Courtney Love Says the Memoir She's Writing Is 'a Disaster'

Book won't be out anytime soon, unfortunately.

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Courtney Love has said her memoir, which was originally scheduled for release in December 2013 is still unfinished, describing it as a "disaster."

As Gigwise notes, called "The Girl With the Most Cake," Love's autobiography has been repeatedly pushed back since it was announced, with no release date even set for the book anymore.

In an interview with Paper magazine, Love explained the problems lie predominantly in her relationship with a ghost-writer, saying "It's just not working."

She continues: "It's a disaster ... a nightmare, I never wanted to write a book, it just happened"

The Hole frontwoman also revealed that when the book is released its content won't go later than 2006.

"What happens from 2006 on in the book is my personal business. I've been discreet from that time on, and I want to keep it that way."

Love recently revealed the plans for the Hole reunion in 2015.

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    Only here in UG Courtney Love stays relevant.
    I know it's weird. here's typical UG day. Courtney love does something dull Ted Nugent rant Something Something Dave Mustaine, metallica, pantera ... Axl Rose is still shit
    Do you guys know how hard it is to find a ghost, let alone write a book with one? Pretty damn difficult I must add!
    okay, give her some credit,at least she didn't publish her book if its as crappy as she says it is
    "I've been discreet from that time (2006) on and I want to keep it that way." what.. I mean... REALLY?! There's been six articles of her in the last couple of months on this site alone.
    I think what she really means is: "I've not achieved anything since 2006"
    Did she achieve anything before that (aside from the successful manipulation of actually talented people).
    "It's a disaster ... a nightmare, I never wanted to write a book, it just happened" Well, from the sound of it, it isn't happening...
    When she says "ghost writer", I wonder if she's actually just stealing more shit that Kurt wrote?
    Disaster? That's what happen when its written by a disaster who's writing about a disaster.
    If she's smart she'll wait till the book comes out and in the book she'll write her confession of how she killed Kurt, and if she does that it is guaranteed to be a hit seller I feel. It would be huge publicity for the book.
    Oh please Just describe what it was like to pull the trigger that blew that useless ****wads brains all over the wall. Id have traded my soul to have that pleasure! To be able to execute musics anti-christ ....PRICELESS!
    damn, that pic actually makes her look like a good lookin girl and not the usual ones of the trailer trash meth addict she really is. i could def slam that for a night and then send her home with some cab fare before the make up wore off.