Corey Taylor on Disco Music: 'If You're Afraid to Shake Your A--, I Don't Want to Be Your Friend'

Slipknot frontman admits air guitaring to Bee Gees with a broom while cleaning his kitchen.

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Being a frontman of two of today's most rocking outfits, Corey Taylor might strike you as a tough guy. Chances are that he is one, but that doesn't mean he can't have a soft spot for some good old disco groove.

In a recent Music Radar exclusive, Taylor revealed a list of his "not-so-guilty" pleasures, admitting fondness for the disco giants Bee Gees and some of their classic tunes. And "if you're afraid to shake your a--," you are no friend of his.

The singer wasn't afraid to tell it all, going far enough to confess jamming on an air guitar while cleaning his kitchen and listening to the iconic trio. But on a more serious note, Taylor easily gave Bee Gees all the credit they deserve, despite belonging to a completely different genre. And we can only give him kudos for that.

"Here's the thing about the Bee Gees that most people don't know: they wrote their own music," said the vocalist. "These are classic, classic songs, and they weren't written by other people so that the Bee Gees could put their voices on them. These guys did it all."

"'I Started A Joke' is a fantastic song. 'Massachusetts,' 'To Love Somebody' there's so many. These guys were almost like the Australian Beatles. I could listen to this s--t all day long!"

"And everything from 'Saturday Night Fever' was unbelievable. 'Jive Talkin',' 'You Should Be Dancing' who gives a s--t if it's disco? If you're afraid to shake your a--, I don't want to be your friend. There's times when I'm cleaning the kitchen, and while I'm doing that I'm singing and air guitaring with a broom to 'You Should Be Dancing.' 'More Than A Woman' is another great one. The modulations in that song alone should've won these guys an Oscar."

However, the frontman also noted that he understands if someone is put off by the vocals, comparing the group to prog rock legends Rush.

"Some people have a thing about the Bee Gees, and I think it's because of the vocals. Same thing with Rush. I can understand that, because it's only in the last couple of years that I've had an appreciation for Rush. I couldn't get past the vocals at first. The Bee Gees didn't do the falsetto thing on the early records, but there was a shaky kind of nasal thing. They definitely had a unique approach to singing."

"But whatever your taste in vocals might be, these are damn good songs. That much can't be denied."

Taylor is currently busy promoting Stone Sour's latest concept album "House of Gold & Bones," with a string of confirmed tour dates stretching until the beginning of July. New Slipknot release on the other hand, is about "two years away."

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    >"But whatever your taste in vocals might be, these are damn good songs. That much can't be denied." Damn right!
    I find it very interesting that the younger generation of so called artists are so amazed by the fact that up until the last 15 or 20 years that PEOPLE ACTUALLY WROTE THEIR OWN MUSIC??? Guess what guys....they also played their own instruments, recorded and engineered it, and sang it without auto tune. What is considered amazing by todays under talented musicians was the norm until they came along....and by the way Cory...the Bee Gees falsetto'ed all through their recordings....even the early ones
    What are you on about? Pop and country songs as far back as the fifties and sixties sometimes had separate songwriters, and a lot of blues songs are covers of early blues songs. Not to mention the fact that nearly all rock/metal/punk/indie/alt/etc. bands write their own songs.
    He never said he was amazed at the fact they wrote their own stuff, he was simply pointing out that they were around in a time when people had others write songs for them. Was it also not "Main Course" where they began to do heavy falsetto work? Sure they DID it on other records, but it was by no means a trademark until that album.
    There are A SHIT TON of classics from the 50s through the 70s that were written and recorded by people other than the "artists". Ever heard of a little group of people called The Wrecking Crew?
    BeeGees are real musicians who wrote damn good songs unlike most of the generic Post-hardcore stuff nowadays.
    most of today's metal kiddies probably don't realize that music is not all about hating mainstream. Eventhough their idols liike Corey Taylor are able to appreciate good music no matter of which style.
    "These guys were almost like the Australian Beatles." Without wishing to sound like a pedant the Bee Gees were British... Their Music Careers started in Oz But they were born on the Isle of Man and raised in Manchester. Just Saying.
    Bee Gees really shouldn't be a guilty pleasure for most people. One of the biggest, more versatile and creative pop acts to ever walk on this planet. With that said, I agree with Corey. And if you're afraid of dancing, remember: you can, at least, do the Harlem Shake.
    You stopped me at harlem shake. But why not, it's meant for dancing.
    It was more for an effect of cheering people up, Harlem Shake is so random that literally everybody can do it.
    No. Just no.
    I see you really honor the rock and roll flag by shouting "No. Just no." tirelessly! The God of Rock and Roll is really proud... ...he doesn't exist though.
    My thing is, most people doing the harlem shake don't do it correctly. If you can do it correctly, more power to you.
    Wait, there's now a "correct" way of doing the Harlem Shake? How to do the Harlem Shake: By Crazysam23_Atax
    there actually is. there's a dance called the Harlem Shake. and all those videos aren't even... it's bad. and ruined the dance's name, pretty much.
    When it comes to shaking MY ass to disco... at first im afraid, im petrified...
    Way Cool JR.
    The Bee Gees were a great band, that's for sure. I'm not a fan of any of Corey's work or bands he's been in.
    Well congratulations for coming to an article about someone you're not a fan of.
    well, i don't care for corey's music either, but since he seems like a nice intelligant guy, who more often than not has something worthy to say about music i still enjoy reading articles that feature him
    Way Cool JR.
    I am a fan of disco music. It's obviously in the article title. I do respect Corey he's obviously talented but I just happen not to like any of his bands. So congrats on not putting 2 and 2 together.
    Disco is my secret pleasure. And Corey hit the nail on the head, whether you like music like this or not, you gotta respect a band like the BeeGee's.
    I don't have to respect a band like the BeeGees, and I don't respect Corey Taylor either
    i swear old Disco/Funk is one of the best genres out there. so many people think its cream cheese, but hell, albums like Maggot Brain and The Glow of Love are up there with my favourite albums ever! and the Bee Gees, definitely some of the greatest songwriters ever to have walked this earth
    Disco and Funk are 2 completely separate genres. It doesn't make sense to link them like you did.
    your face makes me want to slap you so hard.
    What is your issue? Seriously. Go troll someone else. And you called me a 14 year old virgin, lol. Don't you have anything better to do with your time?
    says the one who goes around this site posting trivial comments correcting the smallest of mistakes made by people in comments sections and on the forums. Never start a sentence with "and"
    I love the BeeGees, and I hate how people box them in with the disco genre just 'cause of Saturday Night Fever. Great songs by them on there, mind you, but hell, they had who knows how many albums worth of great music before that. Lonely Days, Nights on Broadway, I Gotta Get a Message to You, Jive Talkin', etc.
    I acknowledge the fact that they are good. But I just don't really care for them.
    That's kind of like (ironically) how I feel about Rush. It's not so much the voice so much as the drumming. Some times I wish I could listen to a Rush song and feel as though Neil was adding to the song, rather than competing in some sort of musical olympics.
    I'm not afraid and I enjoy shaking my ass as much as my hair but I don't want to be Corey's friend.
    once i got caught dancin gangnam style in the bathroom
    A true musician! In my opinion, if you can't at least acknowledge talent or appreciate music (when deserved) outside of your own preferred genre, you're just being closed-minded and limiting yourself as both a musician and a music enthusiast... Love him or hate him, Corey's an open minded and talented musician, and has earned a high level of respect in my book!
    lol, acknowledging other music is good doesn't make you talented or a good musician. It just means you're open-minded.
    beegees may sound cool to retired folks and wannabe's, but skrillex and tiesto is where it's at.
    Or we could, ya know, acknowledge that people have different music tastes and not push the latest music fad? Just a thought.
    Or you could just shut your kike mouth for once and stop trying to be a smartass.
    He's changed his tune, wasn't it him wo stood on stage more or less calling david silveria a **** for doing an advert in his pants, making out that shit like that ruins metal. yet the other day he was on about doing a duet with justin bieber. maybe he just grew up.
    you people assume too much, how many of you actually have a degree in the historical analysis of music?
    Looking back on it I don't know why so many people took a dump on disco. I'm not a disco fan but I'd much rather listen to some classic Bee Gees or 'Thats the Way I Like It' over most of the modern pop on the charts right now.