Courtney Love Slams Fan's Penis in Beer Pelting Incident

UG slam, not slam slam.

Ultimate Guitar

A juicy slam had occurred during a recent Courtney Love show, as the singer got pelted with beer by an anonymous concertgoer. In response, Courtney struck right where it hurts the most.

The incident took place in Adelaide, as the mentioned member of the audience decided to chuck a beer can towards Love.

"In 20 years, no one's thrown a beer can at me except for you f--ker," the singer kicked off the rant.

Taking aim at the fellow's custard cannon, Courtney continued, "Your weenie must be this f--king big," measuring a not-so-big size with her fingers.

"The rest of you are excused," she added. "You wanna go back? You wanna f--king f--ck me up? Throw a beer can at my Micko [Larkin]. I will f--king kill you. Throw it at me next time. We'll have fun."

On the musical side of the spectrum, Love has recently ruled out a Hole reunion and premiered two new singles "You Know My Name" and "Wedding Day." More info here and here.

Back to the slam, check out the clip below.

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    Dude chucks a can at you, because you suck, so therefore, his genitals must be small It's like she has the mind of a 12-year-old.
    In highschool I was friends with a girl who constantly bragged about her boyfriends big dong, UNTIL, she broke up with him, and thereafter she claimed he had a tiny wee-wee.
    "UG slam, not slam slam" They're onto us, guys! It's all a ruse! Also, I haven't heard so much bleeping since The Osbournes was on TV.
    I don't really blame her. Who the hell throws a beer can at a concert anyway?
    Someone's who gets drunk at concerts their girlfriend dragged them along to and doesn't like Courtney Love. That's most of us...
    I don't think Courtney Love is that kind of artist, so that doesn't apply.
    You think Cvntney is an "artist"? Help me, God. She's an ambition vessel, a Superfund toxic waste site -- and I think she flips her hair like a Brat Packer now. How embarrassing to Kurt's memory....Artist!...Listen to her Howard Stern interviews someday.
    The headline is beyond disturbing and that picture of her tops off the most disturbing UG article ever. *Cringes*
    Please tell me I'm not the only one who read this as: Courtney - Love Slams - Fan's Penis in Beer Pelting Incident LOVE SLAM
    I came here just to read the comments and you guys didn't let me down! Hahahahaha!
    What!? Courtney Love still does gigs? I thought her career was over when Hole split, after their last fake-reunion album.
    Well, he might've wasted a beer by throwing it a her, but I'll gladly buy him another one for doing it. His only regret should be that it wasn't a piss-filled beer instead.
    Kinda fitting, especially because she's only famous because she was slamming Kurt Cobain's penis.
    penis-insults? really courtney? it's like calling a white guy a cracker to be racist lol... but then again...she is an air-head and can't think beyond her own penis...her nasty, nasty... penis.
    Good god...this picture posted of her, she looks like Eddie from Iron Maiden's self title! God, Allah, Ghia, Odin, ANYONE please put this cow out of her misery!