Dave Mustaine Is Crazier Than Billy Corgan, Experts Agree

After five long rounds, Megadeth mainman takes home the title.

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In an interesting showdown, Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine faced Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan to determine an interesting question - who's crazier?

Both known for eccentric statements and decisions, the two frontmen were dubbed strikingly similar in a latest Decibel Magazine feature. In fact, such similarities were the main reason for the ridiculous competition to happen in the first place.

After five excruciating rounds, Dave took home the title, beating Billy 3:2. Details below.

Round One: Questionable Investments

Billy owns a regional wrestling promotion, Dave owns a tiny pony. Dave wins.

Round Two: Religion

Billy wrote an album about Jesus and rock, started a "Mind-Body-Soul" integration website and is into psychic mediums. Dave's Christian outbursts are very well known, but interestingly enough, Billy wins.

Round Three: Music

Billy's "massive underground vault of unreleased material" turns the score to Corgan's advantage, it's 2:1 for Billy now.

Round Four: Statements in the Press

Billy: "The Pumpkins, as a business, is a creative enterprise that's constantly generating new waves of energy, through music, through cultural f--king-with ... through the Tarot."

Dave: "There's so many houses without a dad that it's just terrible. I mean, you know how they used to say there should be a license to have a baby? Well, as far-fetched as that sounds, I really think that, if the parents aren't going to stick together, they shouldn't make that kind of commitment to life. I watch some of these shows from over in Africa, and you've got starving women with six kids. Well, how about, you know, put a plug in it? It's like, you shouldn't be having children if you can't feed them."

It's 2:2 now.

Round Five: Conspiracy Theories

List of conspiracy theories Billy Corgan believes in: Chemtrails, the New World Order, the TSA as Gestapo, HAARP, Genetically Modified Foods, "criminal wars," mind control, all news as propaganda.

List of conspiracy theories Dave Mustaine believes in: Chemtrails, the New World Order, birtherism, FEMA camps, global government, basically anything involving Obama taking away our guns/freedom

After examining the two singers' stage rants, Dave won the final round, earning him the title of the crazier one.

Apart from making some genius music, Mustaine and Corgan clearly made a few questionable moves and statements throughout their career. It's all in good spirit of course, but do you think Dave is indeed crazier?

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    Billy Corgan believing in Genetically Modified Foods? That's an actual thing. It's been proven. Look at Monsanto.
    Who the hell conducted this study?
    Dave is crazy but he writes damn good music.
    Almost all crazy people write great music.
    In what world?
    "Put a plug in it " lol
    I actually agree with him though.
    Life in poor African countries is a little different than growing up in the burbs of America. The women there can't simply "put a plug in it". They have little to no access to contraception and the societies they live in are extremely old-school and male dominated - they don't get much choice about having sex. Also, the levels of rape over there are staggering. The lack of contraception and rape levels is the reason HIV cases are so high there too. The ultimate culprit in all of it is poverty and lack of education. They have no infrastructure -- it's just chaos. So, Mustaine's comment is completely short-sighted and shows he is judging complex issues at face value only. He thinks he is smart and wise, but he is not.
    I don't disagree with Dave on number four, and I disagree with him most times.
    I'd agree that, generally, kids benefit more from having 2 parents in the household versus 1, but the Africa comment is horrifically insensitive when their problem stems from the prolific amount of rape happening on that continent, not female promiscuity. Suggesting that African women simply "put a plug in it" is more of a blind eye solution than the local religious missionaries & governments in Africa simply pretending that rape isn't a rampant problem there.
    I love billy but he comes across more bitter than crazy in my opinion.
    As crazy as Corgan is... he does not believe that Obama staged the Aurora massacre. That is all.
    Billy Corgan drove Sharon Osbourne bonkers, when she was managing him, and anyone who can do that is OK by me..
    It's sad we live in a society where thinking for yourself earns you the title of "crazy." I guess stupid people just like to feel like they're smart.
    How is Dave Mustaine thinking for himself? He regurgitates both the teachings of an ancient religion and the teachings of Alex Jones. Modern societies most successful charlatan (David Icke aside).
    decibel magazine dont mind slagging them off but they're more than ****ing happy to put them on the front cover to sell ****ing issues. ****ing leeches well done. bite the hand that feeds you.
    The people who conducted this study are more bellendish than either Corgan or Mustaine.
    Seriously man, just let that word go... Once in a while it would be funny. Almost every single post? Not so much...
    Repetition of the absurd is a common tool in comedy .
    Also, part of comedy is timing. Repeating a joke endlessly regardless of how poorly received is not an advisable comedy strategy. Time it right, and it is amazing. Consistently time it wrong, and you are just an annoying guy who repeats the same thing over and over again.
    Yeah well, people who comment on how unfunny a joke is are more unfunny than people who make the unfunny joke.
    I don't think it's EVER funny, it just sounds stupid... if anything I'm laughing AT people who say it, not with them.
    Don't mind the humour nazis that hang around here mate, I like your usage of the term "bellend".
    Dave's press statement in number 4 isn't that crazy. I agree with him.
    Sleeping in
    I'm not sure you can call someone crazy for being religious, to be honest that's kind of messed up.
    Uh, yes you can. Ever heard of a suicide bomber? I rest my case.
    If I told you I heard voices that told me what to do would you say I am religious or mentally ill? What if I saw angels on a daily basis and they were responsible for everything in my life? What if I saw demons around my friends and that I had to liberate them from those demons? What if the only way I thought I could liberate them from their demons is to murder them? There is a fine line between heavily religious and in need of medical help. (I am not attacking religious people, but pointing out that religious people can be mentally ill as well and that it can be really hard to tell the difference).
    If they're crazy religious it's absolutely fine. Plus belief in psychics is proven to be a sign of insanity, just ask some experts.
    I do not agree with Mustaine's religious beliefs. But i love Megadeth, and admire his passion for speaking his mind. Rock on Dave!
    Dave actually had the "statements in the press" one until the Africa comment. Holy ****ing ignorance.
    Dave Mustaine took almost every possible drug in the 80's. IDK about Billy Corgan, but I would've forfeit my craziness to this...
    Experts are more lame than the sweater of Dave,everybody agrees.
    Mustaine is a talentless hack; an attention hog who doesn't know the difference between good and bad attention. Corgan is a guy who made a good album once.. once.
    Yeah Mustaine wrote some great music at one point, but the reason why I'm a fan is because so many hypocritical pussified liberals hate him. You know the old adage, "your enemy's enemy is your friend"?
    I'll take "pussified liberalism" over fiscal conservatism (i.e.: failed austerity in Europe) or social conservatism (i.e.: oppressive religion in the middle east) any day of the week. At the very least, most music worthy of discussion on this site is made overwhelmingly by liberally-minded people. Consider that of the like 3 outspokenly vocal conservative musicians who consistently get any press on this site, we're currently discussing 2 in the context of who is crazier as opposed to who is a more accomplished artist.
    You left out HYPOCRITICAL, which many liberals seem to be. Anyway, of course the article is about how "crazy" the musicians are, this does happen to be a predominantly liberal (ish) website, it is very obvious. That's not to say that there are no interesting news articles but it's easy to see the bias in some of them...this one for example. I'm not saying mustaine doesn't come off as an egotistcal douche at times, because he does. but I have to ask, what is "crazy" about him saying that people who are unable to take care of children shouldn't have children? That seems like common sense to me. actually I would think that common sense would transcend all of the liberal and conservative philosophy spectrums, and everything in between.
    Oh, stop it with your generalized partisan bullshit. There is no ulterior motive, there is not poison in our water supply and aliens are not subliminally injecting progressive ideals into your mind. Quit with the claims you can't support and stop watching popular televised news sources. "but I have to ask, what is "crazy" about him saying that people who are unable to take care of children shouldn't have children?" Bad example on UG's part, but I'm inclined to believe it's because of the way he said it. Parents having to be legally together in conceive a child? This by far is not the craziest thing Mustaine has said. 9/11 being an inside job, chem trails, Obama behind mass shootings- He's a lunatic and pointing that out doesn't say anything about whether or not you jerk off to red or blue ties
    the conspiracy theories part has some truth to it especially the New World Order part since its been in countless movies and shows
    "...since its been in countless movies shows." You're joking, right? Please?
    I have definitive proof that Batman exists. Why else would people create many decades of comic books, television shows, movies, action figures, lego sets, artwork, etc...? BATMAN EXISTS!
    It seems there aren't many Pumpkins fans here...
    Tell you what, huh? After he palled around with Tila Tequila and finally drove Jimmy away, I don't know what to say.
    Okay, I won't deny that Billy himself has gone pretty cuckoo. Let's forget Tila - Didn't he also date Courtney Love of all people? All I'm saying is... How many people can write something like Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness ?
    I just love how UG always pick that picture of Dave any time they're talking about how crazy he is. Never ceases to brighten my day.