David Lee Roth Insured His Penis

artist: Van Halen date: 04/01/2013 category: wtf?
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David Lee Roth Insured His Penis
Van Halen singer David Lee Roth once took out insurance on his penis, it has been revealed. It was previously rumored that his whole body had been insured before heading on tour with the band in the 1970s, but when asked whether it was true he revealed it was actually just for "Little Elvis," the name for his genitalia. "It wasn't my body, it was Little Elvis," Roth told the Huffington Post. "Before we were leaving they said, 'We'll have to insure Eddie [Van Halen, guitarist]'s fingers, because he's going to be using those a lot on the road, and [drummer] Alex Van Halen's elbows, we're going to have to insure those because he's going to be using them a lot.' And I said: 'What about Little Elvis? We're going to be using him a lot."' Little Elvis may have seen more action than a war veteran in its time, but when asked by HuffPo if he had any sexual regrets, Roth said he has none. "The only ones I regret are the ones I didn't get involved in," he said. "When you first start off in rock 'n' roll you're going to conquer the world You're going to sleep with every girl that has two legs in her pants." But times have changed, and Roth says his values have changed "a little bit" since then. Of course, Roth said all this while flirting outrageously with the female presenter. Watch the interview in the player below.

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