Did Fans Crowdfund Tim Lambesis' Alleged Hitman Plot?

A theory has emerged that fans who funded his recent crowdfunding campaign may have inadvertently funded the alleged murder plot against his ex-wife.

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A theory has emerged that fans who funded Tim Lambesis' side project Austrian Death Machine may have inadvertently funded the alleged murder plot against his ex-wife.

Lambesis was arrested on May 7 after a sting operation by police, where he reportedly tried to give a $1,000 cash deposit to an undercover detective as a deposit to have his wife murdered.

Now the Metal Sucks blog speculates that an IndieGoGo campaign to fund Lambesis' Schwartznegger-themed side project Austrian Death Machine maybe have been used to raise $20,000 to hire a hit man.

"I contributed $20 to fund a campaign for the band to make a new album, "Triple Brutal," as well as tour in support of that album. Instead, it looks like I - and 1,689 other fans - may have inadvertently helped fund the singer-guitarists alleged attempt to have his wife killed," write the blog.

The campaign raised its goal on April 19, raising a total of $78,170. One fan even paid $1,500 toward the campaign for the opportunity to record vocals on the album. Now they're at risk of losing their money if Lambesis is found guilty and unable to apply their refunds.

"Any connection between the crowdfunding contributions and the alleged hit are pure speculation," adds Metal Sucks, "but could you give someone $1,000 cash right now? Now, if your bank account had just received a $70,000 infusion, would that make it easier to commit to a $20,000 transaction?"

It's a wild theory because Lambesis is probably rich already, but musicians don't always have a liquid flow of cash and the timing is interesting. What do you think?

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    "It's a wild theory because Lambesis is probably rich already" Journalism.
    "It's a wild theory because Lambesis is probably rich already, but musicians don't always have a liquid flow of cash and the timing is interesting." Don't take it out of context. Also UG is usually very casual.
    Wasn't meaning to take it out of context, I just thought everyone realised most musicians don't get rich any more.
    No, but a member of a band who has been signed to a major label for a decade most likely would have $20k lying around. If he's been smart with his money he could easily have a couple million in the bank.
    They make a better salary than the average joe. Somebody of his calibur, i'd say he's rich. As I Lay Dying makes their label happy enough. Take into account the assets he's been thrown, and the fact that he had stopped paying child support.
    Austrian Death Machine => Arnold Schwarzenegger => Total Recall => Main character kills wife Ergo, Lambesis' crowdfunding campaign was obviously a front for DEATH MONEY. It don't take rocket appliances to work that one out, guys.
    The guy who paid $1,500 should just replace him on vocals. I mean, it would probably suck for the fans, but not really for that guy.
    Just keeps getting worse for Tim, even if it's not true, this isn't something you'd want to be accused of
    I think the reason he became a singer at all was so that one day he could pay to kill someone.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger just had to protect her
    I guess you could say that Austrian Death Machine has been... Terminated!
    Now, when he shower's they'll tell him to "get down". If If the police were after me for murder, I would "get to the chopper". Could you imagine Tim getting prison raped, the guy would be saying "who is your daddy and what does he do?" /tastelessness.
    I highly doubt he is 'rich anyway'. He is in a semi-major band in a fringe genre that relies on touring to pay for steroids/food/shelter. The plot thickens....
    link no1
    A semi-major band, a pertty popular band (ADM) and a clothing brand that is pretty popular even outside his fanbase. I would say he probably has some cash to spare.
    I'm Sure there will be plenty of guys tattoing their names on his ass ...in prison
    I contributed $35 towards that new album and I wanna know what the hell is gonna happen with that. Also, I read an article somewhere that shows Tim's annual income. Forgot exactly what the number was, but he was in pretty good financial shape.
    Wow, this case is getting crazier...now there's even conspiracy theory about the murder...
    I didn't contribute to his campaign but only because I had no money to spare at the time. I'm kind of glad I didn't, not because I believe this (which I don't really) but nothing seems to be coming of it any time soon.
    It was stated in an earlier news article that Tim and his wife had made an income of over 200,000 in 2010. Consider the years he's been with the band before and after this whole fiasco. I don't know about you guys, but a six figure income meets my definition of "rich". He did not need kick-starter to fund this.
    He's probably doing very well since he has his own studio inside his home. Don't just assume he's rich though. I really hope it turns out for the good because I love AILD there are so many holes in the story reporters are trying to tell. Tim isn't stupid either. Why hasn't there been any comments from the other 4 members? Those guys should know since they since him on a daily basis.
    im not mental
    why do i get the feeling there was going to be a song on the new ADM album based on this scene?
    I bet Lambesis was on UG and clicked on that link where it said: give us 1000$ first and then we'll give you 6987$!
    Oh god, although I think this whole matter is terrible this was so macabre I couldn't help but laugh upon seeing the headline.
    *out of breath* Goddamn, I can't believe I sunk this low, to climb down this whole thread.
    "probably rich all ready"? i'm not saying the guy can't make a living off his music, but rich? interesting that on a site like this a contributer seems to not understand how it goes
    I think he meant musician-rich, you know like when you're just barely satisfied and can just barely repair your roof and guitar with scotch tape and cum.
    Write the blog? Always nice to know UG check articles for typos...
    This is one of the most pointless articles in the history of the internet....
    "..Schwartznegger-themed side project.." - what?? you do not know how to write the name of the King of Kings? shame on you UG morons!
    UG, this is stupid. I mean, really stupid. Whoever approved posting this garbage? They're also stupid.
    UG its called SCHWARZENEGGER!!!!! Not Schwartznegger!!! Do your homework!!
    Umm no southeast Saskatchewan. I wouldn't be able to afford the fixer upper of a house I have as well as support a family if I didn't make what I make.
    Ps rich means you make enough money to support yourself and family and to be able to afford anything that you may desire. Where I'm from I have to make 6 figures or I can't afford to let my family live comfortably