'Cutest Headbangers on Planet' Are Mixing ''Idol' Music and Metal'

Your daily dose of wtf is here and yes, they're from Japan.

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Babymetal are a Japanese band that's fusing what cannot be fused - schoolgirl J-pop and hard-hitting death metal.

Consisting of three cute girls named Su-metal, Moametal and Yuimetal, the band is clearly something that can only come from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Chatting with Razor TV, the girls explained their distinctive approach to music, saying, "Babymetal is the collaboration between 'idol' music and heavy metal. We are a new genre which nobody has done before. We want to be the only one in the in the world. We use 'Baby' because we are newborn, a new genre."

The girls also admitted they didn't even know what metal was prior to joining the band, and neither have their parents. "We then started performing and listening to it," they added. "Then we wanted to create a new genre."

Asked about the way they dance to metal music, the girls confessed it's a bit of a difficult process, but also described metal dancing as "a good way to release stress." The band even patented their signature "fox" sign, check out the clip below to see what it represents.

Babymetal have been active since 2010, so far only releasing such singles as "Ijime, Dame, Zettai," "Megitsune" and "Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!" The yet-untitled full-length debut is scheduled for February 26 release.

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    J-Pop and death metal? That doesn't...I don't even...What?
    To be fair, people have tried to mix techno/pop with deathcore/metal before. The result... not so desirable...
    more like mixing techno/pop with a guy puking his lugs out. There is NO metal there.
    Hey, Eskimo Callboy did quite a good job at mixing both dance-ish and metal music. But J-pop.....dafuq
    There are far more interesting things to come out of Japan and there are plenty of male J-rockers who look like cuter girls and who make better music than these. Case in point, Hizaki of Versailles.
    Versailles are indeed incredible, and their liveshow is a blast. People might be put off by their image, but they absolutely know their stuff.
    Visuals are like an icing on the cake. All icing is plain nasty, but all cake would be tasteless. Visuals should never be more than the music. Kudos to Versailles for breaking the mold for most vk.
    The instrumental parts actually aren't half bad if you can stand the obnoxious vocals... I can't.
    Evangelion 00
    Super old news. I think it's cool because they are starting a new genre and are insanely popular in Japan, many musicians dream of starting a unique genre that makes them insanely popular but can't or fail miserably. So these girls actually did it. But yes, a lot of it is overly pop and generally too pop for me but I do enjoy a few songs. The main girl actually has a really good voice for her age so it'll be cool see how much better here voice will get over time. The metal music is pretty insane as well, some really heavy parts and groovy bits. The use of Japanese instruments in some tracks is cool also. I also like most of the drumming. I see a lot of people flaming it and that's fine but remember you are reacting the same way people did when metal first started to develop. Just my 2 cents.
    I'm always surprised at how angry people get about Babymetal. Any time a supposedly "respectable" source of heavy metal journalism has an article about them, it always devolves into, at the very best, asspained metalheads raging about how it's not real metal and since the little girls don't play the instruments they shouldn't be allowed onstage. At the worst, it's racist diatribes about how those "goddamn slanty-eyed japs are terminally weird and think of the stupidest shit to make a buck." Why can't people just be entertained? You all probably worship Mike Patton for making weird mouth noises and sticking funk where it doesn't belong, why can't you like Babymetal for finally putting deathcore where it so obviously works?
    Evangelion 00
    It's not deathcore at all but I do agree with everything else you are saying. It's really entertaining and a new sound that people don't/can't get used to without deciding to hate. I listened to it for a few weeks and it's entertaining, some cool songs but it's not the most amazing stuff I've heard. And that's perfectly fine.
    These guys do it well too. Pop/trance/metal.
    Just awful. Crossfaith is the only band I know that can make this combo work (minus shitty pop vocals). Every other band just overuses the synth stuff.
    Blood Stain Child's newer stuff like Epsilon sounds heaps different to their older stuff though. This was the first album with a female vocalist and they used alottt more synth...I really recommend listening to anything released prior to this to hear a different sounding band
    Those japanese freaks can come up with anything...I'm surprised someone thinks about mixing up those genres but I'm not suprised about the people who came up with it..I'm freaked out by the thought alone.
    Mixing two genres for the sake of it is hardly some incomprehensible insane line of thought.
    Not surprised this came out of Japan all those years ago! I mean, they sell used school girls panties in vending machines..... Dear Japan. Please control your weirdos, they are corrupting the world. Yours, sincerely The rest of the world
    A band that mix pop and death metal really well in my opinion is Dead by April
    As it turns out, none of those 3 girls write or play any of the material. The questionable fusion is one thing, but that "band" is just asking to be dismissed by the metal community.
    What's with all these new bands obsessions with mixing two incompatible genres? There's a reason they're 2 separate genres in the first place >.>
    Evangelion 00
    It seems to work as they are insanely popular in Japan so the genres aren't as incompatible as you think. I'm not a fan boy for this band but it works.
    Sorry but this is ****ing awful. I mean, I love the visuals but goddamn the music blows. I rather listen to the Gazette. At least they are rock, well maybe they're old shit is but still...
    Eh….it ain't that bad! Beats death core with a stick! Metal parts are reasonably heavy. Not my favorite music, but damn that DO work at it.