Cover of Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child O' Mine' Featured in Insane Anti-Speeding Commercial

Since being posted on YouTube, the clip has gone viral, amassing almost 2 million views - watch it here.

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A bizarre anti-speeding commercial that features an acoustic cover of Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine" has gone viral after appearing online. As Loudwire reports, the clip, made by Northern Ireland's DOE Road Safety group, shows an entire class of children being squashed by an out-of-control car. The Independent newspaper has compared the over-the-top sequence, in which the car flips about 30 times before crushing the kids, to the Sy-Fy cult film "Sharknado."

The purpose of the video is to illustrate that 28 children (the size of an average school class) have lost their lives due to speeding in Northern Ireland since 2000. "Since 2000, speeding has killed a classroom of our children," says the ad's narrator. "Shame on you. You can never control the consequences if you speed." Since being posted on YouTube, the clip has gone viral, amassing almost 2 million views.

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    Those numbers are actually a little impressive to me. I'm not sure exactly how Northern Ireland compares to US states in size, but I would be kind of shocked to learn that only 28 kids had died in the last 14 years as a result of speeding in just the mid-state area of the state I live in.
    Northern Ireland is TINY compared to the US. Probably not even as big as your smallest state
    As important as the message of anti-speeding is, the "classroom of children" is a poor example to use. It's clear that they're aiming at our more sympathetic sides, but all they've really said is "Speeding kills 2 children a year". The reality of speeding is far more drastic than that, don't get me wrong, it's terrible that anyone should be killed by speeding drivers, but like I said, poor example to use.
    It's not really speeding as much as it is reckless driving, driving beyond your skill level, or the poor emergency avoidance ability of the average driver.
    Fuck that. That commercial makes me want to speed! jk lol but seriously, what a piss-poor commercial. That doesn't say anything about speeding!
    These commercials are getting over the top.. I know that's the point of them but damn..
    The trend for pop tunes in hard-hitting commercials in Northern Ireland runs back to the 90s. The Government also paid for this cover of Cat's in the Cradle : Cats in The Cradle Northern Ireland
    we obviously need stronger walls around our parks...that thing did nothing to stop the car
    I don't know why but when the guy said shame on you I totally lost it
    I actually saw that coming. Too much time in the internet I guess... Speeding is bad, kids.
    The title said anti speeding and as soon as I saw a little kid in thumbnail of the video I was like "fuuuck not this.."