Could Alice Cooper's New Guitarist End Up in Playboy Magazine?

Well, it's hard not to notice Nita Strauss' hotness...

Ultimate Guitar

Classic rock stars such as Bob Dylan and John Lennon have appeared via interviews in Playboy over the years. Few, however, have ever been extended an opportunity to grace the pages of the magazine quite like Alice Cooper's new guitarist Nita Strauss.

In a recent interview with the Examiner (via Ultimate Classic Rock), Strauss was asked about a recent appearance she made on Playboy Radio, and if it would lead to a future photo spread in the racy publication. "They joked about it a lot," she recalled. "They didn't put an official offer on the table. But they definitely threw it out there. My joking response was, 'Maybe with a strategically placed guitar' (laughs). I don't think it's actually in the future, but it's fun to joke about."

Strauss went on to defend some scantily clad photos of herself that appeared in a feature titled "Hot Chick in Hard Rock" in Revolver Magazine, making the case that her appearance does not detract from her abilities on the fretboard. "If you want to look at the photos in Revolver and think, 'This girl's trying to get attention because she looks the way she does,' then that's fine," she said. "I'm still going to do my same practice regimen, and I'm still going to get on stage and do all my guitar set-ups and swap out my own pickups. I'm still going to do all that stuff too. People are always going to talk."

Strauss, a former member of the all-female Iron Maiden tribute band the Iron Maidens, joined up with Cooper last month following the departure of the singer's latest lead player, Orianthi. Currently she is on the road with Uncle Alice in support of Motley Crue's heralded "Final Tour."

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    I'm totally ok with this
    I'd like to sit down with her before a show, grab an ice cold beer, and F*** HER RIGHT IN THE P***Y!!
    Anyone who says "f*** her right in the p****y" has probably never had sex before.
    cut motoxer09 some slack...he was only born 5 years ago. he wouldn't even get past sniffing the beer cap.
    I've seen some performances of her with the Iron Maidens and I know that she definately has skill. It doesn't hurt that she is beautiful as well.
    This chick can shred. I've seen trolls all over message boards complaining that she's only used as a gimmick, and it drives me insane. Yes she's hot, but the girl can play the living sh*t out of her guitar as well. I wish these trolls would see past her looks and realize the skill that she actually possesses.
    I always find it funny when some guys react to female rockstars with "She's just using her sexuality to get our attention, but she's really just a talentless *****." Usually in reference to singers like Lzzy Hale, Jill Janus, and recently, Alissa White-Gluz. First of all, don't pretend you don't like it. No one's gonna think you're a white knight for complaining about boobs. Second, the masculine equivalent is strutting around onstage while shirtless, sweaty, covered in cool tattoos, and swearing like a sailor who ran out of rum. Every musician should be allowed to flaunt their qualities. (Now that my rant is over, I'd just like to say that the Butcher Babies singers look like cheap hookers. Just my opinion.)
    I absolutely agree with you, but Lzzy Hale definitely uses sexuality to get our attention. Doesn't stop her from being talented as hell, though.
    personally i'd rather see courtney cox from the maidens in playboy over strauss...(and you all know why )
    strauss and cox 3:47 is the best part, but the whole thing is pretty good. the music isn't bad either try to control yourselves lads.
    Definitely agree with Manovvar. Courtney Cox > Nita Strauss in Playboy... But lesbo-curious Nita + Courtney in Hustler or Penthouse > either of them separately.
    Well people always seem to fight over things like this. But seriously if you are talented in music and you are good looking. You don't have to show your boobs and dress super sexy to get attention.
    God, I'm sick of the fetishization of female musicians, this website, and the twelve-year-olds that write for it.
    tumblr feminist has breached UG.
    Remember, thinking critically about things warrants nothing but disdain. Contribute to the conversation or contest my viewpoint, just try not being a #superedgee antifeminist for Christ's sake and grow up.
    The Tumblr-centric Feminazi is a ****ing PLAGUE! Why couldn't Hitl... actually, nevermind. I'll neg rep this comment first, don't worry.
    Is there something inherently juvenile about liking two great things? Music is great. Women are (mostly) great. How does that constitute fetishization? Are you implying that female musicians are an abnormal thing?
    Cooper has become an oldies act now. Don't get me wrong, he puts off an amazing live show, but he uses touring musicians exclusively, and his new material is eons departed from the stuff off Billion Dollar Babies, Schools Out, and even Nightmare.
    Pretty sure his bank account doesn't care what you think and neither does he. But you're welcome to castrate yourself and when your balls have matured, I'd bet he'd gladly use them as golf balls. Anyways, post-"retirement" albums like Constrictor, Raise Your Fist and Yell, Trash, Hey Stoopid, Brutal World, Dragontown, and Along Came a Spider not only contradict your "oldies act" comment, but also kick ass to boot. Now go wear out your B$B and Nightmare LPs some more because...
    Alissa White Gluz of Arch Enemy can growl louder than most guys,She never used sexual content on stage,she dresses appropriate,and her songs are kick ass metal to the core. She had 80,000 fans at her last show n she can kick ass on stage, New Album she wrote 5 songs, and the new Album is best seller for Arch Enemy, Most metal female fronted bands are guys need to get out more often and stop hating on cool chicks, not cool!.\m/