Early Metallica Rider List Surfaces Online

Check out the demands metal giants had back in the metal thrashing days of 1983.

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Believe it or not, there was a time when Metallica wasn't the biggest metal band in the world. Back in 1983, current metal giants were thrashing hard, setting clubs on fire and making about $1,250 per each two shows. These days, they are cashing in a hefty $1 million per concert, ranking themselves among the most paid music acts of today.

And now, 30 years later, a rider list from the time the band toured with heavy metallers Raven has surfaced online via The Smoking Gun, giving us a unique insight on what was it like for the four-piece back in the day.

With a total length of 11 paragraphs, the list clearly stresses out that Metallica should be provided with their very own case of beer, along with the fulfillment of all technical requirements needed for the show. You can check out the full rider list here.

In more recent Metallica news, Lars Ulrich has stated that he doesn't want the group to turn into a nostalgia band. With a "Metallica Through The Never" 3D movie set for an August 9 premiere and the second edition of the Orion Music festival confirmed to take place in Detroit, you could say Metallica is keeping themselves very busy these days.

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    Am I the only one that called the number and asked for John?
    Crazy how things used to be much simpler. "Tray of sandwiches & a case of beer. Got it!" I can't even begin to imagine the nightmare these can probably be nowadays.
    It's always fun to read riders, though it seems odd Metallica would need just one case of beer, unless they were bringing the rest of their alcohol with them. Post more of these.
    Check out Pantera's rider: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/file/panter... that's like a year's supply of booze for me...
    Pantera's rider is so unintentionally hilarious, almost as funny as the stooges rider in my opinion.
    no mere mortal could drink in a year what pantera had after a show... they blow alcoholica clear out of the water (or should i say vodka) on this
    Kirk's rider list: 1. Dunlop Wah Pedal 2. Boss Wah Pedal 3. Digitech Wah Pedal 4. Wahwahwahwahwah 5. Beer
    This isn't very rock and roll, where's the topless barmaids part?
    Or Like Marilyn Manson... who asked for gummy bears in a toothless hooker...lol
    You know what's interesting about this clip...At the very end, they show the stadium it was filmed at. It's Olympic Stadium in Montreal...I bet you dimes to donuts that the next night is when all hell broke loose.
    This video is proof that Slash is ALSO an *****. Not just Axl Rose. He was probably high, going to get high, or coming down from being high when this was filmed too.
    $625 a show?! How did they survive?!
    That's not bad money...especially back then. That probably equates to about 1500.00 or more per show by today's dollars.
    Think about it... if they did 2 shows a week, that comes to $412.50 per week, per member. In 1983, that was really damn good money. How did they survive? Well.
    And seeing as they played shows fairly constantly back then (and still do), that's pretty ****ing solid money.
    Just did a bit of research and in 1983, $1250 would be the same as $2836.57 today. That's more than twice what I earn in a month. Fuck.
    If you think metallica's story is cool, a few weeks ago I won $1225... f*** spammers
    Divided by four, that's just over $700. Only $150 less than what I was making in two weeks before I went back to school. To be a musician in the 80s...
    Wow this sounds fantastic! I can't wait to shag your friends ex-wife.
    I can safely say I've never had so much fun reading all the comments on an article. Well done people thank you for making my day haha
    matteo cubano
    "tea" haha
    Raven is a British band, so it makes sense.
    Where are you seeing the $625 a show part?
    Thrice Capades
    $1,250 per two shows...first paragraph.
    Math wins yet again.
    Thrice Capades
    Now for the million dollar question. Did I... A. Divide by 2 B. Multiply by .5 C. Do it in my head because I'm not a moron (not actually a $1 million question...that's bad math)
    Ran out of fingers and toes... so I called everybody I know. We all got together, and after all the hellos and hugging, we figured it out... 625 is half of 1,250. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.
    Don't want to be a nostalgia band, yet stop making decent metal in damn near twenty years, leaving your fans....nostalgic.... good plan, lars.
    It's a conspiracy! They write music that you personally don't like so that you will appreciate more the older music that most metal fans like.
    You just agreed at the end of that that METAL fans like the old stuff. I am a metal fan, so... You may have thought you had some point there, but, sadly, you did not. I know there are people who like the newer stuff, but why would I make a comment from their viewpoint? That is retarded to even assume. It's a joke based upon my own views, obviously, so go troll somewhere else, idiot.
    Most of it makes sense, set up times, on-site tech, stage specs and so on. food/drink is also a given. expected it to be alot more bastardly to be honest, with trivial shit