Dave Grohl Honors 'Sexiest Elbows in Rock' in Ridiculous Video

artist: Dave Grohl date: 03/19/2014 category: wtf?
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Dave Grohl Honors 'Sexiest Elbows in Rock' in Ridiculous Video
Dave Grohl, Bob Mould and Margaret Cho have been marveling at the sexiest elbows in rock in a new mock rockumentary produced by indie rock band Split Single.

The video, which is a promotional film for the band's upcoming album, features a number of noted musicians marveling at the elbows of Split Single frontman Jason Narducy. Check it out below.

"Fragmented World," the new album from Split Single, is due out on April Fool's day.

AsĀ Rolling Stone notes, Dave Grohl has already issued some cheeky praise for the frontman to help him promote the album.

"Watching Jason was the first time I thought I could start my own band, and write my own kind of music. Jason totally set my life in this new direction. It wasn't a Jimmy Page or KISS poster I had - it was f--kin' him!"

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