Dave Grohl, Jack Black and actor Val Kimler Featured in a New Supergroup

The trio performs as Sweetriver and the Huckleberry Dogs in "Ghost Girls" web series.

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Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl, Jack Black of Tenacious D and actor Val Kilmer have joined forces to become Sweetriver and the Huckleberry Dogs in the popular web series "Ghost Girls." The trio extraordinaire is featured in the series as a '70s country rock band that died in a plane crash, just to return as ghosts and haunt the recording studio, Yahoo Music reports. Executive-produced by Black, the show is airing on Yahoo Screen. After returning to the world of living to reconcile their differences and record their last tune in order to finally rest in piece, the band is discovered by paranormal investigators Heidi and Angelica, respectively played by Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci. But just to make the band an actual supergroup, the trio has two songs featured on the official soundtrack. Titled "Georgia Peach" and "Back to the Beginning," you can check out the jams over on iTunes. Also make sure to watch the clip below.

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    We're so sorry! This video is not available in your location.
    That would be a super group. Does Val play?
    Val can legit sing but I don't believe his playing beyond basic chords we saw him play in the video (and never the solo) is true guitar playing.
    I liked Val Kilmer in The Doors and who doesn't love Dave Grohl & Jack Black?...I'd give this a chance.
    Awesome bassplaying Jack! somehow he can make differet notes from keeping his hand the same place..
    Lol I was just about to say that. He doesn't need to move his fingers, he's got the pick of destiny.
    Dave Grohl is a dude, he clearly loves music and having a good time with it - I'd love to jam with him
    you know what grinds my gears...region access..like it should be played and released...internationally
    Id love dave and JB to form a metal super group, JB did awesome in probot!
    Why TF have they covered up the Fender and Gibson logos on the guitars but not the logos on every other piece of gear? Also funny to see JB strumming that bass and fingering chord shapes, just like most guitarists do when they're handed a bass for the first time.