Dan Reynolds: 'People Are Still Saying 'Who Are Imagine Dragons?''

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Dan Reynolds: 'People Are Still Saying 'Who Are Imagine Dragons?''
Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds recently discussed the band's anonymity in the individual members department, dubbing it strange considering the group's massive success and the time we live in.

"People are still saying, 'Who are Imagine Dragons? Like, why do I keep hearing this name?'" Reynolds told Billboard. "I think it is a pretty strange thing to live in this day and age where we're selling all these records and it's all going well, and we have still kept some anonymity. I think, in our case, it's something we kind of cherish."

Last year's been quite a ride for Imagine Dragons, as "Radioactive" hit single fetched the band a Best Rock Performance Grammy, as well as a Billboard Hot 100 record after spending 77 weeks on the chart. Discussing the song's slow, yet constant climb on the charts, Dan noted:

"That's been the most important part of the band from the beginning. With our radio team, we were never like, 'This is the single! Push this to road!' It literally just started off on its own. We never wanted to skip steps. We always wanted to grow slowly and take our time with things."

The singer also gave an update on the new material recording, adding, "We've really been recording on the road ... When we get home from tour, we'll comb through those demos and pick out the best ones and bring them to a live band setting. Right now, I have a good 40 or 50 demos that I've been writing over the last two years."

Asked about the possibility of a new album coming this year, Reynolds replied, "We want to take a little time off. Sometimes you can put out an album that's maybe not as good as it could have been because you rushed it."

The band's debut album, "Night Visions," saw its release in September 2012 via Interscope.
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