Disney Bans Machine Head

Outrage from fans and the media has begun boiling over Disney's latest decision to ban Machine Head yet again from a House Of Blues venue located on Disney property.

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Oakland heavy metal band Machine Head has been banned from performing on Disney owned property. This has sparked massive outrage from fans, media and Twitter, reports Loudwire.

Machine Head are currently on tour with Dethklok, All That Remains and the Black Dahlia Murder. With a lineup that is sure to both draw and excite metalheads, one unfortunate part of the United States is going to miss out on the full show, as Machine Head have been banned from ever performing on property owned by the Disney corporation. Thus, the Orlando, Fla. stop of the tour on Dec. 4 will be Machine Head-less.

In 2007, Walt Disney Properties banned Machine Head from the 'House Of Blues' venues in both Anaheim, California and Orlando, the respective cities that are home to Disneyland and Disney World. Machine Head were banned by the company to due the band's 'violent imagery,' 'inflammatory lyrics' and the group's 'undesirable fans.'

These accusations come from the company that created 'The Lion King,' which features antagonist Scar plunging his claws into his brother Mufasa's paws before allowing him to fall from a cliff only to be trampled to death by a heard of wildebeest. Disney also included the song 'Savages' in the film 'Pocahontas,' where the character Ratcliffe sings the lyrics, 'They're savages! / Barely even human... Dirty redskin devils,' about Native Americans.

'Violent Imagery?' Check. 'Inflammatory lyrics?' Massive check.

Additionally, the entertainment company was happy to allow Motorhead to write the song 'Dog-Face Boy' for the animated film 'Bolt,' surely in an attempt to appeal to those same 'undesirable fans' and lure them into movie theaters worldwide.

Machine Head assured fans that all refund requests for the Dec. 4 show will be honored and released the following statement regarding the continuation of the Disney ban:

"For the third time in a row, the corporate powers behind Walt Disney Properties have once again pressured promoter Live Nation into canceling Machine Head's performance at a House of Blues venue on Disney property, this time the December 4th show in Orlando, FL.

While no one is willing to provide evidence that would prove unfavorable to Disney, sources close to events have suggested that Machine Head remains on a banned list, and while Dethklok, All That Remains and Black Dahlia Murder will still be allowed to play, the corporate powers at Disney have refused to allow Machine Head to perform.

In 2007, Walt Disney Properties banned Machine Head from the House Of Blues venues in both Anaheim and Orlando, citing violent imagery, inflammatory lyrics and most appallingly undesirable fans as the reason. The diversity-impaired corporation began pressuring the promoter with vague threats of liability and reduced job security before placing Machine Head under an internal review process. Five days later, Walt Disney Properties would convey their alarming decision to the band, less than 48 hours before the first date of 2007′s anti-war, anti-religion, anti-conservative-themed The Blackening album headline run at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, CA.

A stunned Machine Head announced the details and disgust regarding the situation and let fans know of the then-rescheduled show 70 miles away at The Glass House in Pomona. In retaliation for that public announcement, Disney cancelled the band's then-upcoming performance at the House Of Blues in Orlando, citing the same absurd reasons, though they would only publicly state that they had changed musical formats at the venue.

Machine Head wish to once again extend their gratitude to Live Nation and the House Of Blues for their poise and tolerance throughout these ridiculous developments, unbelievably transpiring here in these United States Of America in this year 2012.

As they are not on Disney property and therefore not subject to the corporation's alleged coercionary tactics, the current dates with Dethklok, All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder at the Dallas and Houston House Of Blues will go on as scheduled. Unfortunately, Machine Head's Florida performance will not be rescheduled in an effort to avoid creating any conflict with the existing dates on the tour. All refund requests will be honored."

What do you think about Disney's actions and remarks? Share your opinions in the comments.

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    F**k Disney, it's one of the, if not the , most hypocritic companies on the planet. Machine Head rules!
    Next thing we know they're gonna start calling them "flowersabers" instead of lightsabers and instead of "The Force" it's going to be called "Sparklyness" you're either sparkly or your not. They're going to Dub episode V with "If you only knew the power of the NOT-SPARKLY-SIDE. Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father." with Mickey Mouse's voice.
    You do know they own Marvel too, and therefore had the same level of input in The Avengers as they'll have in the new Star Wars?
    I'm pretty sure that Dethklok represents far more violent imagery than machine head judging from "Metalocalypse." So why the **** are they only banning Machine head? Maybe someone within Disney's corporate ranks isn't a fan of them.
    link no1
    Dethklok has way more violent imagery and undesirable lyrics...This is dildos.
    Not to mention nudity everywhere. The music video for "Andromeda" is tits all around.
    Why does Disney even own the House of Blues anyway? Oh, yeah: it's because Disney wants to own everything, whether it has anything to do with them or not.
    They don't own the House of Blues, they just own the land that those two HoB's are located on.
    So "Machine Head" is not ok but a band called "Black Dahlia Murder" is? What's worse than this is they buy the rights to Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, and now Star Wars, release a couple "Disneyfied Products" for these, and pretend they created things they had nothing to do with. DisneyCorp makes me sick.
    They bought the... what? Aren't Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh public domain? How can they even do that legally?
    My bad. In that case, why the **** do they need the land? Same answer.
    I really don't know. If I sounded like a dick I'm sorry, lol. I'm not a morning person. But it still isn't right that they only ban Machine Head and not the others who have technically the same views.
    Haha, it's all good man. All you did was correct me; even if I had gotten mad i'd be a d-bag for it. But yeah, Machine Head isn't even that bad compared to other bands they've let through.
    Although it is unfair and idiotic at best, it is also their right as owners of the venue to black list bands. I disagree fully with them in doing so for such pathetic reasons and respect machine head just that little bit more for how they are handling it.
    So Dethklok got successful (for a lot of things including) parodying "undesirable" elements of extreme music, and the Black Dahlia Murder was named after an incident that could be successfully adapted as a Disney princess property, but Machine Head gets the shaft? I'm no Machine Head fan but this is really obvious that no matter what Disney says, this is an obvious personal issue against Machine Head.
    So let me get this straight. Machine Head can't play on Disney property because of violent imagery undesierable fans and all that but Hollywood Records (the label that Disney owns) used to have ICP signed as one of their acts. Hypocritical much?
    I'm, conflicted with Disney this year :/ On one hand, this and Star Wars. On the other, Gravity Falls and Wreck It Ralph are awesome.
    Headlines in about a year: DISNEY OWNS METAl. Two years: DISNEY OWNS PLANET EARTH
    "These accusations come from the company that created 'The Lion King,' which features antagonist Scar plunging his claws into his brother Mufasas paws before allowing him to fall from a cliff only to be trampled to death by a heard of wildebeest." WTF?
    In related news..... Disneyland bans all bands who tune below Drop D
    One word sums it up - BULLSH*T!! So much for freedom of speech huh?
    This has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech. If you own a piece of land you have the right whether you want to allow a band to play on it or not. That is part of your rights as a property owner. If this was public land it would be different. Please learn about your freedoms and rights before you go spouting off bullshit.
    I really dont understand. I can still remember reading the article in 2007, and being just as confused then as I am now.
    wait something gets if the are banning machine head for this why is the black dahlia murder still playing they are worse i can guarantee you trevor will say that "this song is about ****ing the dead " during a vulgar picture so yeah **** disney
    I would probably ban them from my land too.
    I do believe you need an ass whooping
    Oh man. We have a badass over here! If I owned a chunk of land I probably wouldn't let bands I disliked play there because I'm an elitist hipster douchebag. Well. I might let them play because it brings in revenue. I suppose that's plenty of reason.
    They should advertise under the name 'Ten Tonne Hammer' for those shows or something similar. That's absolute sh*t.
    I feel for you florida... Fuck Disney. And is this your stopping in new mexico
    I hope Dethklok plays a longer setlist because of this. I'll be disappointed if Black Dahlia Murder gets more time or the concert ends earlier than it should.