Donald Trump Hits Out At Springsteen For Obama Endorsement

Businessman accuses Springsteen of "reading his lines" at Obama event.

Ultimate Guitar

In the lead up to this year's presidential election, businessman Donald Trump has been in the corner of Mitt Romney since pretty much day one. So naturally, the mogul turned reality TV star has had some harsh words to say about legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen, who announced his support for the Obama campaign last week. Taking to Twitter, Trump criticized the singer for appearing at two Obama rallies this week:

"Why would Ohio listen to Bruce Springsteen reading his lines? Be careful or I will go to Ohio and @MittRomney will win it!"

Trump's words were retweeted 220 times, with 95 people adding it to their list of favorite tweets. The businessman, whose companies have declared bankruptcy four times and who was forced to resign as the head of the board from his own Casino company, has around 1.6 million followers on the social networking site.

The Boss will perform a free concert at an Obama event in Charlottesville today (October 23). As Ultimate-Guitar reported last week, the songwriter announced his support for Obama in a message on his official website:

"Right now, we need a President who has a vision that includes all of our citizens, not just some, whether they are our devastated poor, our pressured middle class, and yes, the wealthy too; whether they are male or female, black, white, brown, or yellow, straight or gay, civilian or military. For me, President Obama is our best choice because he has a vision of the United States as a place where we are all in this together. We're still living through very hard times but justice, equality and real freedom are not always a tide rushing in. They are more often a slow march, inch by inch, day after long day. I believe President Obama feels these days in his bones and has the strength to live them with us and to lead us to a country '... where no one crowds you and no one goes it alone'."

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    **** him. the only donald i respect is a duck
    has around 1.6 million followers on the social networking site.
    They're not following him, they're following his toupee.
    Trump is an idiot, he's the type of wealthy man whom feels the world is his plaything I have this perception from the fact he plays up to reality TV and what he's been up to in Scotland over the past two years forcing people out of their homes etc... As for Bruce Im a huge fan and he's right to endorse whomever he likes he was neutral for so long, I cant comment on either except that Obama seems intellectual and I can't say I appreciate Romneys attitudes to the impoverished.
    Romney has absolutely no policies. The only reason he seems to have got this far is because people want an alternative to Obama. As for Obama, I don't think he's been given enough time to actually sort out the mess previous leaders have seen the country get into. There are issues with the Senate (or Congress, unless they're the same thing - American politics is confusing) simply not passing stuff he wants to do which doesn't allow him to make the changes he can. I'm not saying he's not at fault anywhere but the guy needs a few more years. Bush was in for two terms, why can't he get a shot? I mean, I think we're all agreed he's better than Bush.
    I really don't see how anyone can endorse either candidate. Look at Obama's voting record in the Senate. Every single part of the Bush agenda; going easy on illegal spying and holding people without trial, Obama always voted the way Bush's people told him to. Human rights, banning torture and not holding people in prison for no reason especially because of something they said and the color of their skin are very big issued with me. Unfortunately, Obama, has been pretty bad on those.
    Second Rate
    not only that hotdogs, Obama has EXPANDED many of the worst things that Bush did. He is a terrible president and a corrupt human being with dictatorial aspirations.
    You know what is the even worst? The fact that people with your "logic" can vote.
    Not to mention the same thing is happening that happened when Bush Sr got voted out of office and Clinton came in. "The Bush is gone and now we can sleep easy, so let's just go to sleep"
    OK 1.) How can you have a valid opinion about this when you don't even know what Congress is?!?! 2.) This is supposed to be a music site and it shouldn't be overrun with all this political bullshit. Don't complain or argue-you're not gonna change anyone's mind on here and if you wanna voice your opinion you can save yourself some typing and do it in 2 weeks when you vote.
    I think he doesn't know what Congress is because he is not an American citizen. If so, he won't be able to vote.
    The businessman, whose companies have declared bankruptcy four times and who was forced to resign as the head of the board from his own Casino company, has around 1.6 million followers on the social networking site. - objective UG being objective.
    Trump is rich. Of course he supports Romney. Less taxes his greedy rich ass will have to pay. Don't like Obama but at least he don't attack low income. One more thing, never liked springsteen's music but he never let his fame get to him, he used it to inspire people and lift them when down.
    At times like this, I wonder if Trump is a real Republican, or a Colbert show type of Republican...
    Yep, because Mitt Romney is a great choice. Grow a brain.
    Says the Obama lovers who are still supporting a failure. Silly Libbies.
    Funny thing, I don't think Obama is good either. Also, weren't you the one supporting Romney and posting homophobic shit on previous articles about the elections?
    Ha! So now if someone doesn't agree with a lifestyle that makes them homophobic? And if I don't like Obama I'm racist right? You Libbies are desperate.
    I'm not even defending Obama here, am I? The first phrase of my statement says "I don't think Obama is good either". And I would vote for a president wheter he's black, white, red, yellow, what the hell. So cut the redneckish stereotypes about Obama's supporters (mainly because I'm not even one). You're free to disagree with that lifestyle, you were doing that until you started posting stuff from the end of the XVII century like "unnatural desires". "Libbies", LMAO.
    If it were natural then I suppose two persons of the same sex would be able to produce children, no? And you may not be defending Obama, but your comment of Romney not being a good choice, pigeon holes you in that direction doesn't it? If it weren't so, your comment would have been geared towards both.
    Sex isn't made with the sole purpose of breeding. In fact, most people do it not intending to produce children. So, in what way is feeling attracted to people of the same sex is an anomaly? And just because I think Romney is an awful choice, it does not mean that I support Obama or think he's any good. There's more than 2 candidates, you know.
    I know for a fact that I was a "happy accident". My mom had me at 17. Sex isn't for reproduction anymore, in most cases. I stand by your comment. Let people be themselves. Let gays be gays, let Muslims be Muslims, let Atheists be Atheists. As long as it doesn't interfere in anyone else's life, it's fine.
    Yes, there are two more candidates. But it would be like betting on the Bears/Lions MNF game last night and taking the packers to win.
    Um... what?
    You'd be taking a team who has no chance of winning, or better yet, a team that isn't even playing. No chance whatsoever.
    I prefer standing up to what I believe, even if it's a minority, than having to vote for the less of two evils.
    If it were natural for us to travel at 60 mph then we'd be able to, right? So don't drive a car, son. Also, if we were meant to travel at 10,000 ft then we'd be able to, wouldn't we? FOR CHRIST'S SAKE - DON'T TRAVEL BY PLANE! If it were natural for us to communicate with people across the globe we'd all be telepathic. Get off of the internet, kid.
    Worst. Example. Ever. Not even close. Apples to oranges. Let the adults talk now.
    I actually took the trouble to log myself in to downvote your comment
    So if a woman can't bear children she should not be allowed to marry? Lets hope E.D isn't in your future or marriage may not be an option
    lol People are so PC they're really not trying to hear criticism of homosexuals, Im not a huge fan of Darwin but if remember correctly he stated homosexuality naturally occurs in a small percentage of populations, that doesn't mean that its natural to do you know what. Also if the main focus of natural selection is reproduction than the homosexual "gene" or whatever causes it would be an unfavorable one and the homosexual would be an inferior specimen. Again theres plenty that has been found wrong with Darwins theories I just wanted to point out religion is not the only critic.
    How so? They simply feel sexually attracted by people of the same sex of theirs. Well, at least I wasn't born and told it to myself "I like women because it's my nature", it just happened. Also, homosexuality has been observed on several species of animals. Still unnatural? And they didn't lose anything in the natural selection...
    like I said it naturally occurs in a small percentage of populations, and as you pointed out also in animals. Natural selection is all about reproduction, the female searches for the best specimen as a mate to produce the best offspring, if a male is not even attracted to said female than he cannot reproduce and is an inferior specimen to say a heterosexual male that would normally be overlooked perhaps because of his physique. Personally I don't like comparing humans to animals, and I think Darwin was a bit of a quack but its still a very popular theory. The species of animals would not be affected overall by homosexuals because they would not reproduce, its is different with humans though some people get surrogates etc. Also most heterosexual men choose not to engage in homosexual acts because they find it disgusting, getting them to admit that is another story.
    Fair point, from a completely theorical point of view, but I still fail to see why it's different with humans, especially because in practice, the world is almost overpopulated nowadays... You're also missing the point, I meant the human nature. Can you put a "control" under the stuff you genuinely enjoy? Maybe if you're a machine... I guess it works the same way for homosexuals.
    Its different with humans because a woman searching for a male to father a child is not always looking at physique like an animal, some go with the guy with the most brains, some go for creativity, some simply wealth. *I never said anyone could control their sexuality.
    I'm attracted to many different women. In fact, many doctors believe, it is our nature to want different women. So we should allow men to marry as many women as they want right?
    What about running? or eating? or doing pushups? Lots of natural things don't produce children... but if those examples are to absurd for you, what about oral? or an HJ? They don't produce children either, so why are straight couples allowed to do them? Does the fact that they can have children open the door to everything else? Is it unnatural for straight couples to have sex even if one or both are infertile? You're not a racist just because you don't like Obama, but yes, disagreeing with someone's lifestyle, specifically the right to love whom they want, makes you both a homophobe and a bigot. In my book, that's as bad as being racist. I've never heard a legitimate argument from a homophobe before, and the "unnatural" one doesn't qualify either. What it comes down to is that you spend a lot of time thinking about gay sex. Not only that, but your entire opinion is based on the notion that what two consenting adults do behind closed doors is "gross." And you have the nerve to tell someone else to "let the adults talk?" Work your brain a little harder next time, child.
    Bigmike, you have single handedly earned 71 downvotes over the course of this argument with Iommi600, it would appear that you have lost. please find another website to spew your romney piss on.
    So many logical fallacies from BigMike. I think we should invent a drinking game where we take a shot of everclear for every logical fallacy we see him post.
    Homsexuality isn't a lifestyle. Its determined by the ammount of testerone a foetus receives whilst in the womb. Ever seen a male chimpanzee threesome (youtube, its funny)? Personally, my butthole is an outty, not an inny, but hey, who am I to argue with nature?