Death Metal Band Whose Members Mutilate Each Other Onstage With Cheese Graters Banned From Performing

They're known as Eat the Turnbuckle.

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Eat the Turnbuckle, a death metal group whose members mutilate each other onstage with cheese graters, got banned from performing in Glasgow due to their peculiar stage antics.

As Daily Record reports, the band arrived to the venue to perform a gig after a show in Edinburgh, only to realize that local police was ordered to halt the concert.

Guitarist El Schlak-O commented: "We showed up. We are on tour and we came, but the city had got wind of it and some official pulled the permit and the show got pulled when we arrived.

"I don't know what the problem was. We are an internationally touring band. We keep our stage antics and violence to ourselves. It doesn't disperse among the crowd, but apparently we are being crucified for no reason. It's a God-given right to watch something if you choose to. If you don't like it turn a blind eye."

The musician added: "There is wrestling doing the exact same thing without music so I don't get it. It is cheese graters and going through tables, jumping off ladders and barbed wire, you name it.

"You get some nicks and bruises, but that's the name of the game. We are professionals. We have been doing this for many years now and it has gotten us all over the world. Hopefully people will open their mouths and tell the government off. We'll be back. They're not going to keep us out."

The source points out that Scots Tory politician John Lamont was the one who urged the authorities to intervene. He said: "Serious questions need to be asked about why this venue has booked a band which seems to condone bloody violence.

"I would have thought that the local council and Police Scotland would be looking into this issue as a matter of urgency, before anyone is seriously injured. A flyer for the tour dates claims Eat The Turnbuckle 'not only destroys your ears but power bombs your eyes with the world's only live band extreme wrestling show.'"

El Schlak-O responded: "Get the stick out of your a--. We're here to have some fun. If you don't like it don't watch it. I don't see what the problem is. We're not doing anything illegal and we're not hurting anybody other than ourselves."

You can check out the lads doing their thing below.

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    I didn't think anyone could ruin grated cheese for me, but... Actually, no. I still love grated cheese.
    Not sure why they banned them when most of what they do is pretty much the norm forGlasgow anyway.
    'Death Metal Band Whose Members Mutilate Each Other Onstage With Cheese Graters Banned From Performing' That is one of the most incredible sentences ever...
    "There is wrestling doing the exact same thing without music so I don't get it. It is cheese graters and going through tables, jumping off ladders and barbed wire, you name it." Can any of you name me a wrestling match where they mutilated each other with cheese graters? Because I'd love to see a match like "Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose - Cheese grater match".. Would probably be the most popular thing, since the Hog Pen Match..
    Baby Joel
    I can't. The only ones I know (with proper stuff), off the top of my head, is triple H getting a muscle entirely torn off the bone (he kept wrestling until the match was over). Someone (can't remember who) went to do a table dive thing, like when they jump on the table and it breaks. Anyway, one of the guys missed the table, and just went on the ground. few others and stuff, but yeah. Maybe wrestling turkish style or an mma thing, but wwe has none of thaat
    He's talking about the amateur wrestling circuit. It's common as hell to see people do "cutting" where the intentionally use a razor blade to nick each other to get blood. It's all planned, and every wrestler is in on it, but it's all for show.
    Oh dude, tons. Look up CZW, ECW, Japanese deathmatches, guys like Necro Butcher and New Jack, the latter of which has basically committed attempted murder in the ring and has multiple justifiable homicides outside of it in real life. Guys like Sabu and Terry Funk have gotten strung up with legit barbed wire, had it catch their face and eyes. There's a whole genre of wrestling that gave guys with not much ability the chance to almost kill each other in front of very few people. You won't see that in WWE but it's insane how far people go for something when they know the outcome.
    Ugh, there's a match with Sabu where he tears a muscle going through barbed wire, he just pushes in the tendons, duct tapes it and finished the match. My balls shrank after watching that.
    check out a match with New Jack, it's against a team called something like the New Gangsters or American Gangsters or something. They started some beef with New Jack so he destroyed them in a match. Used a cheese grater on one of them if memory serves me right. But the match was in a bowling alley, not WWE style stuff
    This has nothing to do with metal, those guys are just sick
    I think there's a word for that, it's called sadomasochism, and it's a shame that they use music to make this look likeable and acceptable.
    9 times out of 10, shock value is used when artists know that their product isn't good enough on its own. What's sad is that people go for it, anyway. I mean, this isn't as nasty as defecating on stage and tossing it around, among other...things, but it's nasty.
    Really tired of the "don't like it, don't look" fallacy being used to excuse everything and anything that is downright insane.
    Does it affect you? No it doesn't. If it offends you then don't go see any of their shows. Simple.
    You're an idiot because this exact type of logic can be applied to literally anything . Why don't I go outside decked out in swastikas and a KKK hood? No one has any right to tell me to not wear it or beat the crap out of me because if "they're offended by it or don't like it, just don't look!" I'm gonna go to a restaurant and order steak and mashed potatoes, but it all with my hands! The restaurant has no right to kick me out or be disgusted with my behavior because "it's natural" and "if people don't like it, don't look". STFU. If a town, venue, country etc. don't want your band of nutcases shredding each other at their location, it's their right to show you the door.
    Is it really necessary to call me an idiot and tell me shut the **** up? Calm down and respond to me rationally and we can have a discussion like mature adults. Don't be a keyboard tough guy. And I think there's a difference between going outside in a Ku Klux Klan hood, and a show in which totally complicit and adult band members offer extreme entertainment.
    The difference between our examples is that for all anyone knows, one of these guys could have or develop a blood disease or some sort of blood transferred illness, but there they are, cutting each other up on stage. I highly doubt spilled blood is cleaned up by a qualified employee sufficiently equipped to do so. It's also possible one bleeds out or gets and infection and dies. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Or, if one of these psychos gets a little too carried away and they have to go to the hospital, this is one more person taking up a seat and bed in the ER for no reason other than their own stupidity. Also, I'm going to go ahead and say that committing assault with sharp objects, regardless of how consensual it is or where it takes place is probably a crime in many countries. There are many perfectly sound reasons for banning this group. All that you are doing is using logical fallacy to justify the behavior of individuals who are obviously not sane and are acting like uncivilized barbarians.
    I don't think there is any reason to think that they aren't sane. Some people just enjoy things that other people don't. Being a masochist doesn't make you insane. You're claiming that I'm using a fallacy whereas I think you're just another person who'd be happy to ban something just because you don't like it. If they happen to get hurt during a show then fine, they made the choice to take that risk. Tell me, are you against boxing too?