'Dogs Hate Metal' According To Scientific Study

Canines prefer to listen to Mozart.

Ultimate Guitar

In classic Brit-zombie flick Shaun Of The Dead, Nick Frost's character Ed at one point speculates that dogs can't look up. Now, great scientific conundrums such as these are not Ultimate-Guitar's area of expertise. But one thing that we have found out today is that dogs definitely can't head bang. Or, at least, they don't want to. Colorado State University has recently published a study on the listening habits of dogs. And, as it transpires, pooches aren't big on Slayer.

The research was carried out on dogs in animal shelters, and found that dogs were more likely to sleep and less likely to bark when played Mozart or Beethoven. Heavy metal on the other hand, induced nervous shaking and barking, and also prevented the canines from getting any sleep. So basically, dogs react to heavy metal in the same way that most people's parents do... The findings of the study have implications for welfare of animals in stressful environments, according to The Times Of India, and could lead to new guidelines for the care of dogs in shelters.

With shelters being inherently stressful environments for most dogs, the results of the study suggest that playing classical music might help the welfare of animals according to The Times.

Personally, while we here at Ultimate-Guitar aren't averse to the idea of dogs listening to classical music, we question whether the study throwing the pooches straight in at the heavy metal deep end was a good idea. In our experience, starting your hound off on the Bon Jovi's and Whitesnake's of the world before moving them on to Kreator and Strapping Young Lad is usually a good move...

If any of you out there have pets that seem to be refuting Colorado State's claims, let us know in the comments.

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    Research by Colorado State University, eh... see this is what happens when marijuana is legalised.
    Josh Reubenking
    HA! Nice! I'm from Washington State! When they say you're from the Evergreen State, now it has a whooooole new meaning!
    As a fellow Washingtonian (Maple Valley), I am glad I am not the only one who thought that.
    My dog always howls when Im doing string bends. I always thought she was emulating it but its probably more of a stfu.
    Cats love it
    Oceano being called Death Metal? LOL
    Deathcore and Death Metal are very closely related sub genres and Deathcore is much more related to Death Metal than it is to straight up hardcore so stfu, I enjoy all types of metal including Deathcore like Oceano, just because its not 100% true norweigean black metal recorded with substandard equipment inside his satanic evil lair of his mothers basement doesnt mean it isn't metal.
    My cat, on the other hand, has curled up next to my speakers or even on top of my amp numerous when I've been playing teh metalz.
    If any of you out there have pets that seem to be refuting Colorado States claims, let us know in the comments. Yes, just the other day my cat walked up to me and gave me a very stern lecture on how he feels about this research's claims. We conversed over coffee for the next 30 minutes in one of the more intellectually stimulating conversations I've had in a while.
    When my cat was an infant, I fed him while listening to music. He now assimilates music with pleasure.
    Funny thing is if you do that with a dog you'll never be able to listen to music without having it run up to you begging.
    My cat loves watching me play guitar...started off getting scared but now hes intrigued by my playing haha.
    Sounds like you got better
    lol yeah but i bought my first electric guitar and amp (valvetronix) last christmas, so he wasnt used to me playing loudly, he was only used to my soft sounding acoustic guitar (kinda), but he didnt seem too enthusiastic with the acoustic i guess haha and now that hes used to my epiphone, it seems like he likes it when i play metal tunes
    So, wait... not only does he like your playing, but he can play it, too?
    Same, my cat will become completely calm if I put on some Megadeth or Periphery, but if my sister puts on any form of pop, she instantly wants to go outside. She is the greatest pet in the world.
    I reckon it has something to do with the vibrations of the music (and with metal there's usually more notes per bar then pop so the vibration is more constant) being similar to the purr of the cat's mother during feeding.
    My dog craps on the floor any time I play anything post ...And Justice For All. Maybe she's trying to tell me something.
    When I play metal one of my dogs lays directly in front of my half-stack and falls asleep. I feel bad for him but he seems to like it there, haha.
    Darth Wader
    This just in: Dogs hate loud noises. I hope a lot of money wasn't spent on this scientific study