David Coverdale's Fridge Raided by Black Bear

artist: Whitesnake date: 07/03/2014 category: wtf?

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David Coverdale's Fridge Raided by Black Bear
Speaking with Classic Rock magazine, Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale has revealed that his Lake Tahoe home has been invaded by a black bear for the second time in recent years.

As the singer notes, he confronted the animal, who managed to squeeze in through a crack in some sliding doors:

"It must have weighed 450-500 lbs," Coverdale tells Classic Rock. "It took out two armed screens, opened the fridge, ate his fill, then took a HUGE poop. I came upstairs and interrupted him. I shouted like crazy as I couldn't find my air horns. Thank God, he remembered where he entered.

"I quickly looked around as I saw the mess and couldn't see where he gained access, then he headed for some sliding doors that we leave open when it's hot. They're only open five or six inches, and we have ' bear poles' that prevent anyone or thing opening them. But I saw with my own eyes the creature rear up on its hind legs and squeeze out, taking an antique Tiffany lamp out as it escaped. Heartbreaking".

The singer is reportedly considering further ways to bear proof his premises.

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