Did Paul Ryan Steal Cobain Anecdote?

Mitt Romney's running mate loves bands like Rage Against The Machine, and some think he might love stealing anecdotes from rockers like Kurt Cobain too.

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Mitt Romney's running mate Paul Ryan has been accused of stealing an anecdote from Kurt Cobain. During the Presidential debate on October 11, Ryan revealed the story of how his daughter Liza was nicknamed 'Bean'. "You know, I think about ten and a half years ago, my wife Janna and I went to Mercy hospital in Janesville where I was born for our seven week ultrasound for our first born child. And we saw that heartbeat," he said. "Our little baby was in the shape of a bean, and to this day we have nicknamed our first born, Liza, 'Bean'." It wasn't long before Nirvana fans picked him out for using the same reason as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love names their daughter Frances Bean Cobain. While Ryan's version of events might be true, his history as a rock fan raised questions from blogs like Gawker. Ryan had previously declared Rage Against The Machine as his favorite band, but their guitarist Tom Morello found his claim amusing. "[Paul Ryan] is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades," Morello said. "Charles Manson loved The Beatles but didn't understand them. Governor Chris Christie loves Bruce Springsteen but doesn't understand him. And Paul Ryan is clueless about his favorite band, Rage Against The Machine." Should politicians stay out of rock? Let us know your view in the comments.

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    What a terrible article. I can understand the rage against the machine article, but this is just stupid. Please report real news in the rock community UG. Not this garbage.
    It's a coincidence... every other jerk on Earth calls their baby "bean". Different subject: Paul Ryan is possibly the antichrist.
    Most unintelligent comment here. Paul Ryan - most dedicated religious, anti baby killing politician running for office and he's the antichrist? Take a look at your boy Obama if you want a Muslim, US hating, baby killing antichrist. Guy hates white people.
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Abacus was obviously trolling. I love your response though. It really speaks to your intelligence. Stay golden, pony boy.
    BigMike - so if I don't like Romney/Ryan that means I love Obama? Hmmm...
    Yes they should!
    And rockers should stay out of politics, *cough* Dave Mustaine *cough* Ted Nugent *cough* Jon Bon Jovi.
    *cough* Bruce Springsteen *cough* Tom Morello *cough* Billie Joe Armstrong *cough* They are on both sides. Some are more radical than others. That's just a fact. Even with their own political views, you can't deny the great music these guys all make.
    if politicians want to listen to rock ,thats awesome. I'd rather vote for a Metallica fan than a guy who listens to lil wayne.
    you can't base your vote on what music people like. just because they listen to rock music does not mean that the person who listen to lil wayne is worse then him. music has nothing to do with politics and politics has nothing to do with music. don't judge people on what they listen to. also for you know the person who listens to metallica could well listen to Lil Wayne.
    There must be a lot of people with a lot of free time if they think i'm supposed to care about this...
    Danjo's Guitar
    I don't think you should vote for someone based on their musical taste, but its not like he's trying to write music or something, he's just stated that he likes certain bands. Its not like you're not allowed to listen to music just because you're a politician. And I thought this would be about Courtney Love suing him for using that story, or even better, saying that Paul Ryan stole her daughter. That would have been more interesting.
    I don't get Tom Morello's statement there... If the guy thinks your band is the best, even though that band is anti-everything he stands for, It's because he loves your music style, and not all the "deep, meaningful messages" in your songs. Let that dude love your band without bitching about it...
    Politicians should stay out of rock, and rock musicians should stay out of politics... It's two different ballparks.
    I don't think that rock should stay out of polotics because if they did they're wouldn't be a lot of bands, primarily in punk. I get what you mean though.
    Not a musician, but Ronald Reagan was an actor. He was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen.
    I don't know much good about him expect that he inspired the Ramones song Bonzo Goes to Bitburg , so in that case he was good entertainment for 5 minutes at a time
    If anything people should force their way into the business of all politicians and make their voice heard. Politicians should STFU and realize their role is to serve and listen.
    Umm, your avatar is from The Wall... Don't get me wrong The Final Cut was terrible but The Wall was amazing and fairly political as well.
    This is rubbish. When i was expecting my first kid with my ex when nicknamed him beanie for the same reasons. Pure coincidence and typical of American politics where the name of the game is to discredit your opponent with whatever bull#!@* ammunition they can get their grubby little hands on
    I think a lot of politicians try and use music, be it rock or pop or hip hop, to try and make a connection with the younger generation. They don't necessarily do it in an honest way thought. I cant help but think that musicians should be allowed to voice their political opinions. Here in South Africa most of my generation (early 20's) is so damn apathetic, they couldn't give a **** about politics. But when their favourite performer steps up and says something they listen. This whole "Bean" thing is just coincidence though
    Next he should use "It's better to burn out than to fade away"..
    Hopefully, that one comes next month.
    Kinda funny how so many Nirvana fans don't know that is a line from a Neil Young song.
    I've never heard it in a Nirvana song, to be honest. I know it from Neil Young and then it's at the beginning of a Def Leppard song, too. I suppose the joke skullface66 must have been making was about another unoriginal thought of Cobain's.
    Kurt quoted Neil Young in his suicide note. Neil Young was one o his inspirations and mentors.
    WHO CARES. And Tom Morello is also part of the machine he rages against.
    The Spoon
    The saturday night live parody of the debate was funny. "We also nicknamed our second and third children "Bean". Then the doctor told me that all babies look like beans at that point."
    that's some straight up bullshit there from Tom Morello "he doesn't understand us" does't mean a ****ing thing about whether he understands them. just because he doesn't agree with them doesn't mean he doesn't understand them. i understand what Christian bands stand for and i like some of them. doesn't mean i agree in the slightest with what they're saying. so tom morello should take his pretentious amusement away and be glad that someone is a damn fan of his band whether paul ryan is the kind of fan he wants or not
    The problem is that he used his liking of RATM to get people to see him as less of a right wing nut job. That is the problem Tom Morello had with paul Ryan. Yet he turned around and said he didn't like the lyrics, just the music. Politicians do that all the time with political issues to seem like they are supportive of both parties. (Ex: Oh I hate gay marriage but gays should have rights) Now obviously music isn't a big issue but how would you feel if some one you hated was using you for their benefit?
    but they both benefit because if Paul Ryan is speaking truthfully and they are his favourite band chances are he bought the albums maybe even went to a RATM concert and bought some merch. and you know it's just a passing comment but it's still RATM's name in a paper or on tv. any publicity is good publicity so RATM are hardly losing out
    Yeah money wise... but the band is obviously very political. I mean don't get me wrong I'm sure they are enjoying the benefits of the publicity but it all comes down to some one who is so against what they stand for using them for benefit. You know sometimes your morals and what you stand for takes precedence over money.