Dave Mustaine Attacks Fan During a Concert, Calling Him 'C--t' and 'Fa--ot'

Megadeth frontman unleashes verbal tirade.

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Dave Mustaine has once again been causing controversy after unleashing a profane rant at a fan in Manchester, England.

As Metal Sucks notes, Megadeths set had featured a ten-minute stoppage due to technical issues. When the band returned to the stage, the fan booed the front man which prompted the following response:

"You look like Eminem you stupid c--t. Listen. You paid a lot of money to come and see us play, and you don't wanna stand here in the dark ... right? I mean part of the whole Megadeth show is us smiling and making a connection with you ... Get the f--k outta here, get this guy outta here. You blonde bitch. C'mon up here, I got a big cock for your face. Stick that finger up your ass you little fa--ot."

Mustaine's rant comes after the singer told LA Weekly that he's tried to stop being a bad influence on people.

"I've been through the drugs, the drinking, the chicks, the cars. When you are young and bulletproof, that's cool. But as you live life and start to experience things, you learn to sit back and approach things differently.

"I've learned that if you live your life and try to help people as much as you can, the laws of the universe will be in your favor. By design, we are supposed to help people. At the end of the day, if I was a cowboy, I'd wear the white hat. There was a time where I would have had a black hat. But now, I think it's cooler to help people."

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    "You blonde bitch." Spoken like a true redhead...
    I was there it was funny as hell
    No, it was ****ing awkward as hell. A nigh 15 minute silence, with no interaction with the crowd, so Dave can go lecture the ****ing lighting guy? When tickets were nearly 40? There could have at least been some goddamn interaction with the crowd whilst that was going on.
    I don't know if you noticed but Ellefson came out and interacted with us while they were offstage
    Which then would have taken longer, man metal heads have become such bitches.
    So you think it's ok for an extremely popular music celebrity to call one of his fans a faggot. 10 gold stars for you, sir.....
    I dont see the need to report on this. Sure its kinda unfair on the guy being ranted at considering Dave's up there with his mic and has the whole crowd on his side. But some people are just *****s and its not like this never happens at concerts. He just got a little p***ed off at the guy for booing, big whoop
    I know a dude who was at the show, and this article doesn't tell the whole story. The "fan" was actually running the spotlight and caused the technical issues because he wasn't doing his job, so the band left the stage to have a chat with him and have him replaced. Once he joined the crowd, he started heckling the band constantly, until Dave went off. I don't see the big issue here. People are just complaining because its Dave. If Dave Grohl did this, the internet would be laughing and high fiving him.
    It's easier to throw shit to Dave Mustaine than to tell the whole story. It's a shame, but it's how things work...
    Totally true. I was there. That guy was just shouting crap and giving the finger to Megadeth (mainly Mustaine) When Dave said all that the entire crowd cheered him. Stupid reporters just want to make it a big deal. Bunch of *****s. Well they need to write shit so they can eat.
    If that is true, that gives a completely different twist to the story. As is, I would not have respect for anyone doing this to a fan. If you want to pay good money to come see me and then boo and heckle, I don't give a crap because you are paying. I have to been to plenty of concerts where there was booing. Every time the artist either laughed it off or turned it into a joke. If you start fights or throw something, you should be kicked out. But for heckling??
    Most likely not, since I find it highly unlikely that Dave Grohl would react like that - And even if he did, he probably wouldn't get a single high five, compared to a whole lot of embarressed fans. Dave Grohl is not a untouchable god, he just has gained the favor of the community by making a (IMO) great movie, working on several musical projects, and just been a much more likable person, in the same time that Mustaine has made one (again IMO) pretty average/okay album, used a lot of time on ranting crazy conspiracies, and generally comes off a tad bitter.
    >"Come up here, I got a big cock for your face." >"I got a big cock for your face." >"Cock For your face." Spoken like a true man of God, Dave.
    Is it bad to look like Eminem?
    It was a 15 minute delay due to lighting issues which Dave was trying to fix, he even came and apologised for the delay, at which point this twat (he was like 30 and should know better) starts booing and swearing at Dave for no reason. Dave calls him out, the guy carries on, and got kicked out, so he fully deserved it. The 'homophobic slur' was taken out of context by fools. Dave apologised later and said he didn't mean to imply he was gay, so there's no issue :')
    If you can rap, then no. Dress like an off duty muay-thai fighter, sing a couple of lines and then get ALL the biatches.
    This video has missed the first minute of Mustaine returning to the stage and started to apologize when the person being 'attacked' began to shout crap at him at the top of his/her voice and flipping him the birds. Got what he/she deserved. Anyway, they went off stage because of the guy ****ing with the spotlight was leaving them in the dark. The guy turned out to be alleged attacked fan. UG before blindly reporting news, actually do some bloody research.
    funny video but why do people allways have to complain about everything what dave mustaine does? Its kinda like that dave is allways the bad guy. I mean his swearing is not okay, but its not mustaines fault.
    I wonder when UG will stop trashing Mustaine. Or the metal community in general. Once again they didn't even tell the whole story..
    PLEEEEEASE tell us or shut up. Mustaine was being a douchebag there.
    Something with the lights went wrong so they had to stop the set for about 20 minutes, when they came back and Dave was addressing the crowd about what happened, the fan was booing, flipping Dave off, and cussing Dave out for the bad album, religion, and other shit according to a friend that was right next to the guy. While Dave might have been excessive, as long as he goes into his little fan rants we at least know that the Dave of old still exists in the right-winged conspiracy theorist shell he inhabits. By the way, for another laugh...
    I'm pretty sure it wasn't a fan. I think it was the lighting technician who cocked up.
    thats a video where dave mustaine is forgiving the fan for his behaviour and now UG, excuse me while im headbanging to Mr Mustaine
    UG never includes the whole story. They are getting worse than the tabloids that stalk idiots like Snooki or the Kardashians.
    i cant belive im typing this, but i actually agree with Dave in the last paragraph of this article :O life does not make any sense :O
    Jonny 25 93
    Im with Dave here, if someone is going out of their way to be disrespectful... just get rid ofthem
    Cyrus W. Diesel
    Dave Mustaine is one of those people who inspired me to become a musician among the society who thinks we're on drugs or something.... no matter what people thinks of him i think we know that he has made the future of music, and he is an example for us to fight through everything life brings to us.... I RESPECT Mr. DAVE MUSTAINE...
    I think he is upset that the new album was been met with a lukewarm response.
    I really don't get why people are making snide comments about his Christianity. He can't win. If he were to pray over the mic or say something about God, everyone would flame him. If he calls people out for being a-holes you guys flame him for being a hypocrite! Not all Christians are super up-tight zombies you know....
    Yeah because christians who keep their mouth shut when it's appropriate like Tony Iommi totally get the same amount of criticism.
    "you look like Eminem, you stupid ****." And people start cheering.
    Really Mustaine, this really makes you look like such a hypocrite. It also makes those who actually defend you when you say something to do with politics look really vain. The fan did deserve it though, so whatever.
    I was there, and what it doesn't say is how he apologised later on saying he loves every living organism, and every living organism had an ***** - and he was it
    I dunno but I'm getting a bit tired of Dave. Much respect for his music and talent, but as a person he is kind of an a$$.
    yes he probably shouldn't of said it but its Dave Mustaine he's going to say something.
    I was honestly surprised he didnt say anything controversial at last nights gig in London. I got home and my friend sent me this rofl.
    Galfadez · Jun 07, 2013 10:26 AM
    Your comment didn't even make sense. Are you butthurt?
    idc if daves christian hes always gunna have that stage mentality and im pretty sure homophobic or not we al call people faggots when were mad or upset if he wasnt christian noone would call him on that....none the less twas a good laugh
    "You look like Eminem" now THAT'S offensive. (Irony Intended) "Mustaine's rant comes after the singer told LA Weekly that he's tried to stop being a bad influence on people." Some one hasn't been doing his homework, I guess.
    What irony? Oh, you mean sarcasm. Your misunderstanding of irony is really sarcastic.
    I've noticed a lot of people tend to say "I was being ironic" when they really mean sarcastic.
    I think you have that backwards. People often say they're sarcastic when actually they are ironic. Irony is not hurtful or demeaning. Sarcasm is. I am proud of Metal fans for even caring!
    You are wrong, actually. Irony CAN mean saying one thing while implying that you believe the opposite.
    I know, but it's basically generalising, it's too vague taking into account of the multiple forms. And besides, I basically implied that irony can be used like that by saying sarcasm is a form of irony.
    showing us again how classy and intelligent he is. You're a real winner Dave! I'm sure Jeebus has a spot just for you.
    Dave probably had a bad day that day or rough week....and was not in the mood to have some people being stupid in the crowd