Dave Mustaine: 'The Best Is Yet to Come for Megadeth'

Frontman also hoping to "rock better" than Stones at 65 and release even more albums in near future.

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Although Megadeth is one of the few classic metal bands still releasing new albums at fairly rapid pace, frontman Dave Mustaine recently expressed hope to unleash even more albums in the next five years. When asked by 80s Y Mas about the band's plans in the next five or 10 year, the singer/guitarist expressed a rather positive stance about the presence, but also remembered the grim days of the past decade. "There was a period about ten years ago when I was really unhappy with the way things were going in the music business and with Megadeth in general," he confessed. "And there was a lot of internal turmoil with the band." Dave even admitted considering to end the band to a certain extent. "A lot of times, I would ask myself 'Is this really what I wanna do with the rest of my life?' And once we had the breakup after I my arm got injured and I re-evaluated my career, it changed things, and meeting up with Shawn [Drover] and Chris [Broderick] really made me, I believe, a much more grateful player. "So I think right now the best is yet to come for us," the frontman concluded. "We really have gotten a lot better in the last, probably, two years even. We're playing better now than, I think, we've ever played." Mustaine was also asked an interesting question on whether he plans to rock as hard as the Rolling Stones when he's 65 or 70. In Dave's own words, he plans on doing it even harder. "I hope so," he kicked off. "I hope better, actually, because I think I am in better shape than they are at ... when they were 52, I think I'm in better shape than they were. And I have tremendous respect for the Rolling Stones, but I think it's all relative. "I mean, look at Bruce Springsteen," Dave continued. "He's just as old as they are, but nobody says anything about it, 'cause he takes of himself. I take care of myself. A lot of people say stuff about my age because of the whole 'Big Four' thing and what it stands for, or they [mention] the injury to my neck. But if I didn't have those two things, nobody would say, 'Oh, God, he's 52.' They wouldn't even care." The latest Megadeth studio effort, "Super Collider," was released on June 4 via Tradecraft, landing at No. 6 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    70-year-old Mustaine, rockin' the solo to Holy Wars. Just picture that for a second.
    "Although Megadeth is one of the few classic metal bands still releasing new albums at fairly rapid pace"...albums full of garbage obviously do not require much time.....
    thats just a stupid comment, i know tons of people that like super collider and 13, im one of those people, it isnt youthanasia, peace sells, rust in peace, or countdown but theyre still half decent
    The best is yet to come? Maybe Dave has lost his mind and thinks that the older albums haven't happened yet. Or maybe he is hinting at the release of another greatest hits album...
    You are entitled to your opinion, but I really don't get how you can claim masterpieces they created are garbage
    But by then they will be playing tuned down another 2 steps so it will sound ****ed.
    South-park should make an episode with Dave in it.
    If nothing else, it would be a good reason to bring back the "They took our jobs" guys
    matteo cubano
    save that honor for nugent
    Yeah I'm thinking more of a scene where he's interviewed or something and he's asked to talk about his upcoming album and he totally derails and ends up talking about obamacare.
    a drummer
    pretty sure he has said this about every record of his. owell...good job Dave, over 50 and still going strong.
    You can say what you will about Dave Mustaine, but the man's a beast. With everything hes done with his life and he's still rocking out? Wouldn't be surprised if he played through his 70's.
    Considering what he's done to his body, I'd say he looks pretty good for 52.
    Best came with Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction. Rest were good, but not to the same caliber.
    Let's say, everything except Risk, TH1RTE3N and Super Collider.
    thirteen and super collider were good records, cryptic and risk were both under average megadeth records in a time when friedman wanted that direction be thankful megadeth took the right turn with TWNAH in 2001
    I think everyone realizes by now that bands don't have longevity as writers. I can't think of any band that has consistently made great albums their whole career. Every band has a peak in productivity of great material. Megadeth may be beyond that peak but they can still make ok albums.
    Exactly. Writing a hit song is incredibly hard and every band has tons of filler in their discography. Megadeth is putting out decent albums with a few gems here and there and that's good enough.
    Look up the band "Death". You've now found a consistently great band.
    Ulver seems to be improving, even now after almost 20 years. Actually i can mention plenty of bands that are doing excellent albums that long into their career who still have the potential to make a classic album. But that might just be me, sometimes i suspect that i´m less critical than other people, for one thing i don´t know many good bands that ever records filler material, something everyone seems to be seeing everywhere.
    I thought he would make a reunion, playing Youthnasia along with Mensa and Marty..
    Im convinsed only Menza is necesary in the band, not marty, Chris is just great where he is right now, Megadeth needs a drummer that beats the living crap of the drumms, and we all know Nick does that.
    he obviously still sells albums so i guess they do something right. super collider isnt super great but end game was damn good, 13 wasnt to bad but i still throw it on here and there. its better than 90% of what most people consider good bands now a days...
    I agree to disagree...i think they're certainly still capable of putting out good albums, but me personally I think as a band their best times are behind them.
    Dam he is such a ****ing genius. He may not be the best guitarist in the thrash metal community. But by god he is one of the best song writers. Metallica may have made the genre what it was in the beginning, but Dave takes Thrash to places you would NEVER begin to imagine (C2E,Risk,CW). He is so ****ing incredible at what he does he used a banjo in a Thrash Metal song in Super Collider, and it was an AMAZING song! You can complain about how his voice "sounds", and his radical political views...but WOW he is one of the greatest song writers to ever exist. Just him alone completely triumphs everything else in music, other than Chuck Schuldiners work. I do not expect him to ever sell out like many other acts, especially when how Thirteen went back to the roots of thrash when alot of music that existed back in the day have sold out to a mainstream sound by now.
    Yeah no sorry, the best has come and gone Mr. Mustaine. I am stretching my brain thinking of a band that's been around as long as Megadeath and has released their best material 3 decades in.
    Iron Maidens Brave New World ranks among their best albums same goes for R.E.Ms last couple of albums imo. And while Megadeth might have taken a different direction with Super Collider that i personally didn´t care for (a bit too straight forward to my taste) they aren´t showing any signs of losing energy or interest in what they do. They still got what it takes to make something really cool.
    I thought Pedro did a great interview with Dave. I wish he'd run for President again.
    "The Best Is Yet to Come" - I didn't know they were going to do a re-release of Rust in Peace!
    My God, it's finally happened. Dave Mustaine has become so delusional that he's gone full circle and think it's 1986 all over again.
    What does he mean with 'A lot of people say stuff about my age because of the whole 'Big Four' thing' His vocals during those concerts? I remember watching the Sofia Bulgaria concert in the cinema haha.
    So basically, anything that Metallica, megadeth, korn or slipknot says in an interview becomes a UG article. Im starting to catch on. Is it really acceptable to create an article using only selected quotes from the interview? NO.
    I agree with what people say about megadeths lonegtivity of writing and their goolden years are probably behind them thats probably true. But i hate when i hear super collider and 13 are awful. Like the records or not megadeth had gems on each record, 13's title track and public enemy were great songs and the cold sweat cover, dance in the rain, and kingmaker were all great songs. I cant wait another year and a half for another megadeth record hopefully give or take a few months especially with mustaine's guitar playing armed with classical vivaldi ride of the valkrie stuff. IDC what anyone says him going and doing that will help his writing ability
    This kinda this makes my f***ing angry! Why would you say that when you know its not true.. Maybe to make yourself feel better?
    Angry because a musician is showing his optimism? What did you expect him to say? "Megadeth will only go downhill from here"? That's not a good way of thinking, and personally I think Megadeth are still great.