Dio's 'Holy Diver' Receives Epic Bluegrass Rendition

Steve'n'Seagulls delivers the goods with another unique metal cover.

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Following on from their epic version of the "Trooper," Finnish bluegrass band Steve'n'Seagulls has posted a unique rendition of another metal classic. This time, it's a cover of Dio's 1983 classic "Holy Diver." Check it out below:

The band, which has been together since 2011, performs folk arrangements of a number of contemporary songs, ranging from pop to metal. The Holy Diver cover was decided upon after the band allowed fans to vote for the next track that they wanted covered on the Steve'n'Seagulls facebook page.

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    This is hilarious. That one dude needs to lose that headdress, though.
    lol so fkn gay. ah well, a tribute to the great is never a bad thing i guess. at least it sounds sincere... fk lol.
    These all start to sound the same to me. I've seen all these and the ukelele covers for metal songs. It's almost like an old joke now. We get it, bluegrass is an almost polar opposite of metal. Not to take away from the talent, I just think it's getting old.