Dave Lombardo Officially Joins Amen

Ex-Slayer drummer signs up with Casey Chaos' punks for album and tour.

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According to Classic Rock, former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has signed up with American punk icons Amen for their next album and tour – and he'll be in the UK with them in August.

Frontman Casey Chaos has confirmed the sticksman, who was last year dropped by the thrash icons after an argument over contracts, will be behind the kit for a studio project also featuring guitarist Duke Decter and John King, plus bassist John Fahnestock and long-time producer Ross Robinson.

Lombardo says: "I'm very proud to have been asked to be part of this amazing production with Casey and Ross. My career in thrash was created from my love of the punk genre.

"It's aggressive, honest and needed. I'm looking forward to performing with Amen before returning to Europe with Philm in September."

Chaos – who last year fronted Lombardo's reactivated side-project Grip Inc – adds: "It's great to be working again with Dave, this time in Amen. He's brought so much power, aggression and passion to the music on the new record, in a way only he could only deliver.

"Without question this is the most important album I've ever made. I'm looking forward to unleashing it live and destroying ourselves for your pleasure!"

More details on Amen's seventh studio record will be revealed in due course.

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    7th studio album? Dafuq?
    Yeah I thought that - I've got the one with like cavemen on the cover, the one with kids and axes, and that one with a black and white blindfolded woman on the cover (sorry I'm crap with remembering the album names). I thought that was it, I need to hit amazon later I think.
    Dave Lombardo... one of the greatest metal drummers to ever sit behind a kit. I wish he was doing something a little more metal/thrash/heavy but he seems happy so that's all that matters!
    Can't believe a drummer as talented as Lombardo is wasting his talents with this garbage... clinging to nu-metal!
    Never heard of this band before and judging by the singers name i probably haven't missed out on much. Dave is the man though.
    does anybody know if waldemar sorychta is in the reinvigorated Grip inc he made that band in my opinion solidify is their best
    Dave should form some kind of ultimate supergroup with best metal musicians around. This man is beast and deserves only the best.