Dave Grohl: 'Gangnam Style Is One Of My Favorite Songs'

The Foo Fighters frontman revealed many other surprising facts during his 50-minute keynote talk at SXSW yesterday.

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Dave Grohl has admitted that "Gangnam Style" by Psy is one of his favorite songs from the past decade.

He made the concession during a 50-minute keynote speech at SXSW in Texas yesterday, where he discussed his musical career and inspirations.

"I can truthfully say out loud that 'Gangnam Style' is one of my favoutite songs of the past decade," he told a packed-out audience.

Grohl also told the crowd that "Foo Fighters is the stupidest f--king name" and that Kurt Cobain once told industry figures that Nirvana wanted to be the biggest band in the world. "I laughed, I thought he was f--king kidding," said Grohl. "How Kurt even thought we could make a ripple in this mainstream world of polished pop music was beyond me."

Discussing the Sound City studio where many renown acts including Nirvana recorded classic albums, Grohl said their recording session there was "the sound of three people playing like their life depended on it." The label initially pressed only 35,000 copies of "Nevermind", but soon they were selling more than 300,000 per week, which Grohl described as a ripple becoming a tidal wave.

There was an emotional moment when he recalled his reaction to Kurt Cobain's suicide: "When Kurt died I was lost, I was numb. The music I had devoted my life to had now betrayed me. I turned off the radio, I put away my drums."

What do you make of "Gangnam Style", Psy's global YouTube hit? Let us know in the comments if it's as good as Grohl says.

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    Meanwhile, Dave Grohl is sitting at his computer, smiling like an evil genius and waiting for the immense shitstorm to be unleashed among his UG fans. Oh you, Dave, oh you.
    Dave and Maynard from Tool, two guys who know exactly how to mess with your head Maynard: Hey Dave should I tell them the Tool album is coming out next week but then put it on hold and pretend I got hurt riding a unicycle? Dave: That'll be hilarious! I'm going to tell them I like Gangnam Style.
    Tomorrow Dave will say that Nickelback is one his favourite bands and then, everyone here will suddenly begin to like Nickelback.
    Being trolled by Dave Grohl...
    More like Dave Troll
    *Dave Trohl
    I'm glad he's finally talking about NIRVANA. For a long time he wouldn't. Maybe playing with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney, performing at the white house, etc, made him realize that he's a goddamned badass and he can say whatever the fuk he wants.
    I hear ya. I think he finally just found an appropriate platform on which he could communicate the story. With Sound City closing it presented a good opportunity to really dive into the band's beginnings along with all of their influences. Being asked about Kurdt and the band in every interview he's ever done since 1994 probably hasn't catalyzed the process.
    I don't think i agree. I like it but its not that good. At least he didn't say it was one of the best songs just one of his favorites.
    It depends how you define good. Good can mean excellently produced and features incredibly talented musicians, or it can mean a fun song that people enjoy listening to. I personally like the song and think it is a good song. Judging something as good or not is all a matter of perspective.
    I personally still enjoy it, but I have to agree. It's not even Psy's best song.
    I am a total Gangnam fan but never checked out any other Psy stuff. You genuinely saying there's better stuff?
    I personally enjoy the song Right Now more and there's one called Shake. He also did the Korean Olympic anthem which was pretty wicked.
    Grohl also told the crowd that "Foo Fighters is the stupidest f--king name"
    Oh, at long last he admits it. I mean, the actual meaning is kinda cool, but the name itself is just bloody stupid. When I first heard someone tell me about them, I thought they said "Food Fighters".
    pretty sure he has said it before... like in the foo's documentry atleast.
    Agreed. He has said it multiple times throughout the history of the band
    Then why would he pick something he thinks is stupid? Complete opposite of what Kurdt did.
    Well, I think Grohl said in an interview with Conan that he wanted to name his project something random so that the public would not see that the former Nirvana drummer is going to be doing a project. Foo Fighters was probably the most random name Grohl thought about so that was that.
    Because it started as a side project that he wanted to be separate.
    Dude, he's been saying the name of the band is the stupidest name ever since they began
    To be honest, I don't really keep up with what Dave Grohl says. I read the news articles on here, and occasionally Dave has something interesting to say, because he's a decent guy and a good musician. Personally, I don't like the Foo Fighters, but I do like Dave Grohl. So yeah, I had no idea that he's said it before. And as Vendetta... pointed out, why would he pick something he thinks is stupid?
    I watched this speech live yesterday and I like how of all the things they could have taken out of context, Gangnam Style was what they came away with... I mean, come on.. that was barely even a passing remark. Shoddy writing in my opinion.
    I was thinkin the same thing. Really too bad, it was a great narrative of his passion for music.
    Honestly, I'm pissed off at whoever wrote this article. That speech was one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen as musician, Grohl or otherwise, and THIS is what they ****ing report on. Yeah, they kind of touched on a couple other parts of the speech, but still. Have some pride, UG.
    Why does everything Dave Grohl say and do have to be so damn cool and hip? I mean seriously I respect the guy and his legacy but fanboys really need to stop sucking him off so much.
    Yup. I respect the dude and all. But he really is the current most overrated musician of all time. He'll play a few Lars-style beats and fills, and strum some chords on his guitar and, "OH MY GOD! That was the most amazing f*cking thing I've ever heard!" statements appear. The dude is a solid player but, he's no super-musician.