Dimebag Darrell Remembered By Fans and Musicians on His Ninth Death Anniversary

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Dimebag Darrell Remembered By Fans and Musicians on His Ninth Death Anniversary
Yesterday (December 8) marked the ninth anniversary Dimebag Darrell's murder. The guitar icon was shot on stage during a 2004 Damageplan show in Columbus, Ohio, leaving the rock world devastated. Considered as one of the groove metal fathers, Dimebag founded Pantera in 1981 with his brother Vinnie Paul on drums. His death ranks among the genre's biggest losses ever. Darrell was remembered by Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford during a 2011 Revolver magazine interview. The metal god confessed "crying his eyes out" upon hearing of about tragic event, placing late Dime among the ultimate axe greats. "His interpretation of the song, his phrasing [and] the feel was unique," Halford said. "Let's face it. You look at rock and roll - you've got Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix [and] Eddie Van Halen. I'm just going through a list off the top of my head, you obviously got Dimebag. All of those guitar players have been very influential to not only music but specifically to other guitar players around the world. There's no doubt that Dimebag's impression was just monumental. If you took Dimebag out of the equation, metal would sound totally different right now, without a doubt it would, definitely." Marking this year's anniversary, rock musicians posted their tributes via Twitter. Check them out below.

It's been nine years already since Dime left us. Share your favorite riffs, stories and memories of the late guitar master in the comments.
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