Comedian Films Epic Disturbed Parody, Gets David Draiman 'Laughing in Tears'

artist: Disturbed date: 05/12/2014 category: wtf?
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Comedian Films Epic Disturbed Parody, Gets David Draiman 'Laughing in Tears'
YouTube comedians NonRandomNonSense have taken a playful swipe at the repetitive vocal stylings of Disturbed frontman David Dramian in a new video. The fake commercial, titled "The Greatest Hit of Disturbed," features a Dramian-alike singing the band's most well known songs in a way that emphasizes the singer's characteristic vocal phrasing.

As the makers of the video have revealed, the band themselves have endorsed the clip, sharing it online:

"Disturbed has officially endorsed this video by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter! Here is a band that has every legal right to have this video taken down for copyright infringement (plus it totally makes fun of them!), and yet they've embraced it and shared it. Not only do they have a good sense of humor to laugh at themselves, but they also understand the utility of fans using their material in a creative and financially harmless way. That is in the true spirit of YouTube. We applaud and celebrate Disturbed for that."

Indeed, Dramian posted the following message of endorsement on his Twitter feed:

The video makers have also included a disclaimer, stating that they do like Disturbed, and that "it's fun to poke fun of things you love."
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