Dan Reynolds: 'People Are Still Saying 'Who Are Imagine Dragons?''

"Anonymity is something we kind of cherish," the band frontman adds.

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Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds recently discussed the band's anonymity in the individual members department, dubbing it strange considering the group's massive success and the time we live in.

"People are still saying, 'Who are Imagine Dragons? Like, why do I keep hearing this name?'" Reynolds told Billboard. "I think it is a pretty strange thing to live in this day and age where we're selling all these records and it's all going well, and we have still kept some anonymity. I think, in our case, it's something we kind of cherish."

Last year's been quite a ride for Imagine Dragons, as "Radioactive" hit single fetched the band a Best Rock Performance Grammy, as well as a Billboard Hot 100 record after spending 77 weeks on the chart. Discussing the song's slow, yet constant climb on the charts, Dan noted:

"That's been the most important part of the band from the beginning. With our radio team, we were never like, 'This is the single! Push this to road!' It literally just started off on its own. We never wanted to skip steps. We always wanted to grow slowly and take our time with things."

The singer also gave an update on the new material recording, adding, "We've really been recording on the road ... When we get home from tour, we'll comb through those demos and pick out the best ones and bring them to a live band setting. Right now, I have a good 40 or 50 demos that I've been writing over the last two years."

Asked about the possibility of a new album coming this year, Reynolds replied, "We want to take a little time off. Sometimes you can put out an album that's maybe not as good as it could have been because you rushed it."

The band's debut album, "Night Visions," saw its release in September 2012 via Interscope.

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    Its because music fans with a brain don't want to be told what to listen to by Radio 1.
    It's strange considering they're Radio-Active...like being actively played on the radio...Ahh forget it.
    I don't care for their music, but holy shit "Imagine Dragons" is probably the worst name you can give a band.
    Best Hard Rock Performance. Over Led Zeppelin. Led. Zeppelin.
    But why were Zeppelin even nominated? It's not the 70s and as far as I know they haven't done any more reunions recently. Also, "hard" rock? Is that right? I don't really pay attention to award show BS.
    So uhh... who are Imagine Dragons?? I mean, I guess I've heard of them before with that whole controversy over them beating Led Zeppelin at the Grammys that I'm noticing in the comments, but I don't remember their name from then.
    I've just listened to this Radioactive song. It's awful. And the random video makes it even worse.
    *I've just listened to this Radioactive song. I don't really like it. And the random video seems strange. There, I corrected your bigotry.
    Apparently having an opinion is bigotry?
    He stated his opinion as fact, but that's still not what bigotry is.
    Sorry for using the wrong word. Either way, he stated it as fact when it isn't. I'm just tired of people thinking that their opinion is more valid than everyone elses.
    Why do people still insist on correcting others' expression of their opinions? The song being awful was obviously Kameliasz's opinion by virtue of the fact that he/she said it. Stop with all this "you're supposed to say I don't like it" bullsh*t. It's childish and utterly stupid. Sorry, I mean I think it's childish and utterly stupid.
    So what you're saying is everyone should be as hostile to everyone else as possible because they have an opinion? It's possible to respectfully state one you know. No reason to be an *******.
    In answer to Mr Reynolds question, yes, yes we are.
    He didn't ask any questions. He just said what people who don't know Imagine Dragons tend to say.
    Also, he said he liked that. He said he cherishes that level of anonymity. I have heard from other interviews that they are quite private and don't really want to become famous. If they don't become famous then they have gotten their wish. Hard to dislike someone for that.
    Hard to dislike them period. I am going to get downvoted for this but I like Imagine Dragons. Saw them in concert last Monday and as someone who has been to a lot (a metric ****ton to be exact) of shows (mostly metal) I can say they are pretty damn talented.
    I find them to be much like AC/DC. The band is well known, but the members enjoy a certain amount of anonymity.
    Yeah, cause they so anonymous... The singer wasn't on an episode of top gear, and Angus isn't one of the most famous guitarists out there...
    I had no idea who they were so I listened in youtube to a couple fo their songs and ... meh, nothing special, just another radio-friendly band aimed for teens, (anyone else remembers The Reason by Hoobastank?) I don't really understand all the fuzz they are causing, they'll be forgotten in a matter of two years unless they make some serious changes.
    Whatever happened to the good ol' indie scene? Some nice riffs came from there.
    Well, speaking objectively, they are terrible and I hate them.
    I know who Imagine Dragons are, they're the dullest band on the planet. They even make Coldplay sound exciting.
    Good for them I guess. Always nice if you can get the fame without all the unwanted attention.
    I like I.D. and don't really think they're a rock band, but it's hardly their fault they are considered as such and nominated for rock awards and such. What are they supposed to do? Say 'we're not a rock band, so stop nominating us for awards?'. They're not rock perhaps, but clearly still not pop enough to compete with Katy Perry and Lorde for the pop awards. But yeah I definitely wouldn't turn to them for a rock fix, but I still like them.
    I personally like Imagine Dragons. And so what if people listen to them? They're a talented group of people and are a stepping stone for people to get into rock music. If you don't like them, try *gasp* not listening to them!
    You're on Ultimate Guitar. Why would we respect what you listen to here? Note that I actually like Imagine Dragons and do respect your music choice. This site is just full of elitists, 12 year olds, and terrible journalists.
    Yeah, I've noticed that. More so on the facebook page than anything else. I swear people will hate on ANYTHING there.
    Dislike is not hate. Opinions are not feelings.
    A lot of times people have genuine hatred for bands or people who like certain bands. THAT is what bugs me. Have an opinion, sure. Share that opinion, sure. Attack people for having a different opinion? No.
    Too many people make things way to personal and go too far in their attacks. They also refuse to acknowledge certain groups as having "valid" opinions. It's like when somebody on UG comes out and says they are a fan of Avenged Sevenfold or Fallout Boy, suddenly they are shunned for liking "those types of music." Or if there is an article on an artist that a lot of people don't like the music for there is a large amount of people who flood the article with a ton of negativity not allowing space for people who actually enjoy the music to be. It's like if you went to a free show for a band you like and a whole group of people just showed up to boo the artist playing. It gets tiresome for some people to constantly have to defend the artist they likes just so they can have a decent conversation with others. Youtube is the worst for this. Personally, I just tend to ignore what people say because EVERY artist has harsh critics. I've yet to find a universally loved artist (Dave Grohl is not universally loved, even he has people who hate his work). I am not saying a person can't voice their opinion. I am just suggesting people should not be rude about voicing their opinions. There is a certain etiquette around it that many people ignore.
    So help me god, if i hear Dave Grohl one more time, i'm going to eat my goddamn chair.
    DON'T JUDGE ME! thats how you sound
    I'm trying to say that musical taste is a matter of opinion and insulting people for having a different taste than you is pretty immature. ID have introduced a lot of people to rock music and have a pretty unique sound going for them. There's no reason to hate them just because you don't like them. Have some respect, they aren't stepping on your toes.
    i don't care if you like them but stop associating them with rock music... that goes for everyone else in the world too
    How is saying that a band sucks is insulting you? Are you making the music? Are YOU the music? I don't get it. It's nothing personal against them.
    I'm not using any particular examples, but plenty of people get verbally attacked for saying that they like a particular band or genre, and I think that's wrong.
    I had to check them out once and for all after all this talk regarding the grammys. It was an experience. An experience I would like to forget. What the f*ck is this? Tokio Hotel meets One Direction. And what about the god awful name? What are they? 12?
    These guys are terribly overrated and don't deserve to win any rock anything. They won Best Rock Performance over LED ZEPPELIN. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. Even David Bowie and Jack White, for ****'s sake.
    Imagine Dragons aree one of the best mainstream rockers nowadays, not that it is saying much, and are a good steping stone to real rock
    In their defense, they never chose to be considered as rock, and never thought they would win over their heroes at the grammys. They said something along the lines of that themselves, and thought they wouldn't have a chance of winning. But yeah,I like their songs, especially hear me, Amsterdam, Selene, nothing left to say and rocks it's okay to have your own opinion of them, but please don't hate them for what the media labels them
    I happen to like Imagine Dragons. Well, half of their material. Specifically, It's Time, Demons, and Nothing Left To Say. I think Radioactive is the stupidest ****ing song, and the other songs are very unattractive.
    They became successful doing what they love. Good for them. And their album is quite good.