Dave Grohl: 'Britney Spears Seems Dead Inside'

Foo Fighters frontman jabs at Britney Spears while hosting the Chelsea Lately show by calling the popular singer "kinda dead inside".

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During this week, Dave Grohl has been handling host duties on the popular "Chelsea Lately" show for a special set of Grammy episodes. During the latest episode, Foo Fighters frontman even took time for a short jab at Britney Spears calling her "kinda dead inside".

"She just kinda seems dead inside, like there's nothing behind her eyes... Like there's nothing in her boobs anymore!", said frontman while commenting on popular singer's Las Vegas residency.

It was all in the spirit of good humor of course, with both the audience and Grohl himself obviously having a good time as you can see in the video below. The reason behind all the jokes were the latest reports saying that Britney's shows were turned down in favor of a hypnotist.

In the music sphere, Grohl is currently busy promoting his "Sound City" documentary with the movie soundtrack set for release on March 11. The Sound City Players band features several music legends such as John Fogerty, Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks, Trent Reznor, Rick Nielsen, Brad Wilk and many others. After the supergroup's first live performance at the Sundance Film Festival last month, Grohl has revealed plans for taking the band on a worldwide tour.

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So what do you think, is this guy funny or did he take things a bit too far? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Dave Grohl being as himself. \,,,/
    Britney went from school girl talking dirty... to a dirty zombie looking giant log of shit, floating in space, that can communicate with humpback whales on Independence Day >... FUCK!
    Yea, all the times I saw her on the TV she was treating people like shit and being the most self-centered person on Earth... not really my type of human being either.
    Look who's talking. HAHAHA
    Gerrard? He seems like a nice person.
    Is this the same Gerrard who assaulted people in clubs? Nice guy.
    That only happened once, it's not like he's effin' Joey Barton or something. But yea, I don't think UG is the best place for football arguments (especially considering this is a decent article), so...
    Key note here, he's got his mug of coffee right next to him. Seriously, Dave Grohl with a fresh pot means anything could happen.
    Goth JR
    I found humor in this, mostly because of that picture of Britney.
    It's not just Britney. Pretty much all of those industry-manufactured pop stars look "dead inside". Their images get sold over and over again until the masses get sick of them and it's time for another. As horrible as their "music" is... they ARE actually still people... or at least what's left of them after the music industry is done with them. The whole thing is just sad.
    Man I remember I was in Junior High when Britney hit the scene, music sucked but damn she was hot. Then she got them fake titties and grew into her hillbilly stupidity, similar thing happened to Jessica Simpson.
    You know what's weird with anyone from the 90's? We still refer to pop music as "Britney Spears bullshit" but she hasn't been relevant in years... ha!
    Dave Grohl is everywhere! Love the dude but I have to believe he's some sort of robot to be juggling so many projects successfully. Now let me go back to the main page and read another article that involves him in some way lol.
    She is dead inside. She's a washed up pop star who's attempting to make a comeback, and keep her teen image even though she's in her thirties.
    Funny thing, this will happen to all pop stars of today too. They all just come and go.
    Sammy Mantis
    Of course she's dead inside, wasn't her heyday like 12+ years ago? She's lost her looks, never could sing, or write...What's left really? It's pretty much the same fate every flash in the pan pop star eventually faces.
    Britney now looks dead on the inside, that's a fact. I already watched her documentary and the only time when she had that spark in the eyes is when she talked about the first years of her career. She looks depressed and must be on some kind of medication.
    Dave Grohl took this entirely too far. This is offensive, and quite frankly, downright atrocious! Nah just kidding, I really don't give a ****.
    I've thought this ever since her big 'meltdown'. It's like she's on some kind of heavy antidepressants or something, because she really does seem empty.
    After hearing her collaboration with Will.I.Am, she had already started decomposing.