David Gilmour Busy Working on New Album, Studio Photo Surfaces

Pink Floyd singer/guitarist to deliver an effort featuring Crosby and Nash.

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After from last year's confirmation that guitar legend David Gilmour of Pink Floyd is set to record his new solo album featuring David Crosby and Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash, not much info has since leaked into the public.

That changed a bit after David's wife Polly Samson recently shared a studio photo showing her husband working on vocal parts with three female singers, one of them being Gilmour's longtime backup vocalist Durga McBroom.

Commenting on the photo, McBroom jokingly noted, "Guess what? LOL! This is me, Sarah Brown, Louise Clare Marshall, and this funny dude we found strumming a guitar in Hove. His wife Polly leaked the photo on Instagram. Naughty girl!"

David's latest solo effort, "On an Island," saw its release back in March 2006 via Sony Records. Check out the Instagram photo below.

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    FINALLY! "On An Island" is one of my favorite albums of the last decade. Glad to see he's got another one on the way!
    Thank it all! I didn't think he'd do another album. It's sad there's nit much support for ol' David here.