Dave Grohl: 'This Movie is for People in a Band Who've Never Walked Into Recording Studio'

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Dave Grohl: 'This Movie is for People in a Band Who've Never Walked Into Recording Studio'
Dave Grohl has revealed that his latest project and hit documentary, "Sound City: Real to Reel," was a selfless creation and was never about proving he was "the greatest f--king director in the world." The Foo Fighters star recently put together a feature film about the famous Sound City recording studios in Los Angeles which played host to the likes of Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against The Machine. Grohl said: "I've selfishly been making music for myself, and my band, for 20 years. The Sound City movie's not like that. The Sound City movie is for other people. I'm not doing it so that other people will think I'm the greatest director in the world I don't know what I'm doing. This movie is for you. This is for your kids. This is for people in a band who've never f--king walked into recording studio." Grohl's love affair with the studio began in 1991 when recording Nirvana's breakthrough album "Nevermind" which sold 30 million copies worldwide. "Sound City: Real to Reel" tells the story of the studio from its early days and includes interviews from some of the biggest stars that recorded at the LA venue including Sir Paul McCartney, Josh Homme and Trent Reznor. After a successful directing debut, Grohl hinted that he could have other feature ideas in the pipeline by saying, "I wouldn't necessarily say I have the bug, but I do like to tell a good story. We'll leave it at that."
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