Deep Purple Respond to Hall of Fame Snub

Band apparently unfazed by exclusion.

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Deep Purple have been one of rock's most enduring acts. Yet, induction to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has continually eluded them. And, while this year's event will see Donna Summer and Randy Newman, two acts not exactly known for their rock credentials inducted, Purple remain off the list once again. Speaking to The Straits Times, keyboard player Don Airey remains philosophical about the snub:

"I don't think the band really care, actually. It'd be nice but there's been no 'awwwww', no disappointment."

"Newman's fantastic but he's not really a rock act, is he? Neither is Donna Summer, although she made one of the greatest records I've ever heard. If you're going to have a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, let's have some rock and rollers in there."

He adds, laughing: "There was a kind of ripple of excitement, like 'Oh, we've been nominated!' Then (lead singer) Ian said, 'Don't worry, we won't get in.'"

Talking to Noisecreep, frontman Ian Gillian has noted that the reason for Deep Purple's lack of induction is institutional:

"To analyze it, and I'll try not to sound cocky or anything, I will say it as respectfully as I can, it's sort of like the Oscars and Grammys and the other awards like that - in the States, just like it is in England, and other places - these awards and honors are usually not decided by the fans, but by a cartel of influential people. These are the same people that decided The Monkees were America's answer to The Beatles [laughs]. So I'm not too concerned about it. Maybe it will happen one day, bit if not, my diary is full and I'm very happy. It hasn't affected our career but it does concern the fans that's who I feel for."

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    Glad to hear that they're not taking it too seriously. The HOF is a major joke anyway.
    These are the types of formal, elitist institutions that real rock n' rollers are supposed to rebel against anyways. Screw the HOF, screw the Grammy's, screw the government, screw stuffy parents and teachers...ROCK N'ROLL BABY!!!
    I'd like someone from the HOF to give a reaction to all the fans' comments about how it's a joke. I've genuinely not seen one good comment about the HOF...
    The HOF is just following what other hall of fames such as the NFL and MLB do...they're complete jokes as well.