Courtney Love Announces New Web Series, Comments on Dave Grohl Feud

"Is there anyone on the planet that doesn't know that me and Dave Grohl don't get along?" the singer asks.

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Courtney Love has announced that she's launching a new web series via her YouTube channel, Loudwire reports. You can check out the trailer for the show below.

The trailer sees Love addressing her recent court case regarding a defamatory tweet:

"I'm the first person to go on trial for defamation over a tweet. It's called Twibel..."

... As well as her feud with Dave Grohl.

"Is there anyone on the planet who would be watching this that doesn't know that me and Dave Grohl don't get along? Anybody? Raise your hand. Hashtag Big Sweaty Balls."

Explaining her reasoning for doing the show, Love reports:

"I've said 'no' so many times to doing lame TV shows over the years. But then along came the digital world to disrupt everything. There are so many cool things happening in web culture right now that I love — from all the weird and fringy stuff, to the fun over the top personalities of YouTube vloggers. From cool Fashion chick's videos and makeup tutorials, to some amazing discoveries in new music and art from all over the world."

Will you be following the new web series? Let us know in the comments.

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    I'm pretty sure she's the only person on the planet Dave doesn't get along with.
    So much props to Dave Grohl for never responding to this troll's idiotic comments, no matter how antagonising there are towards him
    Courtney Love is what we call a bellendess.
    I've heard that if you go in the bathroom with the lights off and say "Bellend" 13 times a guy with shit on his face shows up in the mirror and stares at your junk.
    I think a better question is: "Is there anyone on the planet who ACTUALLY GIVES TWO SHITS that you and Dave Grohl don't get along?"
    I did not know that Courtney Love and Dave Grohl did not get on. Please tell me more Courtney. Perhaps your new web series will be able to enlighten me on this fued
    I will dislike every single one of them. I hope you guys do the same.
    No, please don't do that. Youtube measures user engagement to rank their videos. Views and dislikes both count towards this in a positive way. Clicking on a video just to dislike it is giving her the attention she craves so badly. Just ignore the shit out of it like the rest of the world.
    I think she is a great artist/person!! Obviously you lil shits have nothing better to do than talk smack...maybe you should be the ones who get hit by a bus!!
    I agree with you. People wishing death or harm on her talented self is just insane! Rock on Courtney
    I wonder where all the hate to Courtney Love comes from, and i mean it, what did she do?, ill check the show when it comes out...
    I agree with you. What in the hell did she do that pisses everyone off? I do not agree with most of what she says politically and even on some other topics but that doesnt mean I hate her, Or that I think she is a bad person. She makes some great music and she is overall a stong person, IMO. I hope she is well and enjoying her life.
    Wait... Wasn't she saying the complete opposite about the net a while back? Like, when she Googles herself, she would constantly find negative banter about her? Should be interesting to see how it goes.