College Launches Course To Help Students Win 'X Factor'

U.K. school to help students get on talent show.

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NME is reporting that a U.K. College is running a course to help students get on "The X Factor" talent show.

The 17 week course, offered by Bishop Aukland College, will end just before the audition stage of the programme and offers tuition in singing performing and appearing confident in front of the judges.

The College's head of Art and Music, Mike Jinks, has issued the following statement:

"I wanted to run a course which prepared people for 'X Factor' auditions and similar competitions across the country."

He added: "People auditioning also need to know that the ones who succeed on 'X Factor' don't just walk in there blind. It's not about just wandering in, singing a song and you're famous. Most applicants have been doing the rounds for years working really hard - it's very rare that you get a Susan Boyle character."

"There are plenty of colleges running this qualification but as far as I'm aware none of them have designed the course around 'The X Factor'."

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    One of the most generous uses of the word 'talent' that I've ever seen
    So not only does the X factor off an all too easy way into the music industry but now they're offering an easier way into that. It's like you literally don't have to do anything these days to get your 5 minutes. People who go on these shows will inevitably disappear quickly because by the time they've 'made it' they don't know anything about the industry and will get dropped quicker than a bag of bricks. Sorry but shows like this literally are the cancer of the music industry.
    Honestly I don't see it as an "easy" way into the industry. In the end most people will either never make it, or only have a small little time of fame before everyone forgets. The winners are still based on stories and appearances and there's plenty of forced drama since people can't seem to just watch music alone. Pretty representative on how the pop industry has been for much longer than the show has existed. More on topic though, this course is a waste of time. Why not actually prepare students for proper musical training and industry knowledge instead of a contest?
    Lots of people who didn't win or were popular because loads of people liked them became famous.
    Well no, not 'lots'. One Direction made it even though they didn't win, Jedward sort of did because people just constantly took the piss out of them and I honestly can't think of anyone else who's come out of these shitty programmes.
    Just what I think of these shows. It makes it too easy for people, not fair for other artists who really deserve the fame.
    Why not start a course that helps the students to actually build up musical confidence and talent, and successfully launch a career as real musicians, instead? X Factor is nothing but a search for young, naive wannabe celebrities for the record companies to exploit in order to sell records. In other words, cash grab.
    Just make sure to not have any talent. That will be enough to get you through.
    And then, Simon Cowell will crush every one of them. And the ones who make it will crush themselves.
    Do they start by completely ruining their lives so they have a believable sob story. If so i would like to become one of the course facilitators please.
    Basically, audition a song you like and then be told to mime and dance to crap cheesy songs that you hate by Simon Cowell or that old Irish bloke until you win where they auto-tune your voice for recordings and you stay remembered for about 2 and a half years, until you go back to your normal job.
    Be a teenage boy singing some stupid ****ing love song badly that teenage 13 year old girls will scream at and you've won.
    UG have news about x factor, but not news about example: Volbeat's new album, comes out in the spring, probably may and is entitled "Outlaw gentlemen & shady ladies"
    It disna mean they'll get onto the show. The people that will win are the college who gets the money!
    Oh dear god, to think i'd really seen it all. Seriously? An X Factor themed college course? WHAT THE F**K?