Dumb Nirvana Fan Requests Video Message From Band

The student wrote to Sub Pop Records asking Nirvana to record a vide for their homecoming queen campaign, as it would be "great publicity" for the band.

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A student has written to Sub Pop records asking Nirvana to record a video message for their university.

Sub Pop were so surprised by the letter that they posted it online - least of all because the band has been inactive since 1994 when frontman Kurt Cobain died.

The student at Virginia Tech University offered Nirvana the chance to promote themselves to 30,000 students during homecoming week, with a "quick video" that says: "What up Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Homecoming week and good luck at the game this Saturday. Let's Go Hokies!"

The author doesn't seem to realise that Nirvana are one of the biggest bands of all time. "It presents great publicity for them," the letter reads. "They would be among artists including Big N' Rich, Ying Yang Twins, the Cataracs, Slightly Stoopid and three famous NFL players."

Sub Pop have taken it upon themselves to dress as Nirvana and submit a video, which will be posted soon.

The only way this could be funnier is if Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic get together and record the video. Do you think it can happen? Hit the 'Like' button below and let's see if we can get it on their radar!

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    "We'd love to have her in our video"...Her...HER.
    Darth Wader
    For the right amount of money, I'm sure Courtney Love would do the video and then try to sue Dave Grohl.
    Maybe it's some chick that covered a Nirvana tune and that dude who wrote the letter is really confused...
    This has got to be a prank, surely?
    no! just an idiot. and stop calling me shirly
    Let's all just say that even if it is fake, it's funny. (All) "That even if it's fake, it's funny."
    Judging by the paper they used to print this, I would say so. On the other hand, I have stopped doubting people's stupidity a long time ago...
    There's a bigger chance of this being a dumb guy then a troll nowadays.
    I was about to correct you, but your sentence is more hilarious this way.
    Some guy just gave Sub Pop the opportunity to make himself look like an idiot in front of Nirvana's entire fan base. Sounds like a pretty successful prank alright.
    i dk, i wouldnt be surprised if some college kid and his friend were huge nirvana fans and were like, hey lets write a ridiculous letter and send it in to Sub Pop just to see what happens. I've always wanted to call the questions/comments number on the side of Pringles cans so i could offer obviously repulsive suggestions for new flavors. People like to f*** with people
    To quote Aziz Ansari "People in this town are just now getting into Nirvana. I don't have the heart to tell them what's going to happen to Kurt Cobain in 1994."
    Clearly confusing Nirvana with somebody else. Probably a b-list celebrity female singer or something.
    I wouldn't go so far as to call the writer a 'fan.' Such a massive fan they don't know the frontman has been dead for nearly 20 years? Reminds me of the time in 2006 when I upset a friend of mine by informing her that Bob Marley was dead...
    Bob Marley is dead??? Dafuq?
    I had a friend from high school who thought Led Zeppelin was a person.....
    I had a friend who didn't even notice that Jimi Hendrix was black... I wept for days.
    Sounds as though they were thinking of someone else - probably thought the artist they were after was called Nirvana
    the probability that it's just a joke is so great that this whole article and comment section are laughably ridiculous
    I'm almost sure this is a prank. This is not about being dumb, it's about being off the planet for the last 20 years... On topic
    I'm sure if Cobain were alive, he'd love to be part of anything that involves the Ying Yang Twins...
    That's too stupid to be real. Seriously, NOBODY is that stupid.
    I knew a girl who thought Iraq was in Detroit. There's people.
    Yeah, I knew a girl who didn't know whether or not we lived in North America or... South America....I never told her. There's people man.
    I asked a girl if she like Nine Inch Nails and she responded, "No, I like to keep my nails short" SO MUCH FACEPALM!!!
    Reminds me of something I read in Zakk Wylde's book. Apparently a record company was releasing some unheard Hendrix stuff, and while they were at a meeting, a girl walked in and said something along the lines of "I'll handle Mr. Hendrix's lodging and transportation. What hotel does he prefer?" *facepalm*
    Well, the guy knew enough to send it to Sub Pop, which was Nirvana's original record label. I'm willing to bet this is troll material.
    I am almost positive that's a Troll.... the ying yang twins aren't relevant anymore, and plus they said "three famous NFL players"...like what kinda shit is that to be compared to? "Mommy, I wanna be known like three famous NFL players when I grow up "
    matteo cubano
    I like how UG decides they have the authority to title them an idiot...maybe they are just talking about the living former members.
    thats exactly what i thought. especially since just the other day a headline was about "Nirvana" joining Paul on stage
    Emm... UG didn't call him an idiot.
    They refer to this as a great opportunity for Nirvana to gain publicity...I don't think the former members of Nirvana are necessarily looking for more publicity at this point.
    I don't think they'll do it. They better see if The Doors will do it for them.
    So he made a mistake, do you have to be such dicks to bring so much attention to it? Assholes
    I find myself writing letters to an agency requesting for deceased artists' videos all the time...
    How often is someone dumb enough to make this "mistake" though? Only once. That's less of a "mistake" and more along the lines of a "colossal **** up"
    Kurt cobain would spit on your iphone
    Kurt Cobain would spit on everyone who like to guess what he would do if he was alive
    I think what he's trying to say is either: A) Apple are shit (correct) B) Kurt would hate the consumerism that Apple are (also correct) C) Both of the above
    1. A is an opinion 2. B is a guess of what a deceased 27 year old would feel about a tech company at 46.
    Kurt Cobain would have no clue what an iPhone is, other than the fact that it was made by the guys who made Macintosh computers.
    dimitris rousso
    americans.. once, when asked about Europe, one said: Is that a country? So, i am not surprised.. I am surprised by the others that try to look clever because they know more.
    "so if you'd prefer sending us an iPhone to make it easier on you".... nobody ever said you got smarter when you went to college... send you an iPhone? 1) the kid obviously makes it sound like some head of a record company is going to mail you ANYTHING, let alone a $500 phone 2) the head of a record company is going to just send a text to some random kid making a random, albeit incredibly stupid request. those guys have much more important things to do besides get buddy buddy with people who arent aware their most successful band hasnt done anything in almost 20 years.
    I'm guessing it's either a joke or a mistake. If it was serious it still looks like a copy and paste letter sent to a lot of people, with someone probably not knowing much about Nirvana.
    Apparently He doesn't realize that Nirvana is not together... Does he not know that Kurt Cobain died???? Heck what year were the last nirvana concerts in.... and they have not done anymore... that should tell him something.
    Hmm, looks stupid on the surface, but they still got some publicity regardless. Might not have been as retarded as it first seemed.
    Ridder Lugtepik
    This is no laughing matter, the kid requesting the video is probably some kind of mentally handicapped.
    I'm pretty sure I figured out the number that's redacted. Should I text?
    So, I could send them a video of me playing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on my old acoustic guitar, and they probably would think that I was Nirvana? Of course, the 30,000 kids watching the video would know better--I hope.
    This could only be a publicity stunt Sub Pop which having said that, is genius and hilarious!
    Maybe he came from 1990, in a time machine. I can't understand that he doesn't know who are Nirvana.