Dave Grohl Remembers Final Conversation With Kurt Cobain

Meanwhile, new Nirvana song "Forgotten Tune" is available for streaming.

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Former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl thoroughly discussed the time he spent among the ranks of grunge icons, as well as the brief final conversation with late Kurt Cobain. Grohl kicked off the recent Rolling Stone chat by talking about life with the legendary frontman. In Dave's words, it was somewhat of a strange experience. "Living with Kurt was funny," he said. "He isolated himself in a lot of ways, emotionally. But he had a genuine, sweet nature. He never intentionally made you feel uncomfortable. Living with him in that tiny apartment in Olympia, Washington, there was some sort of bond. But it was much different than his relationship with Krist [Novoselic]." Dave then focused on Kurt's relationship with bassist Krist Novoselic, describing it as nothing short of amazing. "I looked at Krist and Kurt as soulmates," he explained. "The two had such a beautiful, unspoken understanding of each other. Those two guys, together, totally defined the Nirvana aesthetic. Every quirk, all the strange things that came from Nirvana came from Krist and Kurt. I think [growing up in] Aberdeen, their experiences together in those formative years, had a lot to do with that." As for Grohl's final encounter with Cobain, it was in fact a quite brief one. As Dave remembers, he called Kurt in Rome in March 1994 after the frontman's drug overdose, telling him "Hey, man, that really scared everybody. And I don't want you to die." "Then I saw him at our accountant's office [in Seattle]," he said. "He was walking out as I was walking in. He smiled and said, 'Hey, what's up?' And I said, 'I'll give you a call.' And he said, 'Okay.'" In a separate part of the interview, the Foos frontman made an interesting confession that reaching superstardom with Nirvana was actually not an easy transition, as he was afraid of being rejected by his underground heroes. "When Nirvana became popular, it was a difficult transition," he said. "You're in the underground punk scene with your heroes like [Fugazi's] Ian McKaye or [Beat Happening's] Calvin Johnson. You're desperately wishing for these people's approval, because it validates you as a musician: I'm for real." Grohl concluded, "I was lucky, because I went back to Washington, D.C. and had all my heroes tell me they were proud that I became a f--king corporate rock star [laughs]. That weight was lifted from my shoulders, right out of the game. I never worried about that. That might have had something to do with Kurt's anxiety. He was afraid that the people on the scene wouldn't approve of where he was." 20th anniversary "In Utero" reissue dropped yesterday (September 24) through DGC Records. With bonus material galore, the record also features a previously unreleased track "Forgotten Tune." Listen to it below.

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    Sleeping in
    Everybody loves Fugazi. If you're not influenced by them as a musician, one of your influences was.
    Not only have I never heard of Fugzai, I highly doubt any of my influences ever did either. Seeing as how pretty much all of them started their careers in the 1920's, to 1970's at the latest, and the vast majority of them are long since dead. Only Buddy Guy, Don McLean, and B.B. King remain at this point.
    Not sure if article about Kurt or Dave...
    Doesn't matter, had Nirvana
    Nirvana.. she's so cool... hope she plays in my town sometime!
    i hope that was a (bad) joke -.-
    Why would anyone worry about what local scene musicians think of them after they become famous? If anything it should be the other way around. Local musicians are local musicians for a reason.
    "He smiled and said, 'Hey, what's up?' And I said, 'I'll give you a call.' And he said, 'Okay.'" What if Kurt really killed himself because Dave never called? Mindphuck. Joking aside though, Dave is such a cool guy.
    Even tho your theory may make sense...in a way...I doubt Kurt killed himself because of that. My thought is that when you get as huge as he did, you rarely can act your own natural way...and even though Kurt wasn't some politically correct guy, being a star on the level he was would have been difficult. Not to disgrace Kurt in any way, but I believe he also dealt with mental health issues.
    Oh yea...Dave is GOD...Dave is the most amazing person on the planet.....Dave is.....
    Batman. Think about it. Have you ever seen Batman and Dave Grohl in the same place at the same time?
    I heard the intro music of that video and thought "Damn...this sounds different." Then...the usual Nirvana sound came through and I was somewhat disappointed. But regardless, good tune and I'm even more saddened for Novoselic losing his close friend Kurt...I never knew how good of a friendship they must of had, and Kurt's suicide must have been deeply crushing for him.
    Not as crushing as tossing your bass up in the air and it crashes down on your head....onstage.....
    wow, reading that part about the last words they said to one another left me with such a.....weird, empty feeling..... i donno it just touched me a lil.... rip kurt, dave you're amazing
    I didn't expect Forgotten Tune to be all that great. I think too many people were expecting it to be the next You Know You're Right.
    UG.. Cool article... People - Check out the REAL article here http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/q...
    Why is this getting downvoted? UG people confuse me.
    Because Rolling Stone is a terrible s**t rag of a magazine. . .
    I agree it's a s**t rag of a magazine. - But this is an article rip-off from that sh**ty magazine. Read the real article if you want the real interview. Many UG articles gives half information of what's really going on.
    Couldn't have said it better myself. I used to read it 'till I started reading Classic Rock magazine, which really covers a lot of modern stuff as well.
    It is where UG got the article... They even cite it. As shitty as Rolling Stone is, UG people also confuse me sometimes haha
    Sammy Mantis
    Dave Grohl wants to hear Dave Grohl talk about Dave Grohl.
    not sure if it's really Nirvana, or just Dave wanting to make some money with an old demo, that Kurt hasn't even played guitar on...
    Yes, because DAVE GROHL is just desperate for money.
    Yeah, that Foo Fighters band he's in just isn't paying the bills. Why else do you think he does so many different projects, MaxGockel?
    Everything Nirvana related gets released through Courtney Love's gargantuan snizatch.
    Happily not anymore, she sold out after losing Kurt's $177m. Heh. Frances Bean is in charge now, and some investers.
    Hallelujah - my watch ran down again, but I was able to set it to the right time with this article. Praise Jeebus Crisp!
    How lovely, I thought I was gonna go a day without my daily Dave Grohl/Kurt Cobain article.
    interesting how they have millions of dave's interviews about nirvana or kurt, while they only have a handful of Krists, while Dave is saying Krist had more of a relationship with kurt then he had, and was a bandmember for a longer period of time.
    because Krist is much more low key. He's also not as musically active as Dave. I mean they've even had a Pat Smear interview on here in the last month or two, and he was only with the band at the very tail end.