Dave Mustaine Covers Jimi Hendrix's National Anthem Rendition for 'America' Movie

Megadeth frontman collaborates with "2016: Obama's America" creator, anthem performance inside.

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Marking the 45th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's iconic rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner," Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has delivered his own version of the track, now set to appear in "America," the new, presumably right-leaning movie from "2016: Obama's America" creator Dinesh D'Souza.

Initially delivered at 1969 Woodstock festival, Jimi's historical performance was dubbed the greatest guitar performance of all time by Guitar World magazine.

Discussing Hendrix's rendition, Mustaine told the Hollywood Reporter, "Jimi recorded his version at a different time in the history of our nation. Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King had been assassinated, the nation was mired in war and chaos and that is reflected in his guitar."

As for the movie, "America" will focus on some of the founding heroes of the United States, the figures crucial in the nation's uprising such as Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and more.

Back to Mustaine's anthem performance, Dave further explained, "First off, no version of our national anthem is or will ever be better than the original. My inspiration and take on the song for the film was our Founding Fathers and wondering what they would think of us today if they saw what we had become. My hope for America is that we'll become a nation they'd be proud of again and I tried to capture that with my guitar."

You can check out Dave's rendition in full below, along with a few video snippets from the film.

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    I don't exactly see how this is a cover of Jimi Hendrix' rendition. It's just the Star Spangled Banner. When I think of the Jimi Hendrix version, I think of the divebombs.
    Playing's not bad but sweet jesus do I hate Mustaine's tone. Work's fine in a band setting but on it's own it's so goddamn abrasive and unpleasant.
    If only he'd go back to using JCM 800s. The JVMs might sound halfway decent if he didn't run all those effects through it.
    I agree that he should have sticked with the JCMs but the bigger problem is that Dean.
    It's just UG trolling us again with a misleading title. If you read the source article, nothing suggests Mustaine intended to cover Hendrix's rendition specifically.
    Well its not like mustaine hasn't done this already in 1992.... oh wait
    To be honest: i thought "something mustaine does after metallica" but seeing that he pleayed first than metallica in 1992 props to dave!!!
    I love how people always say dave copies metallica but people do realize theyve copied him way more right??? The kill em all issue is the biggest copy scheme in the history of this long and done feud
    very cool, and though I'm admittedly a Mustaine fan, I'm not sure playing the anthem for rock and jock softball counts lol
    Hmmm i was actually expecting more than this.... Like a full metal version of Jimi Hendrix's...
    Just sounds like the Star Spangled Banner to me, no similarity to Jimi's version besides both using electric guitars.
    "You'd have to be out of your mind to cover The Star Spangled Banner after Hendrix.... What? Mustaine? Hmmm, yeah, that sounds about right." Seriously, though, that was so standard, it could have been anybody.
    Only UG is saying that it's a cover of the Hendrix version, no one else. They put up a misleading title to mislead people like you.
    Sheesh, you aren't kidding, I can barely play guitar and I could have done that. For a cheaper price, too!
    also I just gotta say, screw patriotism. The only reason to align yourself with the mass of land that you happened to be born into or live on is because the government that arbitrarily labeled it theirs will pressure you toward it. If the government doesn't, the society will. Downvotes will prove me right
    Blind allegiance to the powers that be is a dangerous thing. Dave considered himself a patriot until a black man was elected, now he refuses to acknowledge anything the government does that he doesn't like. Coincidence?
    No downvotes will not prove you right. They just prove that people have a different opinion. That being said, the rest of what you wrote was true.
    Dave Mustaine's version of what it'd look like if the founding fathers saw modern America - "Oh man, how disappointing, you've desecrated the constitution with your liberal policies!!! We didn't make America for you crazy libs to ruin it!!!" What it would actually look like "HOLY CRAP WHAT IS A PLANE WHAT IS THIS ELECTRICITY NONSENSE CELL PHONES WHAT INTERNET?!? MIND BLOWN!!!"
    James and Kirk just recently did this at a Marlins baseball game
    Oh hi Mark
    Hahaha, what a story mark!
    Sorry to say, but in terms of sound and feeling it isn't really good. It would cool if Dave Gilmour would play it with his feeling, even though he is british.
    Oh boy, my favorite! Nonsensical, right-wing propoganda! Fancy Dave being a part of this truly 'merican thang ta do.
    "My inspiration and take on the song for the film was our Founding Fathers and wondering what they would think of us today if they saw what we had become." Well, considering the founding fathers wanted the US to end up a largely agrarian, self-sustaining, fairly isolationist nation, with only landed white males being able to vote, I imagine they'd look at pretty much any modern nation with bewilderment. It's almost as if you shouldn't take advice from 18th century figures on how to run a 21st century nation. But, of course, the founding fathers are infallible gods, their works on the level of the Holy Bible in terms of divineliness, they surely are the best people to guide the US!
    I do agree the founding fathers get way too much elevation in praise for motives that weren't as pure as people like to paint them out to be. But their views on the dangers of a larger government, even if old, still hold strong value. I think they probably would be surprised the small rebel country with a purposefully tiny state ended up being such a gigantic superpower.
    They also strongly warned against the influence of religion in politics. People like Dave only care about a few out of context quotes by the founding fathers and are clueless when it comes to their actual beliefs.
    Metallica played the national anthem just the other week so this news article doesn't surprise me one bit.
    Honestly, I love Megadeth and I usually absolutely love Dave's musicianship and songwriting. BUT, when I hear this version of the Star Spangled Banner, all I can think of is America dying. It sounds so lifeless; the tone sounds anemic and the phasor effect he's got going doesn't sound very good :/
    2 things i have to say after the article and the comments.... Mustaine was approached by a movie todo this and he has Already done this 22 years ago live way before metallica, he did not copy metallica and its pathetic metallica fanboys would even try to commit dave of that after all the copying theyve done on him, whether it be songs or using the prayer in enter sand man that mustaine used in goto hell 6 months earlier... Secondly the national anthem is not owned by jimi hendrix, he made a version of the anthem not covering hendrix at all
    Did I stumble across an alternate universe?! Oh wait, nope, it's just UG...
    Dave's pretty insufferable as a human being these days. I think I preferred him when he was whining about Metallica and doing drugs, at least back then he wasn't a complete monster.
    Obviously Jimmi's rendition is superior, but I despise liberals, so I guess that I'm ok with the idea behind this...
    1:19 mark....please tell me that's really Jeff Goldblum. That alone would sell this for me.
    Was expecting something much more I don't know, more impressive. Sounds like any youtube cover you could find. I know sometimes simpler is better but not here.