Deftones Guitarist Gives New Album Update While Getting Really High

"We've got the makings for one song right now," Stephen Carpenter explains between lung-collapsing coughs.

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Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter gave an update on the band's new album under quite interesting circumstances - while getting high in the car with his longtime friend and former Kush bandmate, B-Real of Cypress Hill.

As a part of "The Smoke Box" series, Carpenter shared details about the writing process, noting between lung-collapsing coughs that the band is "just literally starting to work on new stuff for a new record. We've got the makings for one song right now - not an entire one yet. But we'll be writing over the next few months. We got some shows coming up still, it's just nice to be home," he explained.

Discussing the current state of Deftones affairs, Stephen added, "The one thing I talk about too with the guys, and I said, you know, periodically, is that I would love for us to stay home and sit in the studio for awhile. I mean still go do shows ... like for me I feel like I've been in this endless cycle of make a record go on tour, tour, tour, tour.

"'Oh we gotta go make another record so we can go on tour again,' cause somebody told us we gotta make a record. Cause we're gonna wear ourselves out from touring," the guitarist continued. "I don't get it, cause there's so many places we've never been. Every time we go somewhere they're like, 'You guys take too long to come back.' I'm like, 'I hear ya but we can only do what we can do,' you know?

"So I feel like we could always be doing touring if we want. But my thing is like I want to ... I've always done records to tour all the time. I want to just sit around and make sick-a-s music, like crazy songs, and just put out songs, like sit around around for a couple years and just put out music, just constantly, just let it go out. You know, do a show here, do a show there," Carpenter concluded.

According to singer Chino Moreno, the band started working on the new album last month. "I haven't personally started [working on the new album], but the other guys started last week," he told Soundwave TV. "So I'm excited to hear what they've done so far, I'm gonna go check in with them next week."

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    Mmmmm yes, new Deftones is good Deftones. Cannot wait. And I still can't seem to fathom how great this album is.
    I known im gonna get flamed, but i hate KO No Yokan (or someting) But loved Around the Fur and Self-Titled. Hope we can expect some parts from these two albums in new one. Some agression and heavy riffs.