Courtney Love Announces New Web Series, Comments on Dave Grohl Feud

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Courtney Love Announces New Web Series, Comments on Dave Grohl Feud
Courtney Love has announced that she's launching a new web series via her YouTube channel, Loudwire reports. You can check out the trailer for the show below.

The trailer sees Love addressing her recent court case regarding a defamatory tweet:

"I'm the first person to go on trial for defamation over a tweet. It's called Twibel..."

... As well as her feud with Dave Grohl.

"Is there anyone on the planet who would be watching this that doesn't know that me and Dave Grohl don't get along? Anybody? Raise your hand. Hashtag Big Sweaty Balls."

Explaining her reasoning for doing the show, Love reports:

"I've said 'no' so many times to doing lame TV shows over the years. But then along came the digital world to disrupt everything. There are so many cool things happening in web culture right now that I love — from all the weird and fringy stuff, to the fun over the top personalities of YouTube vloggers. From cool Fashion chick's videos and makeup tutorials, to some amazing discoveries in new music and art from all over the world."

Will you be following the new web series? Let us know in the comments.

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