Courtney Love Looking to Play Herself in Kurt Cobain Biopic

artist: Courtney Love date: 07/31/2013 category: wtf?
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Courtney Love Looking to Play Herself in Kurt Cobain Biopic
Courtney Love recently talked about the possibility of filming a Kurt Cobain biopic, stressing that the only way to go would be if she played herself.

"I know that Universal wants to make the film but I don't know that I want to do it until ... I would feel weird having a film made about me and Kurt unless I was actually acting myself. It would be too weird," Love told Huffington Post.

"There was talk of a biopic a few years back," she said. "I think I changed my mind about it, but I did do a deal with Universal. Scarlett Johansson was into it; I was also into Michelle Williams. These were the people the studio offered to me. It wasn't me choosing them. I kind of liked Anna Faris, which everyone said I was insane for, but I thought she kind of looked a little bit like me, and she was a little prettier."

The singer explained further, "[That's] the whole point of Hollywood: I was offered to play Janis Joplin. I'm a little prettier than Janis Joplin so it's always like that. Whatever."

Love is currently busy touring, with a string of US concert dates bound to keep her out on the road until late August.
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