Dave Grohl: 'There's a Bigger Theme to New Foo Fighters Record'

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters perform Mexico City shows warm-up gig at a pizza joint.

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Discussing the band's upcoming studio effort, Foo Fighters mastermind Dave Grohl shared a few extra tidbits of new info, elaborating the unheard approach the group is taking. Chatting with Sopitas, Dave explained: "We’re writing it in a way that nobody has done before. It won’t be just going into a studio and making a record." He added, "There's a bigger theme to the record than any other Foo Fighters record. Not a musical, and it's not an opera, but there's a reason why we're making it this way. No one's ever done it." Grohl didn't share much info about the release date, but did confirm that the studio entrance will happen "soon." He also expressed great desire to record a movie. In related Foos news, the band performed an intimate warm-up show for upcoming Mexico City dates, kicking out the jams at a California pizza joint called Rock & Roll Pizza. The show ended up lasting over two and a half hours, make sure to check out some of the footage below.

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    This is, for me, the most anticipated release for 2014, especially with what Dave has been saying about "no one has ever done it before".
    he says that about everything
    I agree. He's describing a concept album which isn't exactly a new idea. I'd bet my car that whatever they did has been done before.
    So it would be better if Dave said the following?: Hi I'm Dave(or any other artist) and my new album is nothing special and definately not that remarkable. You could even say it's kind of plain and straightforward: the same cool thing we've been doing since like forever. We will bring you exactly what you expect of us and not really surprise you. However if you are a longtime fan you will be kind of enjoyed to get more of what you already have. --- that better?
    in all honesty, if he did, i wouldnt have bothered trolling on all you grohl-fans to begin with, and then when the day finally came where he released his novelty album, i would join you all and praise this sweet new thing he's done for music. until then, I'm expecting hes gonna release like 3 trailers featuring reels, some sort of decked out studio with really ambient lighting, everyone jamming like they're in the coolest rock band ever, and then a bunch of interviews talking about how theyve done something groundbreaking, and then spit out a really plain old good ol' dave album. why hype it? why not make it secret? Oh wait, he already does that, like in the previous DG article: "We're doing something nobody knows about"; shoot me now TL;DR : I'm not a Dave Grohl fan, but I respect him for being and doing his thing
    Which is funny because Foo Fighters are generic as hell.
    Maybe some songs are a bit too mainstream, sure. But if you think overall they are just generic, you must not be giving a listen to everything they've done. There's a lot of really great, cool stuff, imo.
    I'm as excited as anybody for this album release, but how many articles are there going to be that say "we're doing it in a way that no one's ever done it before (insert extra tidbit he said in a recent interview like: 'it's going to be badass')"
    Apparently, no one has ever done it before. Either he keeps on saying that, and that is exactly what no one has done before, or UG keep on reposting this.
    Even the songs that are cutting edge for the Foo's aren't cutting edge when it comes to the bigger picture of music. On the last album, I thought "White Limo" was a huge deviation for them, and definitely one of the coolest songs they've ever written, but it's nothing we haven't heard before from other bands. The Foo Fighters are definitely one of the most solid rock bands out there, maybe even of all time, but that's really all they are. Just a really solid band. We pretty much know what we're getting for the most part every time they release an album. I'm excited for it, like I am for most of the announcements they make, but I'm pretty much just expecting another upbeat, rock and roll, Foo Fighters album.
    Foo Fighters are many wonderful things, but innovators is not one of them.
    The colour and the shape wasn't an innovative album? Get out of here.
    It was a fantastic rock album, but how was it innovative?
    Name a single album before the colour and the shape that sounded anything like it. I'm convinced you've never listened to the whole thing through. It might not sound innovative now that there are millions of bands who have tried to copy their sound, but it was at the time.
    That said I'm so looking forward to it! Wasting Light was amazing. One of my favourite productions on a rock album ever! UG are doing Dave a disservice by reusing the same quotes and making him sound like a broken record when really he's probably only said it like twice.
    I think it's gonna be a great album, Wasting Light was a return to form in some ways because during the 2000's they kinda just made generic radio rock.
    I'm calling it: Part live in Mexico part studio album. But all new songs.
    Pink Floyd did a similar thing with Ummagumma (or another album, I don't remember) Maybe he's developing a very strange concept album, who knows
    THAT WOULD BE EPIC. That would seriously be sick though, so major props to you if they do that.
    I just can't Comprehend how he's going to do the record, and I know about recording music and stuff, and i have no clue what else you can do to do a record, but this could open my eyes how to approach a record,Dave is such a mastermind. Whatever it is, is probably epic as hell
    Maybe they're not going to use microphones. Maybe they're going to plug themselves directly into a machine that translates the signals into brainwaves, and the CD will come without a disc, but a small chip that you press into the back of your neck which allows you to see the music in colours and shapes. Why, they might even call it "The Colour And The Shape: Now The Title Makes Sense". It would also mean that Dave can finally claim to be everyone's best friend and vicariously play on EVERYONE IN THE WORLD'S record. Hooray for Dave Grohl. No-one ever thought Nirvana were saving us from a fate worse than death.
    so excited for 2014!!! foo fighters, linkin park, good charlotte, ect! gonna be a wonderful year for music