Def Leppard Entering Studio in February, Vivian Campbell Also Busy With Solo Album

"Lots of guitars, I intend to sing," Vivian adds.

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Apart from winning his cancer battle, Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell is also busy with making new music these days, as he'll be soon hitting the studio with both the Leppard crew and his own band. In a recent Facebook post, the axeman explained: "A few peeps have asked questions about my upcoming recordings, so here are some of the facts: I'm making a rock record (lots of guitar). I intend to sing, however, I may ask a real singer to help out if I fail miserably at the demo stages. I'm also writing for Def Leppard (we all are) as Leppard will be recording new music in February. So, all in all it's a busy time creatively." In a separate post two days ago (December 3), Vivian noted: "I got together with Lou Castro and Glen Sobel today to run through five songs for my new record. We'll be cutting demo tracks [on] December 16. Big excitement! Well, it is for me, at least..." So it's rock, lots of guitars and maybe even a vocal input from Mr. Campbell. Let us know in the comments what you think of such a combo. As for Vivian's cancer battle, the guitarist opened up about his diagnosis in June. A month later, it was confirmed he is officially in remission from the disease and on the road to recovery. The term "in remission" is defined by the US National Cancer Institute as "a decrease in or disappearance of signs and symptoms of cancer. In partial remission, some, but not all, signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared. In complete remission, all signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared, although cancer still may be in the body."

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    I'd like to hear a good basic rock record from Def Leppard. No big production and frills, just good rock and roll.
    Wish I could say I was excited, but these guys have failed to excite me ever since they released Slang...
    same lol i'll give it a chance though. i've always thought campbell was a good guitar player. i enjoyed his work in Dio.
    My band plays a heavier more aggressive version of "Let It Go" yeah, DL were great in there day long long ago like during their first 2 records, but nothing since High 'n' Dry interests me.
    I dug just about everything they did up to Pyromania, after that it just felt like everything was so overproduced even the vox didn't sound like a real person. And much respect to Steve Clark, he was a monster as far as I'm concerned. OK joke time... What has 9 arms and sucks?
    Agreed. I wish I could enjoy Hysteria, the songs are fun, but what the hell's up with the production? I mean, there's clean production, then there's polished to a f*cking tee production. Were Def Leppard just too scared of making another rock record? There's no grit, the guitars are weak as hell. The best thing on the album are probably the drums, they've got a good, big sound at the very least.
    I read a pretty good article about the making of Hysteria, , Mutt made the guys basically record each damn note on its own. the vocals were meant to sound like an instrument on their own, and the drums (massive) had so much reverb, I mean you cant deny that one... Don't get me wrong that album was huge, I'm sure there are a few of us that remember it being released, (remember listening really close to the end of "Love Bites"? keep listening kids you'll hear it..)but I'm with you, way too over produced for my taste.
    Glad Vivian is better. His time in Dio has cemented himself as a badass despite being in Def Leppard who generally suck.
    Dear Viv, More Dio, less Leppard. Thanks.
    Too bad Dio ended 3 years ago, so I mean its quite impossible to do that, plus he left in 86 so that puts an even bigger dent.
    Sounds good, but I think Dio himself kind of prevented this from happening when he, you know, died.
    Shit, I didn't even know he was battling the "C" as well. Glad he's on the up and hopefully the new albums will be interesting. The last couple have been, meeehh...?
    If the guys get Skrillex to produce their album it may be quite a bit over produced (yet again) or it may be pure gold (if the songs are good). I hope that whoever produces the album just makes it sound like the band wants it to instead of like the producer wants
    I really liked the song Undefeated from Mirrorball, so I'm hoping a new Def Leppard album will be along those lines and therefore sound awesome. I saw them on tour with Motley Crue a while back and they sounded incredible, so I've got high expectations for this.