Dave Mustaine on Performing With Metallica in 2011: 'It Must've Been Awkward for Kirk to Hear Those Songs Played Like They Were Supposed To'


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Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine was in somewhat of a bashing mood during a recent Loaded Radio interview, taking aim at the band's former members Marty Friedman and Nick Menza, as well as Metallica axeman Kirk Hammett.

As reported, Dave compared the return of Menza and Friedman to "putting a rotten tooth back into your mouth," but the Kirk jab was somewhat different.

Discussing the December 2011 performance with Metallica during the group's set of 30th anniversary shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco, Mustaine said, "Well, they gave me an invitation and I thought it was really awesome.

"And I had asked them, 'Do you want me to just play rhythm?' Because, you know, Kirk's in the band. And Lars [Ulrich] said, 'No. Play your stuff.' And I went, 'Alright. Now we're talking.' So I went up there and I did my thing. And it was great."

Dropping the jab, Dave added, "I imagine it must have been really awkward for Kirk watching me play the songs the way that they were supposed to be played in the beginning, but that's open for his artistic interpretation. If he doesn't wanna play it the way that I played it, hey, that's cool."

To give you some straightforward music news, Mustaine recently discussed the band's new material, focusing on the fresh track "Why We Lie to You" and general inspiration for the upcoming release. More info here.

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    Way Cool JR.
    Only on UG can a huge amount of people bash Hammett all the time saying he sucks and Dave says one little thing that's IMO not even bashing and people get all bent out of shape. Dave wrote the guitar parts he played, so of course he's going to play them the way they were supposed to be. And Kirk covers those songs and plays them with his own style like any good guitarist should. Of course it's going to be awkward for Kirk because he is use to the songs being played a certain way for a very long time now. And to have it change to Dave's original style is going to be a little awkward to hear. I see no bashing in this statement.
    I truly doubt Kirk felt awkward about it at all. He's had huge success with Metallica, I'm sure he's quite secure in his position. Mature adults can do this sort of thing without getting butthurt about it.
    Yet, unfortunately, mature adults still use the word "butthurt"
    Im pretty sure he would have said that in jest. So difficult to tell when these things are written out.
    Title sounds like Dave slammed Kirk. But it's very clear, he said "Kirk can play them any way he wants it, it's cool"
    And I'm sure Dave would have complained if Kirk had played the solos note for note like Dave played them. He would have called Kirk a copycat.
    I actually really like the old megadeth, but Dave surely has some kind of inferiority complex. It's not really a jab, but it seems like he HAS to mark his territory.
    Fucking hell just have a fight already. It's what we've all been waiting for. Get me Vince Mcmahon. X
    I just want to stress out what Dave said that most of you people might have overlooked... "...but that's open for his artistic interpretation. If he doesn't wanna play it the way that I played it, hey, that's cool."
    UG, this is not bashing, this is a compliment for Kirk Hammett by Dave Mustaine...
    I thought Dave's soloing at that gig sounded terrible. It was like he was trying too hard to show he can "shred really fast!", but it was just nonsense playing.
    I bet Mustaine wouldn't be able to play most of James' riffs and Kirk's solos the way they are supposed to.
    Kirk is a better LEAD guitarist than you. It's not hard to tell. His solos are way better than your solos.There, I said it. Just a simple comparison, The Four Horsemen vs The Mechanix
    Holy Wars, In My Darkest Hour, Lucretia, The Conjuring, Black Friday. Yeah Kirk is good but Mustaine can play circles around him.
    I couldn't see Kirk playing the solos to those songs, but then I can't see Dave playing the solos to Disposable heroes, One, Battery and so on, it's difference of styles not skill.
    Darth Crow
    Only that Dave messed up those songs in Fillmore big time. It was painful to listen to.
    All of Master of Puppets, all of ride the lightning, all of AJFA. There you go. You loose. Dave's work sounds very sloppy. Kirk is sloppy these days live but on the albums he was amazing
    For what? Wanting to play a song he wrote the way he originally intended? Try reading the actual article instead of the misleading headline. Dick.
    lel, ya'll misinterpret much...to be expected. but yeah, he must have felt awkward. but in the sense that, he's not playing the original way...which is understandable... try going on stage and play either a fresh song/a song that wasn't really written by you, by someone with a completely different style and tell me it doesnt feel awkward, when the writer of that songs plays it with you in front of thousands or more(ppl recording/broadcasting/net/blah blah)... kirk just did, to the best of his abilities, learn someone else's song. nothing more to it than that.
    Kirk is the guitarist for metallica, no one knows how to play the songs better than he does, i dont care how good of a guitarist dave is. Kirk for the win.
    I'll kick Kirk's f**king ass if he has anything to say to me on this matter. The way I played this stuff was so much better than him because I am the original, true lead guitarist of Metallica and they owe EVERYTHING to me, at least to some substantial degree..
    If my research proves to be correct, Kirk was chosen over you, for a reason. Metallica has become what they are today because of Kirk, he took your place and they owe that to HIM. Your sound sounds so much better in your own band, not Metallica anymore. You're a kick a** musician, keep Megadeath rocking hard and Kirk will do the same for Metallica. No need to dwell in the past.
    Actually, Dave is pretty cool about it, the headline misled me to believe Dave was trashing Kirk in this.
    I'm sorry, where is this offending? God, the press can be really provocatice and naive sometimes... I blame Loudwire for this kinda of review... It's totally distorted history. I don't see where can this be ofended... And the rotten tooth analogy, I don't see it bad either... He meant that they gave everything that they needed to gice to the band and now there's nothing that the band would need from them...