Dave Mustaine: 'New Generation Doesn't Want to Experience Emotions'

"Lots of young kids are doing crack, ecstasy and crystal meth, it's so sad," says Megadeth mastermind.

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Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine recently discussed drugs among youth, expressing concern about younger generations' unwillingness to experience genuine emotions. "When I was growing up, pot was like the real big thing among young guys," Mustaine told RGJ. "I smoked when I was 13. Now, you see lots of young kids doing crack and ecstasy and crystal meth. It's so sad. And while I don’t deny anybody the right to have an out-of-body experience, music can do that for you. Love can do that for you." Dave elaborated further, "My concern is we have a new generation of people who really don't want to experience any emotions, whether it's themselves or the people around them. Instead of learning to communicate and share their lives and emotions with other people, we're just putting them on psycho-pharmaceutical stuff just to shut them up. Like 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' kind of stuff." During the rest of the chat, Mustaine focused on his Christianity, saying, "It's really weird. I was forced to go to AA. And I hated it. But I had come to a point where I knew that the jig was up. The thing was, God had entered my life and he sent me to AA. Then after I got sober at AA, he sent me back to him. "Now I have this real simple, easy-Dave-and-the-Big-Guy relationship," the frontman concluded. "There's no middle man. No funky stuff. No having to pay dues or membership or anything. And I don't push my beliefs on anyone. It's about attraction, not promotion." Megadeth released their latest studio effort "Super Collider" on June 4 via Tradecraft.

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    This week on UG: People grudgingly admit to agreeing with Dave Mustaine, while making apologetic insults towards him to avoid looking too much like they agree. People, if you agree with what he says, you don't have to add "unlike his other bullshit" to validate it.
    He has a point. Hm.
    Yeah sure he has a point, i just honestly feel like Dave's the wrong person to be saying it. He's known to have been doing a lot of drugs in his past, and while he might have quit, he shouldn't be the one to judge. That being said, yeah, none of what he says is wrong, and it's surely a huge problem.
    matteo cubano
    if anything, his experience gives him more right to say it, he knows what its like and has overcome it and experienced both the numbing and the real, full experience of life.
    "It's so sad. And while I don’t deny anybody the right to have an out-of-body experience, music can do that for you. Love can do that for you." This part right here shows that he isn't condemning anyone for their actions but hoping they seek a better alternative. He's the right guy, he's been there and done that.
    He pretty much just pointed out the lyrical themes of most modern chart music.
    And the lyrical themes of his early Metallica works. Let's recall the original Mustaine-penned lyrics of Jump in the Fire, shall we?
    Look at the lyrics in modern commercially successful songs. It's 90% about partying, getting high, getting laid, or how much you want to do that chick across the room in the party while you're both high. It's forming a culture of mindlessness in songs, and they're the most successful artists. The amount of groups that ARE writing and speaking about complex emotions and ideas are overshadowed by the people who have such simple and emotionless lyrics.
    matteo cubano
    totally man, every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom, blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room, Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece. jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash. Etc...it's ridiculous
    Because Dave never wrote Mechanix or was addicted to heroin
    Mechanix is at least written cleverly like most rock and metal songs about sex...mainstream pop...not so much.
    You do realize that Royals is literally a rejection of all the things it lists? It's about the disconnect; about how the lower and middle class all sing songs about lifestyles they don't have.
    "It's 90% about partying, getting high, getting laid," Yeah, gee, like who do they think they are? Metalheads and Punks? "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll" came first, posers!
    I must reiterate: so many metal songs are about "partying, getting high, getting laid, or how much you want to do that chick across the room in the party while you're both high." Dave himself is guilty of this. Trying to push it off as it being those damn kids with their party music is ignorant.
    Let me point out couple of things. I have a friend who had drug issues. He went to rehab, there he found god, and got clean. Now the thing is, to embrace God is a part of rehabilitation, because people affected with addiction must believe in something greater than themselves to help them clear the drugs out of their lives. And the reason it is so is because they could not reject drugs by themselves. So basically, Mustaine's new found faith is certainly a part of his rehab program.(And almost any other rehab program.) And now, after he got clean, it is a vital part of his life. (Like i said, i have a friend who had almost exact problems except he wasn't a frontman for a famous band) Mustaine will always talk about religion, and how it saved his life, so you people might just as well accept it.
    Parents don't tell their kids no anymore, and schools are not helping either. They outlaw musical chairs, dodgeball and every other activity that excludes. This way children do not feel any pain, so they grow up emotionally void adolescents and adults that cannot cope with emotions or loss. Then when they are adults they become Prozak and Valium zombies.
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    To quote Karl Pilkington when he was out fishing with a bunch of kids from some tribe: "Look at 'em. Here kids are out hunting their own food and being useful. Back home (Britain) if you ask them to put the kettle on they ring childline".
    Somewhat wise words, but alcohol addiction is just as emotion-limiting as many drugs. Once you start dealing with sh*t through drinking/drugging/whatever, you stop dealing with it on an emotional level and actually working through it. Drugs of choice change with time. Some of the emotional effects don't.
    "out-of-body experience, music can do that for you. Love can do that for you." Not like DMT it can't.
    I want to try DMT so bad! How the hell do I get it? I'm from a little town where we only have the more well known drugs..
    Couple of mates used to make their own stuff, it's not that hard. You were downvoted for your open mindedness. For shame.
    My first thought: "Who the hell still does crack?!" My next thought, upon reading that kids take ecstasy to not feel emotion: "Someone didn't bother to read up on the effects of ecstasy."
    This is one of the reasons why the kids these days like EDM. Those songs release Dopamine and Endorphins in the brain.. Quite similar to doing drugs. But then again, music has always been doing that.. So, I guess I really don't have anything to justify here.. Hmm.. Sorry..
    It was funny, noticed the definite contrast - and this had to have been deliberate - at the QotSA show Saturday night. They played Vampyre as the first song of their encore and immediately went into Feel Good Hit next. Talk about a wild swing in content and meaning - going from probably their most introspective song into the most superficial and throwaway [don't get me wrong, I was chanting "Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol!" along with everyone else.... ) Definitely shows how Josh has progressed in his outlook and writing, and why QotSA is so good.
    I've always looked at Feel Good Hit as almost a parody song of the pop songs today. Hence the title.
    Agree with you there too. Always reminds me of Big Dumb Sex in that respect - it's done so well that while it's almost certainly tongue-in-cheek, it's as good or better than the songs it's imitating.
    If getting off alcohol means I have to admit there is a god, I'd rather keep drinking
    OK MY QUESTION IS: When and where have you seen kids do meth and crack? ecstasy is garbage anyways...either way, it's been heroin in my neck of the woods and that shit is NOT cool
    Meth is pretty popular in my parts. Couple guys I used to play music with started smoking it when they were teenagers, and have pretty much lost all of their shit because of it. Jobs, family, homes, cars....meth sucks.
    Now, maybe I'm just overthinking shit, but it just seems like this is an example of the endless cycle of "older generations being worried about the younger generations". Sadly, kids have been doing shit like crack and meth since the 80s. And hey, it didn't produce entire generations of robots with no feelings. I see his point though, meth and crack are both pieces of shit. It saddens me to see anyone addicted to such crap - childrens or adults. Anyway, it's good to see Dave saying something so respectable and sincere...
    1. Create strawman out of entire generation supposedly "all addicted to crack & meth". 2. Knock strawman down with religion/God ("its the ONLY thing that can save the kids, because its the ONLY thing that saved me") 3. ????? 4. "Internet profit" in the form of not getting hated on for days by fans all over the web.
    He has a point. It's a pity he had to go from one type delusional to another though.
    "God had entered my life and he sent me to AA. Then after I got sober at AA, he sent me back to him." ...So according to this, Mustaine got sent to AA by Hetfield, but then he was sent back to Metallica. Sounds like Daves on stuff again...Hetfield is the God hes talking about right?....Right?