'Doom' Named Most Metal Video Game of All Time

There's also a Top 10, full list inside.

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All-time classic "Doom" was officially named the most metal video game of all time.

The 1993 first-person shooter had all it takes according to Game Trailers - gore galore, a strong horror vibe, massive amount of controversy at the time and a soundtrack that drew ripoff accusations related to such metal giants as Metallica and Pantera.

But it wasn't all about "Doom," that's nearly the tip of the iceberg. The game made it to the No. 1 spot of GT's Top 10 most metal video games of all time list, so there's nine more rocking games to check out.

As noted by list-makers, the first rule was that "the game had to feature a heavy amount of metal music." Obvious picks like "Guitar Hero: Metallica" were also avoided, switching focus to titles that "weren't just music and rhythm games."

Full Top 10 is available below, make sure to check out the embedded clip for additional details.

10. Killing Floor
09. Splatterhouse
08. Devil May Cry 3
07. Carmageddon 2
06. Brutal Legend
05. Painkiller
04. F-Zero X
03. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance02. Guilty Gear01. Doom

While on the subject, which game is the one you consider as most metal ever?

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    Brutal Legend ought to be #1.I mean,it has Ozzy,Lemmy and Halford in voice casting for f^ck's sake!And it is absolutely not a satire.
    Nothing is more metal than riding fire breathing beasts and frying your enemies with your guitar! I would've had Brutal Legend at #1 as well
    JD Close
    Have you played DOOM II? It's way more metal
    Agreed. The carnage, coupled with the thrashy riffs in glorious midi - Doom is unparalleled. Superior in every way to side-shows like "Brutal Legend".
    Doom is more "Extreme Metal" really, while Brutal Legend is "Heavy Metal".
    Brutal Legend features also bands like Dark Fortress,Rotting Christ,Cradle of Filth,Enslaved...what do you want for "extreme metal"?
    I came here just to say this, how is a game BASED on metal not the most metal video game?
    its not FULLY satire but humor is indeed a big element of the game (which does make it more enjoyable).
    While I personally agree it should be number one, I think we could all at least agree it should be higher than 6?! The Guardian of Metal?! The Killmaster! The list goes on!
    I never got around to playing it, but the metalness of it makes it sound really appealing. Is the game itself fun or should I just listen to the songs from the soundtrack (I've already listened to a lot of them, just not all of them)?
    It's fun. I'd suggest just renting it. I haven't bothered to pick it back up since I beat it the first time.
    I discovered so many good bands from that game. I got into Doom and Industrial Metal because of that game, Candlemass, KMFDM, Ministry etc. I love that game, I think that was the first time I heard Megadeth's "Tornado of Souls" too. Now if the soundtrack to that game could have been a Rock Band game soundtrack instead of all the pretentious hipster indie rock, damn that would be a great game.
    This was also pretty metal IMO
    some if the best video game music ever. Also have to mention FFX for otherworld.
    Twisted Metal? And Mortal Kombat?
    THIS. Too bad the only song associated with the old MKs is that ridiculous techno garbage song from the movie. If ANY game in history should of had a metal soundtrack it should of been MK. Also Twisted Metal. I will have to say though. I'm content with DOOM being #1
    So what about "Quake" series?
    Trent Reznor did the soundtrack for Quake. if you stick your cdrom into a player it should play it.
    F-Zero X is definitely the most metal game I've played. The soundtrack is so perfect for that game
    There has never been a more metal game than Brutal Legend. I don't know that there ever will be again. Thematically, musically, plot wise etc... Wasn't a massive hit commercially I guess, but it should totally be number one...
    I was expecting Devil May Cry, though I only played the first :p I started getting into heavy metal 'round about the same time I played that game, good times haha..
    In DMC3 you ACTUALLY get an electric guitar as a weapon, so there's really no way any other DMC is more metal.
    Where is Prince of Persia: Warrior Within? I remember putting the soundtrack on my mp3 player back in the day :')
    And of course not the best, but 100% "metal" game - "Earache Extreme Metal Racing " - with soundtrack provided by famous metal bands signed to cult metal label Earache Records (Deicide, Morbid Angel, Decapitated, Municipal Waste and many more):
    Wow, I'm surprised Brutal Legend, a game CORRECTLY crafted around the entire genre of metal, isn't number 2
    So hyped to see F-Zero X here. If F-Zero GX wouldn't have transitioned to a more electronic-style, I'm sure it would probably be on this list instead.
    DooM is so badass,it is still fun to play. Modern FPS games are slow paced, limited in every way and have too much story, cutscenes and dialogs.
    Definitely agree about Doom. Two weeks ago I decided to experiment a bit with the 12 bar blues progression that they gave a very moody and evil twist and used extensively when writing the soundtrack for Doom. The results were amazing, it was a pretty refreshing change to be honest.
    As a kid of the early 90s, its awesome to see DOOM ranked high. It was such an awesome, groundbreaking game. This list has made my day. PS. Brutal Legend rocked haha
    Doom for sure. It's what Slayer would be as a video game.
    Doom is just legendary. I've spent so many hours playing the SNES version with its shitty graphics.
    I think Diablo and Dark Souls should be on there, and highly ranked. Sure, the music isn't metal, but nothing is closer in terms of atmosphere.
    What about killer instinct that game had a pretty metal soundtrack or Dante's inferno or slaughter house
    I was hoping to see Fallout I and II here, i know the soundtrack is not pure metal, but the heavy industrial music makes a good dark vibe. I mean the ripped leather jacket armor, the dialogs, mutants and so on.
    Of course there's no other badass game where you fck those Cyberdemons using your BFG then having a background music of Slayer or Alice in Chains.
    I'm not much of a gamer so Brutal Legend and Doom are the only two I can really compare, having played. The Doom music got kinda irritating after a while, with it's constant damned blues progression playing level after level on repeat when you get stuck! Haha. Both great games though.
    If there were a genre to video game metal than the Diablo series is the Opeth of video games.