clips in the comments.

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    "You're gunna merge two ****ing Orchestras? Are you ****ing kidding me? I've been around playing ****ing cello since 198****ing8 and you're gunna merge them?" *smashes cello* "Two orchestras"
    The cello owner was told to leave his Gibson at home that day and bring the Epiphone.
    Yeah! Bach and Mo(zart)!
    I have no involvement in German orchestras, but I'm not understanding why this is a big deal. P.S. I only posted this as a reply so I could have my comment at the top of the page.
    Can't reply to two comment above me, but there is no such thing as a cheap cello
    "Johannes Kreidler was furious that the Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra were to merge, and made the visual statement at the end of a long speech." Bullshit, it was just a Hendrix possession.
    Here is the translation of the speech: "Ive been around since f***ing 198-f***ing-8. And youre gonna f***ing merge my f**king orchestra? Youve gotta be f***ing kidding me! Youre f***ing kidding me. What the f**k! Im not f***ing Justin Bieber, you motherf***ers".
    A little background on this: german public radio and television are funded by the "Rundfunkgebhren" (="TV/Radio fee"). This fee is charged by a non-gov management company called the GEZ (or GEZtapo, as many like to call them). The GEZ has no legal capacity, hence it's collecting manners are extra sleazy, including goign from door to door and threatening people to call the cops if the resident doesn't let them enter the premises, lying about who they are claiming to be news reporters and whatnot. Hookers do a more honorable job. Now the 17,95 EUR these con artists press from the people go to the public broadcasting stations, and they have nothing better to do than run alone 26 orchestras for the ARD alone (that's the first public TV station, I'd compare to BBC1 but unlike BBC the german public stations do not create content of such quality that it is exported). We don't need 26 orchestras for one TV station. Cutting down is a logical step. So this ***** pretty much ruined a perfectly good instrument funded from amongst others *my* 17,95 EUR ripped from me by the GEZ nazis. Thanks, *****.
    The guy that owned the cello didn't look too happy about it... - More like, 'hey, I've had that cello for twenty years you dik.'
    Paddy McK
    Love the way he staggered off the stage. Assumedly he had to find someone to help him get the splinters out of his arse
    I can't believe it. Just yesterday I had the thought of a classical musician smashing his instrument, and now this. brb, becoming a psychic
    This just proves that classical music is a bad influence and should be outlawed. Is anyone thinking of the children? All these hoity-toity snobs are really gutter rats that'll smash an expensive piece of equipment like that and CALL IT ART!! BAN THIS RUBBISH! Where the feck is Tipper Gore now, the b!tch?
    UG readers Slam UG for slamming musician for Slamming instrument onstage
    That actually looked like it hurt a little. Not very wise smashing something hard against something sensitive...