Dave Lombardo Talks Working on Disney Cartoon 'Dudes of Legend County:' 'It's a Pilot, Hope It Makes It'

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Dave Lombardo Talks Working on Disney Cartoon 'Dudes of Legend County:' 'It's a Pilot, Hope It Makes It'
As reported a few months back, Dave Lombardo got involved with a certain Disney cartoon, working on the music for the unnamed feature.

And now, the ex-Slayer skinsman has unveiled at least some of the project's details, noting that the toon is titled "Dudes of Legend County." The drummer also stressed that it's only a pilot film, so it's not yet certain whether it'll be fully unleashed or not.

"It's called 'Dudes of Legend County," he told Wikimetal. "And that's been very exciting for me, because you have to write music that is very - like only two and a half bars of music. And that's really exciting for me.

"I've worked within that style before with Mike Patton. So understanding the way Mike Patton worked, I was able to work on this cartoon for Disney. I hope the cartoon makes it, because it's a pilot. Pilots are cartoons that people in the industry, they watch and listen to and then they choose if it should go on the air," Dave added (via Blabbermouth).

During the rest of the chat, Lombardo vowed not to talk Slayer anymore, pointing out that the only reason he's been discussing it extensively after the breakup are constant media demands. He also called his final years in the band somewhat of a chore.

"Things change, people grow. The normal process, the normal evolution that humans have. They grow up, they have their own homes. All they do is... When it's time to get together and play music, it's work, it's not a band. So that's the difference. When we were younger, it was like you were part of a gang, you were part of a team, and now it's just... you know... The last years, it was just like going to work."

Promising to tone down the Slayer talk, the drummer added, "I don't wanna bring that up again, because people, the fans say, 'Why is David talking about this?' So I don't care to talk about it anymore. And it's not because I'm crying or whining or complaining. No, it's because journalists ask me, and I'm being honest. But I refuse to speak about it anymore."

When it comes to his latest musical endeavors, Dave is set to unveil the new Philm album "Fire From the Evening Sun" on September 16 via UDR. More info here.
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