Deap Vally: 'Wearing Less Clothing Onstage Is Great'

The female rock duo say their steamy live performances make them too hot to wear many clothes. See their latest video here.

Ultimate Guitar

Rock's most hard-rocking new act in 2013 say the only reason they wear few clothes on stage is because they "sweat a lot."

The pair, who impressed us early in the year when they featured on a weekly playlist with just their fuzzy dual vocals, guitar and drums, told Classic Rock that it's about more than just putting on a good show.

"We get very hot on stage, so wearing less clothing is great because, believe me, we sweat a lot" said Lindsay Troy. "Aside from that, we just love over-the-top rock 'n' roll glamour. We love Bowie, Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Madonna, Tina Turner ... and what they became on stage. It's our way of creating a heightened experience for everyone. The stage is sacred to us, so we're kind of putting on our religious regalia to get up there."

In the same interview, they recall meeting in the unlikely environment of an L.A. crotchet class. "We thought we would have to make up some bullsh-t about how we met," says Troy, "because the truth sounded too nerdy. The irony is that people now think we made up the true story."

Watch Deap Vally's new song "End of the World" here:

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    Now we just need to wait for Hayley Williams to have this revelation.
    Kinda reminds me of the White Stripes.
    Bit heavier I might add, and the White Stripes never gave me a boner. Me gusta.
    Clearly you haven't seen some of their live performances with Meg bouncing around. btw very fitting name for the comment.
    I have what you might call "a pattern". And yes, Meg is hot but not like that. She's more of a girl next door type.
    God damn! Sometimes UG writes about unknown bands and I decided to check them!
    Total gimmick bullshit
    Pikka Bird
    What is the gimmick? They get asked why they wear those short outfits, and the answer they give is that it's practical because it's very warm under stage lighting. Just like when thrash metal players got into the habit of ripping the sleeves off their shirts (which works wonders, believe me). Hardly a gimmick to me. :-/
    It's all attitude. And I think that's as far as they thought it out. Either they know it's a gimmick, or they think that music, especially rock music, is just attitude and nothing else.
    "Hey, we make really mediocre music so come to our shows because boobs."
    Pikka Bird
    Arg, their outfits are not any more revealing or skimpy than any other young person's summer getup, so blame everybody, not these chicks. And BTW- they don't wear cleavage-generous stuff either.
    All you had to do was make an arrow pointing to your icon/image. You may have got more people agreein with you.
    I have at least some appreciation for most music, but this is just poor. There are so many awesome undiscovered bands out there and artists like this "make it"? Disappointing.