Corey Taylor on Disco Music: 'If You're Afraid to Shake Your A--, I Don't Want to Be Your Friend'

artist: Corey Taylor date: 04/23/2013 category: wtf?
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Corey Taylor on Disco Music: 'If You're Afraid to Shake Your A--, I Don't Want to Be Your Friend'
Being a frontman of two of today's most rocking outfits, Corey Taylor might strike you as a tough guy. Chances are that he is one, but that doesn't mean he can't have a soft spot for some good old disco groove. In a recent Music Radar exclusive, Taylor revealed a list of his "not-so-guilty" pleasures, admitting fondness for the disco giants Bee Gees and some of their classic tunes. And "if you're afraid to shake your a--," you are no friend of his. The singer wasn't afraid to tell it all, going far enough to confess jamming on an air guitar while cleaning his kitchen and listening to the iconic trio. But on a more serious note, Taylor easily gave Bee Gees all the credit they deserve, despite belonging to a completely different genre. And we can only give him kudos for that. "Here's the thing about the Bee Gees that most people don't know: they wrote their own music," said the vocalist. "These are classic, classic songs, and they weren't written by other people so that the Bee Gees could put their voices on them. These guys did it all." "'I Started A Joke' is a fantastic song. 'Massachusetts,' 'To Love Somebody' there's so many. These guys were almost like the Australian Beatles. I could listen to this s--t all day long!" "And everything from 'Saturday Night Fever' was unbelievable. 'Jive Talkin',' 'You Should Be Dancing' who gives a s--t if it's disco? If you're afraid to shake your a--, I don't want to be your friend. There's times when I'm cleaning the kitchen, and while I'm doing that I'm singing and air guitaring with a broom to 'You Should Be Dancing.' 'More Than A Woman' is another great one. The modulations in that song alone should've won these guys an Oscar." However, the frontman also noted that he understands if someone is put off by the vocals, comparing the group to prog rock legends Rush. "Some people have a thing about the Bee Gees, and I think it's because of the vocals. Same thing with Rush. I can understand that, because it's only in the last couple of years that I've had an appreciation for Rush. I couldn't get past the vocals at first. The Bee Gees didn't do the falsetto thing on the early records, but there was a shaky kind of nasal thing. They definitely had a unique approach to singing." "But whatever your taste in vocals might be, these are damn good songs. That much can't be denied." Taylor is currently busy promoting Stone Sour's latest concept album "House of Gold & Bones," with a string of confirmed tour dates stretching until the beginning of July. New Slipknot release on the other hand, is about "two years away."
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