Courtney Love 'Sells Out' to E-Cigs

See her NSFW advertisement for electronic cigarettes here, but keep the volume down if you don't want to offend your boss.

Ultimate Guitar

Courtney Love has "sold out" by appearing in an advertisement for electronic cigarettes, in the opinion of one report.

Buddyhead posted a video of Courtney Love on an e-cig advertisement, with their typically offensive remarks:

"Times must be tough for Courtney "Cobain" Love cuz shes selling E-cigs on tv with her hammered mug and "Miss World" playing. Rough is right! Yep, that's Kurdt you heard ... Just rolling over again."

You can see her e-cig advertisement below.

Courtney Love is no stranger to stirring up controversy in the rock world. In December she ranted at the semi-reunited Nirvana with Paul McCartney, and in June last year she was sued by her own lawyers over outstanding fees.

Maybe that's part of why she's appearing in this advertisement, but we can only guess.

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    Selling out implies she had, at any point before, principles to fall back on.
    It also implies that she did it just for the money. I'm pretty sure they gave her a shit ton of e-cigs which was part of the deal.
    If there is one thing UG is good at its writing news about absolutely nothing.
    The only thing keeping this site going are tabs, and the comments sections in the news stories.
    Maybe she simply likes those goddamn E-cigs.
    They're not bad actually. Not only that but it's not like she's active in Hole. However she is an actress. I quite enjoyed her performance. It was Courtney to the T. It's not like she was pretending to be someone else over selling a product. I found it to be quite respectable (to as low of a level of respect one can issue Ms. Love)... I would love to be a musician and an actor. She get's to act as if she's both.
    At least it wasn't as bad as Stephen Dorff's ad for blu electronic cigarettes. cut to slow-mo shot of me scratching my cheek as I walk along the ocean shore
    First sued by her own lawyers and now this, I'm beginning to think she needs money for coke or something...
    E-cigs are complete crap they do not give you a "calm the hell down" buzz like a real cigarette. They make you feel like you just drank a triple espresso. Theyre junk. If youre gonna give yourself a heart attack and cancer might as well do it the time-honored way and smoke a real cigarette.
    I don't know when a cigarette has ever been relaxing(unless to alleviate nicotine withdrawal). I'm unaware of the perticular blend of chemicals in e-cigs but the fact that they are a vapor negates the health concerns associated with smoke inhalation. Honestly the cigarette companies represent the worst of greed, they even lobbied to disallow the sale of nicotine containing e-cigs here in Canada. I have no problem with natural tobacco, i wish the government would mandate that cigarettes be sold free of additives instead of just uping
    I'm just curious, how much have you looked into it? The e-cigs you buy at gas stations are shit, but the 40 dollar set ups you can get like an E-Twist battery and Kanger T3 Cartomizer actually deliver really good flavors and a fantastic buzz for me. They got me off analogs. But once again if you've only tried gas station e-cigs, I'd understand your view point. Those taste like ass and give no buzz.
    i don't agree. i quit smoking using them. nicotine itself does not cause heart disease and cancer, smoke does.
    A guy in my English class last semester regularly smoked an E-cig in class, and it worked for him. Apparently he went from a pack a day to just e-cigs. I think it works for some people but not others.
    I'm just waiting for all the health risks to come to light 10 years down the road. If other synthetic substances are anything to go by, they're probably worse for you than the real thing, too (besides the vapor vs. smoke thing).
    Are they really that bad? That's a shame, I really thought they delivered the same effect as a real cigarette...
    Okay, I'm not really seeing where all this hate for e-cigs come from. Inhaling a vapour is substantially less harmful than inhaling any kind of smoke, especially when it doesn't contain any carcinogenic tars, or benzene, or cyanide, or any other countless harmful chemicals. Nicotine on its own isn't a carcinogen. So, if it helps people quit cigarettes, then I'm all for it. Having said all that, nobody is making you use them, and screw Courtney Love.
    I gotta say that, if she hadn't met crack and STDs, she would be pretty good looking nowadays.
    I don't like Courtney Love, but I wouldn't find an artist selling out for a more positive outcome. E-cigs do help some people quit.
    She jumped a little too early... should've waited for E-crackpipes or E-xanax. That would've made more sense.
    E cigs saved my life. The n joy and other gas station disposables are crap. You have to get a good one in order for it to work. Seems like you just don't wat to quit smoking. I don't work for an e cig company and no I'm not gonna advertise what I use. Just saying, just because you had a bad experience with an e cig doesn't mean they don't work.
    link no1
    They kind of don't. Instead of being addicted to a real cig you're just smoking a big stupid looking plastic one instead. The idea of giving up smoking means not putting the crap in your mouth at all but everybody I know who uses an E-cig still can't live without sucking smoke daily. They both have health risks so may as well go for the traditional way of gaining cancer rather tan te new 'hip' way.
    You're still addicted to nicotine. You control te amount you're addicted to. There's various levels of nicotine strength. You can step it down as you wish. Hey, not everybody likes it. Still doesnt prove that they don't work.
    It was only a matter of time before UG posted another courtney love story, why is this relevant to music news? o.O
    So when Courtney Love does a commercial; she's selling out. But when Lemmy or Dave Grohl does the same it's great news and admiring? Again, UG users don't make much sense.
    I've got to say something really really important. I don't give a damn if Coutney Love sells out or not.
    She can do all the ads (and drugs) in the world, at this point she can't really sink any lower no matter what she does with herself
    Literally cannot stand people saying 'Kurdt', just because he spelt his name like that once upon a time. Also UG, lay off the Courtney Love headlines, it's neither interesting or relevant.
    I love my e-cig, especially the cherry pie and strawberry liquorice flavours.
    seriously. for the idiots that think they are musicians because they think they can sturm a few chords and talk bad about courtney love... come on you nirvana piss ants... get over it. who cares if she lends her name to a brand? get a fuking life losers... as for ultimate guitar news? um no... this is as about much news as areosmith taking a shit on a plane... WHO THE HECK CARES... i would suggest ug to hire new staff to do their damn job. and because im sure ug will ban me from comments.... i cant stress enough - get the **** over it- kurt died how like 20 years ago... let him rest in peace and stop talking shit about his family... p.s nirvana was way to over rated... just like jimi and amy- they died young so younger idiots feel something for them... but were they great? look at gun n' roses... they didnt die but now split - look where they are now. kurts not a god- he was just a good musician at the right time - probably wouldn't of last as nobody does. so omg get the **** over it people. pls ug better news next time!
    Unholy Crusada
    "Yep, that's Kurdt you heard ... Just rolling over again." Kurdt? LOL I was about to blame it on UG not proofreading, but as it turns out that's what the original source said.
    i would love to give her the benefit of the doubt but its mostly a financial decision. that being said WHO CARES AND WHY IS THIS NEWS????
    So would using e cigs be similar to an heroin addict going on methadone? It's still harmful, but not as bad as the real thing? I'm concerned since people can use ecigs in places where smoking isn't allowed that I would use one all the time and INCREASE my nicotine use!
    It's amazing but this will be the one millionth time I've had to shake off something stupid that has come out of this harlot's mouth. *shakes vigorously*.
    Big deal. I think because it is Courtney Love, they put a negative spin on it. I am sure if it was Fred Durst or some other universally hated musician they would do the same thing. If it was Geddy Lee or Dave Grohl, they would probably put a positive spin on it. I hate Courtney as much as the next person, but their writing needs to be a little more impartial.
    If it was Dave Grohl people would be acting like he cured cancer or something.
    Ive been intrigued by E-cigs before. If she uses them and really enjoys them enough to agree to do an ad, rather than doing it for any other reason, Then there isnt anything really wrong with this. Even if it is Courtney Love.
    E-cigs are like a marijuana vaporizer but in a compact format. Basically you smoke what they call "juice" in the e-cig world which I assume is probably some liquid form of nicotine, and as someone commented on here already you can get it flavored. If you are a nicotine junkie then it is certainly the right way to go if you value your health.
    Whatever, she did an ad for E-sigs I mean this is what famous people do they make money off their image, especially when nobody really wants anything else they are offering which with Courtney is pretty much everything.
    So she's apparently trying to quit or cut back, and that's selling out? Let me guess, people that die from cancer caused by smoking are sell outs too?