Couple Ends Up In Jail After Slash Vs. Eddie Van Halen Argument

We all know that music discussions can heat up pretty easy. But for one couple from Ohio, it even required a police intervention.

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We all know that music discussions can heat up pretty easy. But for one couple from Ohio, it even required a police intervention. An unnamed couple tuned their argument over the greatest guitarist of all time into a raging debate with the girlfriend screaming for Eddie Van Halen, while her boyfriend was yelling for another iconic '80s axeman - Slash from Guns N' Roses. The raging couple apparently went completely out of control, as the staff from the local Motel 6 in which they stayed in was forced to call the Brook Park police who calmed them down and made them stay quiet. But the story doesn't end here.

After running their names through a database the police had discovered they both have rather 'outstanding warrants' in other cities, the Sun News reports. Therefore, the couple was arrested and handed over to the local police station.

We believe there is a lesson to be learned here. But we want to know about your own music discussions.

Have you ever had a similar conversation that led into a raging debate like this one? And who would you pick Slash or Eddie Van Halen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    I killed a man in Memphis because he said Johnny Cash was rubbish
    I shot a man in Reno... just to watch him die
    I shot the sherrif.... but I didn't shoot the deputy.
    I once popped a cop cause he wasn't giving my props in Oak town. I've heard that somewhere.
    what seems to be the officer problem?
    LOL Out of frustration, i once threw a top on my cousin's head when we were arguing about who's the best teletubbies member.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Story: People go to jail arguing over guitarists. Response: People start arguing over guitarists. I think this could end badly...
    Eddie Van Halen
    Honestly tho, It's apples to oranges. Eddie's style is totally distinct from Slash's. Other than belonging in a similar genre at a similar time the two could not be more different.
    NO....itmightgetquiet is right....Slash is very good but Eddie is a guitar god, an innovator, & other than Jimi Hendrix the most important person in rock guitar history
    You fail to mention how much of an innovator Jimmy Page is, not necessarily on the technical skill side of things, but the advances and innovations he has made in the art of producing. Music would be alot different without Pagey.
    I actually thing that Eddy is the best ever. bar none, but to say that he is "better" is too general a statement without any justification. Slash is one of the best guitarists as far as composing emotional solos and great riffs, and Jimi is the most inventive guitarist ever. I just think that Eddy strikes a perfect balance between compositional brilliance, live performance, improvisation, and technical skill. Could he out-play Jimi live? No. Does he play faster than Dime? No. His balance of skills ate just the most appealing for me. That doesn't mean I dismiss any of the others. Bottom line, your opinion on who is the "best" has to be an aggregate of factors, and each person will value each aspect of playing differently.
    Eddie Van Halen will mop the floor with slash. Slash is good, but all his solos sound the same.
    I prefer Slash over Van Halen but gotta admit that Van Halen is more technical. Think I prefer how Slash's solo work follows the rhythm of the songs more than Van Halen does.
    "...the staff from the local Motel 6 in which they stayed..." And by "stayed" they totally didn't mean "lived". These were NOT meth heads living at a Motel 6 people, promise. Normal couples argue about Slash and Eddie Van Halen until the cops are called. That "happens all the time". I sure hope this couple breeds...
    Eddie is more talented than slash. But in my opinion slash writes more catchy riffs and better songs. I think the majority would rather listen to GNR, snakepit and his new stuff
    Eddie Van Halen. Slash is overrated.
    No way!! They're both the perfect guitarist for for each band. Slash does his thing and he's nasty at it. Eddie does his thing and he's nasty at it. I'll probably never see Slash finger tap, and I'll probably never see Eddie rock a talk box. Slash is more bluesy, Eddie's more Cali surfer style. It's just whatever floats your boat. But Slash is not overrated.
    seeing as how Van Halen revolutionized guitar playing, and slash didn't, the answer should be obvious.
    Not that I disagree with you (between Slash and EVH), but how much influence one is to others shouldn't be a determining factor in a "better guitarist." I could argue that Guthrie Govan is better than EVH but has influenced a lot less. But I'm not going to.